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: : : : Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike Ships/Craft FAQ

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike Ships/Craft FAQ

by GurraJG   Updated to v2.10 on
                  Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike

                             Ships and Crafts FAQ

                                 Version: 2.10

                       By: GurraJG (

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[1]   Introduction
[2]   Crafts and Ships
       [2.1] Single-Player Normal
       [2.2] Single-Player Unlockable
       [2.3] Cooperative Normal
       [2.4] Cooperative Unlockable
       [2.5] Versus
[3]   Tips and Secrets
       [3.1] Passcodes
       [3.2] In-Game Way of Unlocking
       [3.3] Tips

[A]   Legal Section
[B]   Credits and Thanks
[C]   Contact Info
[D]   Version History 

=                                Introduction                                 =

This guide is here to provide you with info about all the crafts in the game.

=                              Crafts and Ships                               =

This section is here to give you info on all of the crafts in the game. The 
ship names are written so that the in-game name comes first followed by the 
technical name (the name the ship is produced under) in parenthesis.

-                            Single-Player Normal                             -

X-Wing - (Incom Corporation T-65 Space Superiority Fighter)

In Rebel Strike, this is proabably the only space ship with an almost perfect
balance of speed and power. The X-Wing has S-foils which will close when the 
player presses the R button for a speed boost, both in space and atmospheric
flight. You can't fire your weapons when the S-foils are closed.

The X-Wing also has an R2 unit which will restore your shields once, as long as
the R2 is still alive. When the command cross comes up with REPAIR in all 
directions, hit the D-Pad to restore the shields.

Primary Weapon: Quad Lasers
Secondary Weapon: 6 Proton Torpedoes

This is your basic craft. If you can't use it on some missions, it will 
proabably become available after you beat the mission.


Y-Wing - (Koensayr BTL-S3 Attack Starfighter)

This craft is slow and kind of annoying to pilot. Besides that, the Y-Wing can
take serious punishment. There is no speed boost on the Y-Wing however. Other 
than that, there is not much to the Y-Wing.

The Y-Wing also has an R2 unit which will restore your shields once, as long as
the R2 is still alive. When the command cross comes up with REPAIR in all 
directions, hit the D-Pad to restore the shields.

Primary Weapon: Dual Lasers
Secondary Weapons: 20 Proton Bombs (regenerating) and Ion Cannon

To use the Ion Cannons, press and hold the B button untill the reticule turns
blue. Release to fire.


A-Wing - (Dodonna/Blissex RZ-1 Fighter/Interceptor)

First off, it's not even funny how fast this little thing is.

The A-Wing is an excellent hit and run craft, meaning it's fast, powerful and
poorly defended. To futher increase the speed of this craft, just hit the R 
button and you'll be leaving the other ships in space dust.

This little ship has had an increase in power since Rouge Leader by the change
of the Concussion Missiles system. Now the missiles regenerate.

Primary Weapon: Dual Lasers
Secondary Weapon: 12 Homing Concussion Missiles (regenerating)


B-Wing - (Slayn & Korpil B-51 Fighter/Bomber)

This craft is powerful, and I mean powerful. It was origanally designed to take
on the various capital ships of the Empire.

The B-Wing is a much better choice than the Y-Wing, in almost all ways. For 
one, it has a speed boost. It also has a wider spread to its shoots, so it can 
hit fighters more effectively. It can also carry the most Torpedos of any 
craft. It is however not as durable as the Y-Wing. Please note that you can't
shoot when speed boosting as the B-Wing has S-foils.

Primary Weapon: Triple Lasers
Secondary Weapons: 12 Proton Torpedoes and Ion Cannon.

To use the Ion Cannons, press and hold the B button untill the reticule turns
blue. Release to fire.


Snowspeeder - (Modified Incom Corporation T-47 Airspeeder)

The only craft that can destroy and AT-AT. It can do this by attaching the tow
cable to the legs and spin around the AT-AT (just like the movie) or you can 
attach a bomb to the tow cable and smash it into the cockpit. If something else
can attach to the tow cable, a B button prompt will appear.

The snowspeeder has no shields, but thick armor, making it more durable than 
the A-Wing.

Primary Weapon: Dual Lasers
Secondary Weapon: Tow Cable

See above on how to use the Tow Cable.


Speeder Bike - (Aratech 74-Z Military Speeder Bike)
Swoop - (Mobquet Flare-S Swoop Bike)

These two are almost the same, but only the Speeder Bike has any weapons. The 
lasers on a Speeder Bike can't be linked, but if you let the lasers charge up,
you can shot a barrage of shots.

The Speeder Bike and Swoop are really, really fast, so don't crash into 
anything or you're almost certainly dead.

Primary Weapon: Repeating Blaster Cannon (Speeder Bike only)
Secondary Weapon: Lateral Push (Speeder Bike only)

To push, another bike has to be next to you.


Jedi Starfighter - (Kuat Systems Engineering Delta-7 "Aethersprite"-Class Light

Yes, that's right. Your eyes are not fooling you. You get to use a Jedi 
Starfighter ^_^

Lets put it this way. A supercharged A-Wing. It is both faster and more durable
than the A-Wing, not to mention more powerful. It now has seismic charges ^_^

The Jedi Starfighter also has an R2 unit which will restore your shields once, 
as long as the R2 is still alive. When the command cross comes up with REPAIR
in all directions, hit the D-Pad to restore the shields.

Primary Weapon: Dual Lasers
Secondary Weapon: 6 Seismic Charges (regenerating)


Skyhopper - (Incom Coporation T-16 Skyhopper)

A no-thrills ride with the basics. Atmospheric flight only.

Primary Weapon: Dual Lasers
Secondary Weapon: Varies


Luke's Speeder - (Sorosuub X-34 Landspeeder)

Another no-thrills ride. No weapons, no nothing.

Primary Weapon: None
Secondary Weapon: None


AT-ST - (All Terrain Scout Transport)

A decent walker with a pretty high top speed. Not much more to say.

Primary Weapon: Dual Blaster Cannons
Secondary Weapon: 12 Homing Concussion Granades (regenerating)


AT-AT - (All Terrain Armored Transport)

Calm, down man. The AT-AT does all the walking for you. But the lasers which 
you control are nice.

Primary Weapon: Dual Heavy Blaster Cannons
Secondary Weapon: None


TIE Bomber - (Sienar Fleet Systems TIE Bomber)

Slower, but more durable, than a normal TIE. The TIE Bomber does NOT have any

Primary Weapon: 20 Homing Concusion Missiles \_ Both weapons regenerate
Secondary Weapon: 12 Proton Bombs            /


Millennium Falcon - (Modified Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-1300 Light 

The Millennium Falcon is fast, durable and pretty powerful. It isn't the most
manuverable ship in the galaxy, but it's fast.

The Millennium Falcon also has an R2 unit which will restore your shields once,
as long as the R2 is still alive. When the command cross comes up with REPAIR 
in all directions, hit the D-Pad to restore the shields.

Primary Weapon: Two Quad-Laser Turrets
Secondary Weapon: 20 Concussion Missiles

Press the A button to fire the lasers forwards, or use the C-Stick to point
the turrets in different directions.


TIE Hunter - (Sienar Fleet Systems TIE Hunter)

This thing is fast. And not durable. Has S-foil. 'Nough said.

Primary Weapon: Dual Lasers
Secondary Weapons: 12 Proton Torpedoes and Ion Cannon

To use the Ion Cannons, press and hold the B button untill the reticule turns
blue. Release to fire.

-                          Single-Player Unlockable                           -

Here's a list of unlockable crafts already covered in the section above:

Millenium Falcon
Jedi Starfighter
TIE Bomber
TIE Hunter


N1 Starfighter - (Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter)

An older ship of the rebellion, the N1 Starfighter, famous for the battle over
Naboo, is an impressive ship. It has impressive shields, not to mention the 
impressive maneuverability. While the N1 does not have a speed boost, the top
speed can reach that of a X-Wing with closed S-foils.

The N1 Starfighter also has an R2 unit which will restore your shields once, as
long as the R2 is still alive. When the command cross comes up with REPAIR in 
all directions, hit the D-Pad to restore the shields.

Primary Weapon: Dual Lasers
Secondary Weapon: Cluster Missiles


Slave 1 - (Modified Kuat Systems Engineering "Firespray"-Class Patrol and 
           Attack Ship)

While not the fastest ship in the galaxy (about the same top speed as a 
Y-Wing), it is impressivly manuverable. It boosts decent shields, but the 
weapons are what makes this ship as famous as it is today.

Primary Weapon: Dual Lasers
Secondary Weapon: 20 Seismic Charges (Regenerating)

-                             Cooperative Normal                              -

Here's a list of the Normal Crafts you use in Co-op mode which have already 
been covered:

Millennium Falcon


TIE Fighter - (Sienar Fleet Systems TIE/In Space Superiority Starfighter)

Not fast, not durable, not good.

Primary Weapon: Dual Lasers
Secondary Weapon: None


Imperial Shuttle - (Sienar Fleet Systems Lambda-Class Shuttle)

Sadly enough, you have to use it. 'Nough said.

Primary Weapon: Quad Lasers
Secondary Weapon: Rear Single Laser


Cloud Car - (Bespin Motors Storm IV Twin Pod Patrol Craft)

An okay craft. Decent manuverability, but not the best defensive craft.

Primary Weapon: Dual Lasers
Secondary Weapon: None

-                           Cooperative Unlockable                            -

Here's a list of crafts you can unlock in Co-op mode which have already been 

Millenium Falcon
Jedi Starfighter
N1 Starfighter


TIE Advance or Vader's TIE - (Sienar Fleet Systems TIE Advance x1 Prototype)

This ship, unlike normal TIEs, have slight shields and secondary weapons, both 
of which a normal TIE lacks. 

Primary Weapon: Dual Lasers
Secondary Weapon: Cluster Missiles

-                                    Versus                                   -

Note: There is a code to unluck all ships for verus - W!WSTPQB / FREEPLAY

Once again, here's a list of crafts you can use in Versus mode which have been
covered in previous sections:

Speeder Bike
TIE Fighter
TIE Interceptor
TIE Advance
Cloud Car
Swoop *
Millenium Falcon
Slave 1
Jedi Starfighter
N1 Starfighter


AT-PT - (All Terrain Personal Transport)

Smaller version of a AT-ST. It lacks secondary weapons but the primary weapons
are stronger.

Primary Weapon: Dual Blaster Cannons
Secondary Weapons: None


1.) * means that the Swoop bike is only available after you unlocked Beggar's
    Canyon Race using the passcode FRLL!CSK / FARMBOY? This is the only known 
    way to unlock the race. The race appears in the Versus Special screen.

=                     Tips and Secrets (Thanks ObiShawn)                      =

This section will give you ways of unlocking Crafts, both in Single Player and 
Co-op mode. It also provides some tips on using crafts. This section is 
borrowed from ObiShawn's Secrets FAQ, with full permission. I have just made 
some slight adjustments, but it is still ObiShawns guide.

-                                  Passcodes                                  -

You may find a feature without a passcode listed.  Instead it will read "TBA"
(To Be Announced). Though this is self explanatory, all that this means is that
there isn't a code for the expected feature yet and when it becomes available,
this FAQ will be modified accordingly.

To enter the codes, from the Main Title screen, highlight Options and press the
A button.  You are now on the Options menu.  Highlight Passcodes and press the
A button.  Using the control stick or the D-pad, scroll the character bar
either left or right to find the desired letter or symbol.  Enter the
characters in order then highlight ENTER CODE and press the A button.  If done
correctly, you should hear R2D2 give a beep/whistle confirming that you entered
the code correctly.

Most of these codes use a two-part entering system.  For those of you who are
veterans of the Rogue Squadron games, this is familiar territory.  For those of
you who are not vets, I will explain.

The code has two parts to it, a total of 16 characters.  The first 8 characters
comprise the first part of the code with the last 8 characters making up the
second part of the code.  Just enter each part of the code as if it were one
code.  Using the character scroll bar select the character, then select ENTER
CODE.  While still in the Passcode screen, enter the second part of the code
just like you did the first.  R2D2 should confirm each entry if the code was
entered correctly.  The two-part codes will be separated by a "/" and will look
like this:  codecode / codecode.

Single-Player Codes
----------------           -------------
In-game Function           The Passcodes
----------------           -------------

Millennium Falcon  . . . . - QZCRPTG! / HANSRIDE
N1 Starfighter . . . . . . - RTWCVBSH / BFNAGAIN
Jedi Starfighter . . . . . - BBGMYWSX / JEDIWHO?
TIE Hunter . . . . . . . . - FRRVBMJK / LOOKOUT!
TIE Bomber . . . . . . . . - JASDJWFA / !DABOMB!
Slave 1  . . . . . . . . . - TGBCWLPN / ZZBOUNTY
Rudy's Car . . . . . . . . - AXCBPRHK / WHATTHE?

Co-Op Codes

This section will contain codes for Co-Op.  The Game Play and Ship codes may be
the same as the codes for the single-player missions.  The Jedi Starfighter,
for example, is an available craft for both Single-Player and Co-Op, and we do
not know if one code will work for both.  I say it as a possibility simply
because we do not have those codes to verify yet.


If you use the code to unlock the JSF (Jedi Star Fighter) before you
complete the Raid on Bespin, then you are going to have to delete your
save file to progress in the game.  I'll explain:

The JSF replaces an A-wing in the main hanger.  For the Raid on Bespin,
the first time you play this mission, you must use an A-wing for each player.
If you enter the JSF code before you complete this mission, you cannot access
the second A-wing and therefore cannot play this mission.

----------------         -------------
In-game Function         The Passcodes
----------------         -------------

TIE Fighter  . . . . . . - MCKEMAKD / ONESHOT!
Millennium Falcon. . . . - QZCRPTG! / HANSRIDE
TIE Advanced . . . . . . - VDX?WK!H / ANOKSHIP
N1 Starfighter . . . . . - RTWCVBSH / BFNAGAIN
Jedi Starfighter . . . . - BBGMYWSX / JEDIWHO?
Slave 1  . . . . . . . . - TGBCWLPN / ZZBOUNTY
Rudy's Car . . . . . . . - AXCBPRHK / WHATTHE?

-                          In Game Way of Unlocking                           -

Unlockable Ships

Like the Up-Grades, the Ships can be unlocked without the passcodes by
completing certain missions, by earning certain medals, or as in the case of
the TIE Bomber, TIE Fighter, and the N1 Starfighter, by meeting specific
mission requirements

A. - Ships for Single-Player Missions

X-wing            - Your default ship.
Y-wing            - Complete the Revenge of the Empire.
B-wing            - Complete Raid at Bakura.
A-wing            - Complete Guns of Dubrillion.
N1 Starfighter    - Complete Tatooine Training during all four time settings
TIE Bomber        - Destroy all of the ground Turrets in their groups with each
                    turret exploding within half a second of each other as the
                    third objective on the Raid At Bakura mission.
Slave 1           - Get a bronze medal on all the regular missions.
Millennium Falcon - Get a bronze medal on all missions, including the bonus
Jedi Starfighter  - Get a silver on all the missions, including the bonus
TIE Hunter        - Get a gold on all the missions, including the bonus

B. - Ships for the Co-Op Missions

X-wing            - Your default ship.
A-wing            - Complete Ison Corridor Ambush.
Y-wing            - Complete Prisons Of The Maw.
B-wing            - Complete Razor Rendezvous.
TIE Fighter       - Steal this craft in both the day time and night time on the
                    Imperial Academy Heist mission.
Millennium Falcon - Complete all regular missions.
TIE Advanced      - Get a bronze medal on all regular missions.
N1 Starfighter    - Get a silver medal on all regular missions.
Jedi Starfighter  - Get a gold on all missions, including the bonus missions.

-                                    Tips                                     -

1  - Skip the Hanger

      Holding down the R and L shoulder buttons when you select a mission will
      let you skip the Home One hanger and immediately let you start the
      mission with the default craft.  This must be done before the
      wire frame models are shown.

2  - Seismic Time Saver

      A time saving method for the Fondor Shipyard Assault is to use either the
      Jedi Starfighter or Slave 1 and fire a seismic charge directly at the
      shield generator at the beginning of the mission.  The resulting
      explosion should penetrate the walls of the structure and destroy the
      generator without even having to shoot while the doors are open.  Though
      this may save you time, it can hurt your Enemies Killed stats if you
      don't use that extra time you saved to boost it.

3  - Cloaking Device Bases

      Another tip for the Fondor Shipyards is when you are approaching the
      Cloaking Devices, you can actually shoot the bases of the devices instead
      of the vertical, white florescent light looking things.  Locking on to
      the devices shows you that this is possible.  Doing so allows you to
      begin your attack from a distance, which in turn allows you to get off
      more shots in one pass and it also allows you to stay low enough so that
      the Turbolasers can't target you while you're attacking the devices.

4  - Ralltiir Bombs

      On Defenders Of Ralltiir, surrounding the shield are bombs that you can
      pick up with your Speeder using the tow cable.  These bombs have two
      functions.  After snagging one, you can use them to destroy the enemies.

      For the AT-ATs, fly high enough that the bomb will hit it in the cockpit.

Following tip provided by: ChozoSage (Tim Z.) -

      "You in fact do not have to hit the cockpit, anywhere on the walker is
      fine, though I'm not sure about the bomb's effect if you make a suicide
      run. I find it easier to attack side on, since I'm not getting the
      cannon fire, it presents a much bigger target and there is the top of
      the walker as a kind of horizon if you will."

      For the APCs and AT-PTs do the same, only it doesn't matter where you hit
      them because of their size.

      The second function the bombs have is that you can use them to take out
      the three bridges that lead to the shield/shield generator.  Simply pick
      up one of the bombs and fly low enough that the bomb makes contact with
      the bridge.  The resulting explosion will take out any enemies that were
      on the bridge and this easily boost your Enemies Destroyed stats.

      I recommend destroying the bridge directly across from where you start
      the mission, then make a 180 and destroy the first bridge by where the
      mission started.  Leave the third bridge because there is a lot of ground
      for the enemy to cover from that bridge.  The other two bridges are
      closer to the shield.  And just in case you found this confusing, the
      bridge that you should leave intact is the one closest to the targeting
      computer upgrade.  Taking out the other two bridges should be enough to
      boost your Enemies Killed stats, so taking out the third bridge just
      waste time (if you are attempting to medal, that is).

Following tip provided by: snoman99991

      At the beginning of the level, tell your wingmen to attack walkers (small
      ones) and make a loop turning left so you can approach the first bridge
      from behind the enemy. Hold the brake button and destroy every unit. If
      you did the approach right and held brake the entire time(don't forget to
      evade the big walker's fire behind you), you should have gotten rid of
      all of the enemies coming from the first bridge. Once that's done, dash
      over to the shield and pick up a bomb. Once you have the bomb, fly over
      to the bridge on the right. If you did the everything above in a timely
      manner, most of the units should still be on the bridge. Fly at the
      bridge and make the bomb connect with any part of the bridge. All of the
      units should be dead. now all you need to do is mop up the units from the
      other bridge and take out the walkers near the shield preferably with
      bombs. This is a surefire way to get a gold medal and only takes a few
      tries to perfect.

5  - Bakura Turret Order

      For the Raid at Bakura mission, many people on the message boards have
      asked for the order of turret formations and the number of turrets in
      each formation.  Some people find it easier to unlock the TIE Bomber
      knowing what to expect, so I have provided that information here.

      1 - 3 - 3 - 2 - 3 - 3 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 3 - 4 - 4

      To use the lock-on missiles, hold down the A button to make the lock-on
      targeting reticule appear.  Sweep it over your targets to lock on to more
      than one enemy at a time.  Release the A button to launch missiles at the
      targets all at once.

      The turrets closer to you will be destroyed before the missiles reach the
      other turrets, so aim for the turrets in the back of the formation first.

      Risk a little altitude to get a better angle when you aim, if you need 

      When trying to unlock the TIE Bomber, only aim for the turrets on the
      canyon floor.  The turrets on the canyon walls will not help you unlock
      the Imperial craft.  If you are trying for a gold medal though, don't
      just target the turrets on the canyon walls, but fire off a few missiles
      at the bridges too.  Not the mounted guns on the bridges, just the
      bridges themselves.  This makes for easy kills to meet that stat for the
      gold medal requirement.

6  - A View to a Kill

      On missions like Deception at Destrillion and Speeder Bike Pursuit, some
      people find it easier to navigate the tight areas while in the cockpit
      view.  Also, on the missions in which you pilot an AT-ST, some people
      find it easier to target the enemies.  Play around with the different
      views to see which works best for you in different situations.

7 - Jango's Slave 1

      You can fly Jango Fett's Slave 1 in versus mode if one of the players
      chooses the Jedi Starfighter and the other player chooses Boba's Slave 1
      and you choose to fight it out in the asteroid ring around Geonosis.The 
      ship will be identical to Boba's except for the paint job.

8 - Attack on the Executor Tips

Following tip provided by: TerraGamerX (Joe)

      A way to have enough time to take out plenty of the TIE Fighters on
      Attack on the Executor, is to use the Jedi Starfighter (or the much
      slower Slave 1) and quickly fly to the command deck of the first Star
      Destroyer and fire your sonic mine at it which should bring down the
      whole ship with minimal effort. Do the same for the other two (but
      travel far left for the last one since it begins turning) and although
      you may still be told to concentrate on the closest guns, you can now
      completely focus on the TIEs.

Following tip provided by: Urthstrype (Jason E.) -

      In the second half of this mission fly as fast as you possibly can
      without hitting anything, periodically firing seismic charges at the
      walls, destroying cloaking devices.

      Let me repeat...

      Race though the level firing seismic charges like every 5-8 seconds.  By
      the time you finish the mission, you should have over 100 kills. As I
      said before this also works on Fondor Shipyard Assault."

Following tip provided by: koreamike

      Allow all the cut scenes to play without interruption, this allows you
      the extra 20 seconds or so you need to get the Platinum medal.

      Using the Sonic mines to sweep the deck guns of the Star Destroyers
      really boosts your kills as well. As you approach the SD aim a mine to
      explode over the second level and all those pesky guns will explode. If
      you're feeling really evil, pitch up and put a mine into the bridge and
      the ship will retreat and leave the cruiser alone.

9 - B-Wing Glitch

Tip provided by: Kilroy84

       If you're having difficulty navigating the Super Star Destroyer's
       trenches on Fondor Shipyard Assault and Attack on the Executor, use the
       B-Wing.  At any point in the trench, close your S-foils and pull up
       above it.  When you are flying above the trench, laser fire will
       constantly shoot at you, almost always hitting your craft.   One hit is
       able to knock out at least half of your shields, while three can be more
       than enough to kill.  If you're flying any craft other than the B-Wing,
       these lasers are guaranteed to hit you.  However, using the B-Wing you
       can easily evade the laser fire.  Just close your S-foils and fly above
       the trench.  The laser blasts will fire directly below you and miss each
       and every time.  Use this strategy to conveniently bypass the
       scaffolding in Fondor and to cruise into the Executor's Bridge 

10 - Destroy the Independence (Home One)

Following tip provided by: Kilroy84

      On Attack on the Executor, your objective in the first portion of the
      level is to protect the Independence (Admiral Ackbar's flagship) by
      destroying the ION Cannons on several Star Destroyers.  If you do not
      destroy these in time, the Independence will be DISABLED, not destroyed,
      and you will fail the mission.  However, with some luck it is possible
      to destroy the Admiral's flagship and continue flying the mission until
      roughly 18:40 of time has gone by; depending on when you skip the
      initial cutscene.

*** Make sure Ace Mode is off! ***

      When the mission starts, skip the cutscene.  Do not destroy any of the
      ION Cannons on the first Star Destroyer.  Just fly towards the second SD
      and take out all of the ION Cannons, then do the same for the third SD.
      When you're finished, position yourself behind either of the flagship's
      wings and make sure that TIE Fighters are chasing you.  When you're in
      position, evade the TIEs laser fire and let them hit the Independence.
      If you can manage to survive (it won't be very hard if you're a good
      pilot), eventually the Imperial laser fire will destroy the Independence.

With Ace Mode on, however...

      Destroy two of the ION Cannons on the first SD, three of them on the
      second SD, and all of the cannons on the third SD.  Even after the
      second SD has stopped shooting it's remaining ION Cannon at the ship,
      the Independence will still have a small amount of shields left.  Just
      use the above method w/ the TIE Fighters and soon enough, Ackbar's ship
      will be destroyed.

      With your flagship gone, it is impossible to fail the mission since
      technically it must be "disabled" to allow failure of the mission.
      However, you will not be able to fly indefinitely.  As I mentioned above,
      once the 18:40 time mark hits, the second cutscene will be triggered and
      you'll continue on w/ the mission -- It is not entirely known what
      causes this, however.  The whole point of this glitch is to enable a
      "Free Flight Mode" if you will -- The first portion of Attack on the
      Executor now has a much longer time limit.  To keep you occupied,
      there's an infinite number of TIE Fighters waiting to be destroyed.

11  - Rogue Leader Glitch

      For Co-Op mode, the old Rogue Leader glitch is still there.  If your ship
      is low on shields and you are about to enter a cut scene you can crash
      your craft and when the cut scene is over, you will have full shields and
      it will not register as a lost life.

Additional tip by: tinnedcumquat

      The fourth secret given, the one which refers to the ability to explode
      in a cutscene and not lose a life, instead having your shields entirely
      replenished, is not entirely correct, in my experience.   You say that
      this bug is limited to the co-op mode: it is not. I can't prove it, but
      on the Fondor Shipyard Assault (or whatever it's called) mission I was,
      alas, immolated in my X-wing by the bastard mini-turbolaser things on the
      shield generator housing.  However, my doom coincided with the
      destruction of the shield generator, and as I cursed under my breath at
      this great misfortune, I suddenly realized that I was flying in the next
      section, with my lives counter at 3; my shields were also blue once more.
      So, interesting or not, I thought that you should be aware of this
      anomaly, for it is probably repeatable on other missions, though I have
      not the patience to test it.

12 - Easy kills with the sonic mines

Following tip provided by: Hoodman0556

     This trick I've used to wipe out big groups of fighters. First, I start as
     a ship that has sonic mines. Then, when a big group of fighters is nearby,
     I hit the brakes, start to barrel-roll, and shoot some mines. The result
     is the waves of sound go in all directions, thus killing massive amounts
     of fighters, and since the mines recharge, it is possible to do it
     multiple times. The reason this works is that the mines sound wave is
     parallel to the angle of the ship, so, if the ship has barrel-rolled to
     this angle-/, then the explosion will be at the same angle-/.  If the ship
     is horizontal like this __, then the explosion will be horizontal, like
     this __.

13 - Play Co-Op Alone

Following tip provided by: Hoodman0556

     "There is a way to play through Co-Op by yourself and not have to worry
     about the unplayed player. Plug in both controllers and get to the Co-Op
     mission select. Then unplug a controller, say, player 2. push the control
     stick all the way in any direction, preferably to the left or right, but
     whatever is appropriate for the mission. Then, still holding the desired
     direction on the control stick. Plug it back in. Player 2's default
     settings are altered, thus making them spin in the direction pushed the
     unplayed player will spin around in circles, so that fighters won't have
     an easy shot."

     You can also do two other things.  One is to use the Action Replay with
     the Invincibility code turned on (which you can find in this FAQ).  This
     will allow for Player 2 to just keep flying while not taking damage.

     Or you can use the Infinite Lives code, also found in this FAQ.  Player 2
     will keep flying and though he will die eventually, it won't effect your
     playing too much.

14 - A Small, Fast Buick

Following tip provided by: Kilroy84

     It's possible to fly the Buick above the trenches of the Super Star
     Destroyers on Fondor Shipyard Assault and Attack on the Executor w/o a
     scratch.  It can be tricky, but if you maneuver the car properly you can
     easily evade the laser fire.  Just close the roof of the Buick (S-foils),
     then pull up above the trench.  If you just fly straight, most of the
     laser blasts will hit you, some however won't b/c you're going so fast.
     When you're above, pull up for about one second, then push the control
     stick forward to descend downward.  You must time it right, though.
     There's a short interval between shots fired, use this time to reverse the
     direction of the car.  Keep repeating this process and you should be able
     to fly above the trenches unscathed.  There's no gurantee that you won't
     get hit, however, so pay attention to your shields so R2 can restore them
     in time.

Once again, a big thanks to ObiShawn for letting me use the material. I 
couldn't have done it without you.

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          but not least, gave me permission to use parts of his Secrets FAQ. 
          It's really appreciated.

Kilroy84, for pointing out several mistakes in my spelling, correcting me on 
          the A-Wing Concussion Missiles fact and for pointing out that I 
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Thanks a lot all of you, otherwise this guide would have been one big thrash 

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