Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike Cheats

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike cheats, and Codes for GC.


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Arcade game
FREEPLAY - Unlocks arcade game (arcade must be unlocked first)
Bonus Missions
Attack on the executor-
Above triumph of the empire (30 points)

Death star escape-
Above revenge of the empire (10 points)

Escape from Hoth-
Left battlefield Hoth (20 points)

Flight from bespin-
Right of deception at destrillion (20 points)

Rebeal endurance-
Above attack on the executor (20 points)
Naboo starfighter:


Level select in Co-op:


Singer player missions and bouns missions:


Unlimited lives:

Co-Op mode ships.
All plantium medals in co-op mode.

Jedi Starfighter
All gold medals in co-op mode.

Naboo Starfighter
All silver medals in co-op mode.

Millennium Falcon & Tie Advance X-1
All bronze medals in co-op mode.

Tie Fighter
Steal tie in night and day missions of imperial academy and finish mission.
easy cheat
go to the passcode in options and print in wimpiam! you will get easy mode on all levels
More Cheats
!KOOLART gives you the art Gallery.

FARMBOY? gives you the T-16 Skyhopper.(in VS only)

WHATTHE? gives you Ace Mode.
HARKHARK gives you music.
Secret Ships
Tie Hunter-
All gold medals in single missions and bonus missions.

Jedi Starfighter-
All silver medals in single missions and bonus missions.

All bronze medals in standard single player missions.

The Bomber-
Destroy all ground turrets in the raid and bakura in missled linked groups.

Naboo Starfighter-
Finish Tatooine training in all four times of day and get all of the hidden items.
Special Features
LOOKMOM! - Unlocks the Credits
THEDUDES - Unlocks the Documentary
HARKHARK - Unlocks the Music Hall
!KOOLART - Unlocks the Art Gallery
NOCOLOR? -* Activates Black and White Mode
YNMSFY?P, then YOUDAMAN - Unlocks Ace Mode
RTJPFC!G, then TIMEWARP - Unlocks Star Wars Arcade
!H!F?HXS, then KOOLSTUF - Unlocks Empire Strikes Back Arcade
!?ATH!RD, then GAME?YES - Unlocks Return of the Jedi Arcade
IIOUAOYE, then WIMPIAM! -* Infinite Lives for Single Player and Co-Op

*=codes that turn themselves off after you turn your Gamecube off.
Unlock Missions
HYWSC!WS, then NONGAMER - Unlocks all non-bonus Single Player Missions
EEQQ?YPL, then CHE!ATER - Unlocks all Single Player Missions
SWGRCQPL, then UCHEATED - Unlocks all non-bonus Co-Op Missions
YFCEDFRH, then DSAGAIN? - Unlocks Death Star Escape in Co-Op Mode
RWALPIGC, then NOWAYOUT - Unlocks Asteroid Field in Co-Op Mode
WPX?FGC!, then EXCERSIZ - Unlocks Endurance in Co-Op Mode
FRLL!CSF, then FARMBOY? - Unlocks Beggar's Canyon Race in Versus Special
Unlock Ships
JASDJWFA, then !DABOMB! - Unlocks the TIE Bomber in Single Player and Vs.
MCKEMAKD, then ONESHOT! - Unlocks the TIE Fighter in Co-Op Mode
VDX?WK!H, then ANOKSHIP - Unlocks the TIE Advanced in Co-Op Mode
QZCRPTG!, then HANSRIDE - Unlocks the Millennium Falcon in all modes
TGBCWLPN, then ZZBOUNTY - Unlocks the Slave I in all modes
BBGMYWSX, then JEDIWHO? - Unlocks the Jedi Starfighter in all modes

NOTE: If you use the code to unlock the Starfighter you will be unable to play raid on Bespin in Co-op mode. If you want to do every level and have the Starfighter, you must complete Raid on Bespin first (you don't need a medal, just complete it). If you don't complete first you will be forever unable to complete it, because you need to use both A-wings and the Starfighter replaces one of them. If you have already entered the code without completing Bespin, you must erase you data of memory card.

RTWCVBSH, then BFNAGAIN - Unlocks the Naboo Starfighter in all modes
FRRVBMJK, then LOOKOUT! - Unlocks the TIE Hunter in Single Player and Vs
AXCBPRHK, then WHATTHE? - Unlocks Rudy's Car in Single Player and Co-Op

NOTE: For Rudy's Car you must re-activate this cheat every time you turn your cube on
Unlockable Ships
Naboo Starfighter- Complete Tatooine Training in all 4 time settings

Tie Bomber- Bomb all floor turrents in the 3rd objective of the Raid at Bakura stage(only playable in multiplayer)

Slave I- Earn bronze on all missions, except bonus missions

Millenium Falcon- Earn bronze on all mission including bonus missions

Jedi Starfighter- Earn silver on all missions, even bonus missions

Tie Hunter- Earn gold on all missions, even bonus missions
Unlocks (passwords)
Ace mode- WHATTHE?
Easy mode- WIMPIAM!
Unlock Credits- LOOKMOM!
Unlock Documentary- THEDUDES
Unlock ESB Arcade Game- FREEPLAY
Black & White mode- NOCOLOR?
T-16 Skyhopper for VS mode- FARMBOY?
Art Gallery- !KOOLART
Music Hall- HARKHARK
Y-wing in revenge of empire- YOUDAMAN