Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace Cheats

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX.


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Darth Maul Battle Glitch
Instead of having to tackle Darth Maul the hard way at the end of Stage 11 (The Final Battle), try this method. When the cut-scene before the fight finishes, wait for the laser shields to clear and run into Darth Maul's arena, hugging the left side as much as possible, before double-jumping onto the ledges. If done correctly, Darth Maul should not have seen you, and the health bar and boss music should not have been triggered. Now, stand on the bridge (not too close to Darth Maul) and pull out any distance weapon (you will retain any which Obi-Wan collected during Stages 1-5). Fire at Darth Maul and he will eventually be defeated. His health bar may appear, and it may not appear to decrease; don't panic, this is just a bug which means that his health bar only decreases if you use the light-sabre.
Escape From Theed Shortcut
On Stage 5 (Escape From Theed), tell the Queen to run as soon as the gate in the plaza is open. Simply bombard the AAT in the plaza with Proton Missiles or Thermal Detonators until it moves out into the plaza. Quickly run behind it and use the switch before distracting the AAT as the Queen runs through the open gate to save a lot of time.
Murdering People
IF you want to murder people it's on the Mos Espa level. Kill anybody you like. But most people will go after you. If you kill Anakin's mom it's not mission fail! But you can't talk to Anakin. He will keep saying "I won't help a murderer like you!" No matter how many times you do it. If you can't speak with him just kill him. But Mission Fail!
Quicker Weapon Cycling
If you need to switch weapons quickly and you don't have the time to cycle through them manually, pause the game, go to the "Weapons" menu, highlight the weapon you wish to draw, and press X. Resume play and the weapon will be immediately usable.
To Defet Darth Maul
To Do Defeat Darth Maul get as close as possible to him so he won't shock you. When he jumps follow him. On the right of it is a 100% health. Follow him on the bridge when he is doing somersaults. On the left is a another 100% health. Once you killed him go to Qui-Gon who is suffering in pain. Qui-Qon will say that he will die. But Obi-Wan says he will survive. Qui-Gon tells Obi-Wan that he became a jedi knight and dies. And the last cutsene appears that you did it.


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Coruscant Shortcut
To skip the entire sequence of acquiring the tickets for the tour on Coruscant, defeat the droid who will only open the doors to the launch platform if you have the tickets. The doors will open, saving you a lot of time in the process. However, this will affect your rank at the end of the game.
Debug Mode
Highlight "OPTIONS" at the main menu,but do not select it.Press TRIANGLE,CIRCLE,LEFT,L1,R2,SQUARE,
CIRCLE,LEFT.A beep will confirm correct code entry.Hold L1 and SELECT and press TRIANGLE.A droid test debug menu with level select,FMV
sequence,sound test and invincibility options will
Extra Equipment In Mos Espa Arena
When the Stage begins, turn left and head along as if you're going for the Blaster. Instead of turning left at the end of this way, however, turn right. Speak to Grendel in the stall on the outside of the wall.

Ask how he makes his products, then tell him that you're a farmer, and you need a Thermal Detonator to clear some rocks. Next, tell him that you're actually aiding a friend on his farm. He will recommend that you try Anabar.

Head back to the entrance to the complex's market area, and speak to Anabar. He is located near the steps up to the roof. Tell him that you're looking for something a bit more dangerous, and that Grendel suggested that you see him. Ask him if he has a Thermal Detonator, then try to get him to accept your Credits. Use a Jedi Mind Trick to make him accept, and the Thermal Detonator is yours.
Pull lightsaber while underwater!
This is not really a cheat but it can kind of be. If you are in the water and you want to pull out your lightsaber just simply press stat go to weapons and click on lightsaber, you will have it underwater!All though you can't use it.