Star Wars Episode I: Battle for Naboo (PC) Cheats

Star Wars Episode I: Battle for Naboo cheats, and Codes for PC.

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Star Wars Episode I: Battle for Naboo Cheats

Cheat Codes
To enter these codes, start from the Main Menu, select Options and then go to the Passcodes option. Enter any of the following codes:

Advanced shieldsHRDTOKIL
Cluster seeker missilesFJJCUAAC
Guided missilesABVUSEAY
Dark Side bonus levelFMRYLDAD
Double Your Secondary WeaponUYCZNCAX
Infinite LivesLFZWKXAA
Unlock All Levels plus the Infiltrator BonusJHGNRGAS
Unlock All Levels without the Bonus LevelsGPAYQWAJ
Unlock All Naboo CraftNIZWAGAO
Unlock Expert modeCXSJMIAA
Unlock the Art GalleryJOBXXFAI
Unlock the Concert HallRECTVBAH
Unlock the Dark Side Bonus LevelFRMRYLDAD
Unlock the Heat Seeking MissilesABVUSEAY
Unlock the Sith InfiltratorFRBPTDAY
Unlock the Swamp SpeederXFIIYBAY
View the CreditsDIWMZIAR
View the Development TeamEOWXZGAS
Transform Giant Speeder into Black ConvertibleEBTRHBAF

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Advanced bombs:
Can be unlocked in "Glacial Grave" level, on the opposite branch of the river that leads to the gunboat hanger.
Advanced missiles:
Can be unlocked at the beginning of the "The Smugglers Alliance" level. Help the civilians, even though the captain tells you not to. A speeder will come out of a homestead. Protect it and it will lead you to a farm with the upgrade.
Cluster Seeker missiles:
In the second secret stage, turn right immediately after starting to find a brown striped building. Enter the hole in front of it and turn left immediately before the path turns to the right. You will see it to your left.
Coruscant Encounter secret level:
Successfully complete the standard levels with all silver medals.
Dark Side secret level:
Successfully complete the standard levels with all gold medals.
Federation Secrets secret level:
Successfully complete the standard levels with all bronze medals.
Homing torpedoes:
Can be unlocked in the "Borvo the Hutt" level. Go northwest of the first battle to find a village among the trees and the upgrade.
Rapid fire lasers:
Can be unlocked near the end of "Sancuatary" level. There is a small valley to the right of the main valley. Inside is a volcano and a strange "fairy" object. The upgrade is behind it.
Sith Infiltrator:
You can play as the Sith Infiltrator once you access the third secret level, "The Dark Side". You can use the Sith Infiltrator in levels where you can use the Naboo Starfighter.