Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

  • Released on May 30, 2013
  • By BioWare for PC, Xbox, Mac, iPad

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Tips

Super Jedi
You can make yourself a more powerful Jedi and get more powers and Jedi feats. All you need to do is not level up after the Endar Spire. It makes the rest of the game until Dantooine very difficult, but it is doable. Make sure that everyone else in your party levels up each chance they get to counter out your main character's low level.

Once you reach Dantooine, you will be able to level up as a Jedi from level 2. Yes, it can be hard (consider lowering the combat level of the game to Easy, at least until you are a Jedi), but it is doable.

I have managed to be at level 4, level 3, and even (once) at level 2 when I reached Dantooine. But, if you are about to die, do not hesitate to level up once (or more if needed) to keep on going.