Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

  • Released on May 30, 2013
  • By BioWare for PC, Xbox, Mac, iPad

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Tips

Easy Rakgoul Kills
Having troubles with the Rakgouls? Well, if you are, here's how to fight them with ease. This little "cheat" only works for the Rakgouls in the Undercity, not in the sewers.

Have the Rakgouls chase your party to the city gates. Pass onto the other side of the gate (into the city). Then equip ranged fighters and shoot the guys down. They cannot cross the gate line, and therefore cannot attack you on the other side.

This also works for the Rakgouls in the Undercity medical containment area. In fact, it works best for them.

If the Rakgouls run off, just follow after them and shoot them again, then press "B" to cancel combat and run back to the city. Rinse, repeat. Easy XP.

An alternate idea: have Mission in your party. She has skill with demolitions. Recover (not disable) mines you find laying around - or buy some from the upper city shops. Have Mission lay the mines around, then go find some Rakgouls. Shoot them once to get their attention, then turn and run. They will follow your party. Run over your mine (it will not detonate), and make sure the Rakgoul(s) run over it, too.

It's an easier kill, but it costs mines, credits, and requires you to make sure at least one character has a decent demolitions skill.