Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

  • Released on May 30, 2013
  • By BioWare for PC, Xbox, Mac, iPad

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Tips

Keep the Sith Uniform!
Credit: The folks of the Neoseeker forums!

In order to keep the Sith Uniform you obtain on Taris, and still get the Sith Papers (ID) for access to the elevator>

Before opening the door to the Hidden Bek base, Equip the Suit on Carth, and dismiss him from your party. Once you enter, the game will autoscan all current party members on the feild for the Sith Armor and remove it. Since Carth won't be on the feild, he's not scanned. Talk to Gadon, and agree to handover the uniform. You hand him nothing, but obtain the papers, though the dialogue seems as if you did hand over the uniform. Leave the Bek base, and add Carth to the party again. Voila! Sith uniform is yours to keep. Use with the item dupe cheat to have a bunch of personal Sith running around (or Rogue Sith if you will).