Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

  • Released on May 30, 2013
  • By BioWare for PC, Xbox, Mac, iPad

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Tips

Surviving the Taris underground base missions
These missions can be hard on new players, and folks can run out of credits and medpacks really fast if you don't use more efficient combat methods.

In the beggining (Taris), it's much easier to stick with blasters and blaster rifles, usually having one character with a blaster rifle, and the two other character dual weilding blaster pistols. When attacking a group of enemies, the AI often screws up no matter what order you give them. This usually happens when you are being attacked from all sides, or from too close a range, or you neglect to issue an order before the AI takes over and makes allies shoot at whoever is in range.

The second you spot an enemy, regardless of there being a group, or different kinds, pause the game. Move each of your characters close to each other, and have them all target the same enemy. Even a pack of Rakghouls will get torn to pieces before the group can reach you, as you're picking them off one by one, instead of spreading your assault thin, and allowing them to get close enough to deal some damage to you before you off them.

That tactic should always be used with blaster weilding allies. It's more effective (especially with the horrid hit ratio of blasters) to have them all target the same enemy.

Now, when you're in the sewers, Black Vulkar base, Davik Kang's base, and the Sith Base, you can benefit greatly from using bait and lure techniques.

Let's say you start off in the Vulkar base. There's a door in front of you, and the room ahead appears big on the map. You're pretty sure there are going to be a few enemies in that area, and taking them out quicker than they can harm you will save time, and save medpacks and money.

Before opening a door, move all characters in front of the door. Have the main character stand in the middle (doesn't really matter) and the other two characters stand next to him/her. Or switch them around, whatever. They need to all be in a line in front of the door.

Now click open the door, and pause the game when the doors are half open. Look around the room and prioritize any targets. If there is a tougher enemy, and a swarm of weaker enemies (IE: Standard troops), take out the standard troops one by one. Remember, target the same enemy.

Careful though, if you target them too early and the doors aren't open enough, it will glitch, and your allies won't fire their weapons from there, but will oddly run right up the the enemy's face and then fire, making themselves a bullseye for melee enemies and a group of enemies.

If you see them trying to move, pause, switch to them, cancel the attack, and reissue it once the doors are open a bit more.

Now, notice how Mission Vao comes with a stealth feild generator. This is vital to tactical supremacy in these narrow corridoors.

Say you clear out a room from enemies. At this stage, enemies suck at detecting stealth, though some droid sentries can detect you if too close.

Go into solo mode, and station your main character and Carth or Zaalbar (depending on how far you are in the game, and who you prefer to use), and leave them standing close to each other inside the room, ready to shoot at any enemy that may enter from their blind spot. (Say an enemy walks into the room. Your team needs to be as far off to the right of the entrance or far left as possible, so you can get shots in before the enemy even targets you)

Find a target with Mission in stealth mode. Make sure you can lure that single target away; so mess with your approach angles and the like to ensure only one enemy comes after you. If they are weaker enemies, you can lure them all into the trap.

When Mission attacks from stealth mode, she receives an attack upgrade. Sometimes this can kill enemies in a single hit, or critically wound them. Either way, it helps. Anyway, attack that one enemy, then run back to the room with your allies. Position Mission side by side with your allies in wait. As soon as the enemy enters the room, manually control all characters and target that enemy and fire away.

You can take out 80% of all the enemies in these type of areas this way.

There will be a few rooms where you have no room for lures, and will have to face an enemy group head on. Just remember, instead of one person throwing grenades, it's best to have everybody throw one grenade. The damage is simultaneous, and all can assume blaster fire afterwards. Be sure to keep grenade types in mind. Say, one person can throw a concussion grenade to stun enemies, while the other two throw frag grenades, and you'll all follow up with blaster fire to finish off weakened enemies.