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  • Released on May 30, 2013
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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Cheats

Secret Bounty Hunter Society Tips
Just in case you dont know here is how to get into secret bounty hunter society.
After you get the starmap in Korriban and your walking past the Dreshdae Cantina a Twi'lek (i think) will walk up to you and tell you that you droped a datapad agee with him and he'll walk away. Read the Datapad and it will tell you to go to Mannan and visit someone cant member name. ALSO you must go alone.
Anywho go to mannan and then leave the docking bay(alone). Then go to i think its Ahto West. Either way its the place where you enter and you see the 3 Siths arguing with the 3 Republics after their dun the republics walk away . Follow them into a corner and next to them youll see a guy. Talk to him and find out about the secret society.
Next tip: If you are like me and you want the cool stuff you'll get from the bounties but not the dark side points. Here is one thing that helps. Go to swoop registration in Ahto East(not Ahto East Central) and talk the the swoop racers there. Eventually you'll see somone who says he needs money for more swoop parts. Its not that hard to get to the point where you can pay him 500 credits. Light Sidde points gained. Also after bout 5 minutes. Return to him and he will try to pay you back, refuse. There! even more light side points. Now you can go do a few bounties and you can get lots of awsome stuff for colecting them with no fear of to many Dark Side Points.