Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Cheats

Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds cheats, and Codes for PC.


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Force +...
food 1000 food
nova 1000 nova
carbon 1000 carbon
ore 1000 ore
build instant build
sight no fog
explore full map
boat invisible Naval Cruiser (over water only)
Cool speedboat!!!
enter this cheat

scaryneighbor:this will have to be done over water
it will show the star wars galactic battlegrounds producer on a speedboat with the same strength as a simon!!!
to destroy a specific person...
press enter and type Darkside+team #

Like this...

galactic upheaval
press enter (chat) type in:galactic upheaval. you get a powerful decimator
Random Star Wars Quotes
Press enter, write a number (1-58), and press enter again to hear some Star Wars quotes (each number - different quote).
Some hot cheats
Press Enter and type these code:

Code -- Function

Skywalker -- Win game
Tarkin -- Destroy all enemies
Forcecarbon -- Plus 1000 carbon
Forcefood -- Plus 1000 food
Forcenova -- Plus 1000 nova
Forceore -- Plus 1000 ore
Forcebuild -- Fasten build
Forceexplorer -- Reveal map
Forcesight -- No fog
Simonsays -- Make a strong Ewok