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[edit] Background

Star Wars: Republic Commando presents a dramatic military-style action experience from the point-of-view of an elite squad member of a Republic Special Operations unit. Players step into the role of a Commando performing precision operations deep behind enemy lines in this brutally realistic Star Wars combat experience.

[edit] Gameplay

Star Wars Republic Commando is a squad-based first person shooter that lets you explore the elite world of the Star Wars military. Leading a 3-man squad of Republic Commandos, your missions take you deep behind enemy lines on over 14 intense and challenging levels through three different campaigns where you will face more than ten brutal enemies. You'll have more than a dozen deadly weapons at your disposal, but none more lethal than your squad. What makes the squad in Star Wars Republic Commando so unique is the game's innovative 'One Touch Squad Control' system that allows you to engage your squad with just one button

[edit] Features

  • Explore the military side of the Star Wars universe like never before
  • Explore eight diverse environments including the hostile surface and subterranean setting of the planet Geonosis, the massive machine-like interiors of a Separatist Core Ship, a disabled and overrun Republic Assault Ship and the lower jungles and tree cities of the Wookiee home planet of Kashyyyk, while you take on special operations that feature hostage rescue, infiltration/data retrieval, assassination, assault, sabotage and reconnaissance objectives
  • Access to more than twelve authentic weapons including the primary Republic Commando firearm, the DC-17m and secondary weapon the DC-15s Blaster Pistol, as well as enemy weapons such as the Trandoshan Slaver Shotgun and Geonosian Elite Beam Weapon
  • Innovative squad combat utilizing intuitive and accessible "smart squad" command system featuring squad markers and stances
  • Challenging combat with enemies that include Trade Federation Super Battle Droids and Droidekas, Geonosian Warriors and Elites, and Trandoshan Slavers and Mercenaries
  • Multi-player capabilities including deathmatch, team deathmatch and capture the flag
  • Play with up to 16 players online via X-box Live

[edit] PC Hardware Requirements

System: Pentium III 1 GHz or equivalent RAM: 256 MB RAM CD-ROM: 8X CD-ROM Video Memory: 64 MB VRAM

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Tactical asskicking! StarWarsRepublicCommando
Aug 11, 05 9:11am

A new FPS set in the Star Wars universe, Republic Commando follows the pre-Trilogy...

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  • North America: Mar 1, 2005
  • Europe: Mar 4, 2005
  • Australia: Jan 2, 2005
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