Star Wars: The Clone Wars (PS2) Cheats

Star Wars: The Clone Wars cheats, and Codes for PS2.


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All FMV sequences
Enter 12 PARSECS at the codes screen.
Bonus Cheats
All Multiplayer Maps: JORG SACUL
Bonus Objective Cmpt: GIMME
Developers Photos: JEDICOUNCIL
Complete the Bonus objectives to unlock the following:
5 objectives = Raxus duel multiplayer map.
10 objectives = Thule moon control zone multiplayer map.
15 objectives = Rhen Var Conquest multiplayer map.
20 objectives = Jedi Academy multiplayer map.
25 objectives = Unit viewer.
30 objectives = "Making of" video.
35 objectives = CD player.
40 objectives = Sketchbook.
45 objectives = Yoda in Geonosis academy.
Campaign level select
Enter DOORDONOT at the codes screen.
Multi-player level select:
Enter "JORG SACUL" as a code.

Campaign level select:
Enter "DOORDONOT" as a code.

Enter "DARKSIDE" as a code.

Infinite secondary and special weapon:
Enter "SUPERLASER" as a code.

Three bonus objectives for current mission marked complete:
Enter "GIMME" as a code.

Play as Battle Droid in Academy: Geonosis level
Enter "TRADEFED" as a code.

Play as Padme Amidala in Academy: Geonosis level
Enter "NATALIE" as a code.

Play as Wookie in Academy: Geonosis level
Enter "NERFHERDER" as a code.

Programming team photographs
Enter "JEDICOUNCIL" as a code. But the Sketchbook option must be unlocked to view them.

All FMV sequences
Enter "12 PARSECS" as a code.

Enter DARKSIDE at the codes screen.
Multi-player Level Select
Enter JORG SACUL at the codes screen.
Play as Amidala in Academy
Enter this code at Bonuses: NATALIE
Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Battle Droid - TRADEFED [Geonosis Academy Multiplayer Level Only]
Three bonus objectives
Enter GIMME at the codes screen.
Unlimited secondary and special weapon
Enter SUPERLASER at the codes screen.