Star Wars: The Clone Wars (GC) Cheats

Star Wars: The Clone Wars cheats, and Codes for GC.


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All Missions
At the Options menu, enter GASMASK
Campaign Level Select
To enable, Enter GASMASK as a code.
Enter these at the password screen

All movies- CINEMA
Battle Droid- ROGEROGER
BOnus Missions- YUB_YUB
Developer Pics- SAYCHEESE
Infinite Special and Secondary Weapons- CHOSEN1
Invincibility- 1WITHFORCE
Multiplayer Level- FRAGFIESTA
Ewok Theme Song- Press UP(x2) Down (x2) Left Right LEft Right B A Start
how to get the queen in geonosis academy
type corde in as your cheat to get the queen
Infinite Ammo and goodies
Chosen1-infinate ammo

YUB YUB- pass the 3 bonus objectives on the last level you played

FragFiesta- Unlock all Multiplayer boards

ROGERROGER- Unlock Battle Droin in the Genosis Academy

Cinema- Unlock all movies
Play Ewok Freedom Song
Press Up[x2], Down[x2], Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, START
Team Photos
To unlock this code, enter SAYCHEESE
Unlock Clone Trooper
At the main menu, select Options, at the Options screen, choose Bonuses, and at the Bonuses screen, piock Codes. Enter FAKE_FETT as a code, entered correctly, the Clone Trooper will be available in Academy mode.
Unlock Super Battle Drold
Enter WAT_TAMBOR as a code, entered correctly, the Super Battle Droid will be available in Academy mode.