Star Wars: Bounty Hunter (GC) Cheats

Star Wars: Bounty Hunter cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Hidden Messages
All over the game, there are signs in a made up language. This is Aurebesh, the Star Wars galaxy's written Basic. Google image search Aurebesh, and you can decode the messages all over the game.

Easter eggs

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Last Bounty
As you know, on the last level you fight Bando Gora's leader, and as you should know, she is worth 5,000,000$. So when you see her at the gap, mid-level, scan her like anyone else and it will show her name, how much she is worth, and everything else. It is cool and you can rope her and, with a glitch, can capture her and get the money, but the ending will be the same. Good luck and thank God for cheat codes.


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All Concept Art
To unlock this code, enter R ARTISTS ROCK
All TGC Cards
To unlock this code, enter GO FISH
Chapter Codes
Fighting Tip
When being shot at, use side the side flip and then the jetpack thrusters to avoid being hit and save health.
Mission 1
To enable this, Enter BEAST PIT as a cheat code.
Mission 10
To enable, Enter BIGMOSQUITOS as a code.
Mission 18
To enable this, Enter JANGOISBADDEST as a code.
Mission 2
To enable, Enter GIMMEMY JETPACK as a code.
Mission 3
To enable this, Enter CONVEYORAMA as a code.
Odd Scene
On the final level of Star Wars Bounty Hunter, if you die at the Vosa Battle at any stage, you'll get a scene:

Vosa jumps onto Jango's Lifeless body, and uses her lightsabers on his head, Jango collapses and it zooms in on his helmet, then the mission failed and continue screen appears