StarTropics review
Very fun but very hard

The good:

Unique style of gameplay. Very good graphics.

The bad:

Very high difficulty level. Poor controls.


One of the most-hyped NES games of all time, StarTropics was essentially a game made by Nintendo revolving around Nintendo and their desire to make their ideal videogame revolving around Nintendo real-life personalities. The story focuses on Mike Jones, a young boy visiting a relative on a remote island. But the old man's missing and Mike must do island hopping to find him, armed with only, of all things, a yo-yo! Now that's something you don't see every day!
The graphics are simple but effective, as are sounds. Controls are a bit on the sticky side-the buttons are not as responsive as they should be, frustrating when you're trying to rapid-fire attack. There are also significant issues with turbo controllers, which won't work if you turn the speed up too high. Also you can only move in 4 directions-no diagonal movements allowed! Not surprisingly, this also contributes to an unusually high difficulty level, to the point where the later levels border on impossible to clear for all but the most skilled players.
If you don't mind a frustrating challenge level, this game is actually quite rewarding later on and has a very unique storyline. If you're not up to such a high level of difficulty, though, then you may want to go for the slightly easier sequel instead.

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