StarTropics II: Zoda's Revenge

  • Released on Mar 15, 1994
  • By Nintendo for NES

StarTropics II: Zoda's Revenge User Reviews


Low tide


I get the feeling that I'll be stepping on plenty of toes here when I say that Statropics 2 is a vastly inferior sequel that feels like it just crushed all of its hopes and dreams of being more than just a cult classic and a bad follow up to said cult classic (even if the cult classic was actually a big hit back when it came out, only to share the same fate every Playstation 3 exclusive faces). A lot of people actually think Startropics 2 is a huge improvement, and to me, it just says that they didn't actually play much of Startropics 1 to appreciate how well everything worked with the nuan...


More like a really long and arduous hike


You know that feeling you get when you think you've taken that one step forward, but actually, you went two steps back and nearly off the ledge? Because Nintendo seem to know this one all too well. See, for every person who enjoyed Startropics and managed to get used to the controls, about twenty people complained about the controls and difficulty. What Nintendo did here was improve the controls. Now, in the context of any other game, I'd praise it without hesitation, but when you take designs from the first game and try to fit them in with some tweaked control physics, you're not exactly d...


A good improvement over the original

The good:

More variety in gameplay. Improved graphics and better controls. Deeper than the original.

The bad:

Controls still aren't perfect. Difficulty's still a little too high. Subpar music and sound effects.


The sequel to Nintendo's over-hyped "StarTropics" had several great improvements over the original. First up, the storyline was a bit deeper and longer, focusing more on the return of the evil Zoda rather than the hero, Mike Jones, trying to just find his missing relative. There's more variety in gameplay and new items to use, although Mike's still got his trusty yo-yo in hand too. Additionally, Mike can now move diagonally as he travels through the areas of the game, a feature very sorely lacking in the first StarTropics, a nice addition to much-improved controls. Although much improved, t...

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