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Star Trek: Shattered Universe

The good:

- All the authentic ships of the Star Trek universe.
- Six diverse fighter craft to control.
- The voices of George Takei (Sulu) and Walter Koenig (Chekov).
- Solid, clear and smooth graphics.
- Great sound effects and half-decent music.
- The villians and locations from the original Star Trek TV series.
- Accessible and fun.

The bad:

- Can get repetative.
- Some infuriatingly difficult missions.
- Cutscene graphics make Sulu and Chekov look strange.
- No multiplayer.


Poor PlayStation2 owners. Your only taste of the Star Trek universe has been "Voyager: Elite Force" which, to quote Doctor McCoy, wasn't exactly firing on all thrusters. So, as a Trekkie, I was excited when Star Trek announced that their next console game would be not only in the dark Mirror Universe, but would be based in space, where Star Trek should be, instead of on foot. Was I disappointed with the result? Overall, no... but it could have been so great.

Remember "Star Trek: Invasion!" on the PSone? That game was awesome, unlike anything released before it, and blew away gamers by reveal...


Star Trek: Shattered Universe - it's actually pretty good!


Let's face it. Unless you own a capable and up-to-date PC, you are unable to play the hoards of decent "Star Trek" games that are released every year. That means you people, you lovely games console owners, are left in the dark and therefore missing out on the adventures in Gene Roddenberry's visionary Federation.

To be honest, I don't blame you for not caring in the slightest: the only "Star Trek" game released onto the PlayStation2 has been a half-hearted first-person shooter (a conversion of a PC title, too, just to rub salt into the wound) that was jerkier than a fist fight between Capt...

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