Star Ocean III: Till the End of Time review
Sigh. Extremely over-rated

The good:

- Lots to do
- Lots of Extras

The bad:

- Audio seperation
- Stupid AI most of the time
- Bad camera angles in battle
- Stregnth too dependant on weapons
- Appalling dialogue
- Horrible music
- A bit too much back tracking


And I thought this game was going to be good. Square-Enix usually doesn't let me down but in this case, they did. The game is about a teen whose flight gets interrupted by the 'bad guys' for unknown reasons. It isn't until later that he finds out that they are after him because of a power that only he possesses. It turns out that he, and his childhood friend, are the keys to saving the world. The story-line isn't half bad although it has a big twist which I think it could have done without because the enjoyment level rapidly fell after that point.

The only thing that this game has going for it is probably the size. It has loads of extras and side quests, not to mention multiple difficulty levels which are always good in RPG's. The characters are nothing special either. The only one who really appealed to me was Cliff because the rest of them had pathetic dialogue. I found the battle system to be a good change from the traditional turn-based system although I wouldn't really call it 'good' because the ally AI absolutely sucks most of the time. I will also add that this game must have the worst soundtrack ever. The only tracks I didn't hate were the ones that play in the towns.

Overall, this game is really weak. I do not see how it is so popular. I recommend you try before you buy. Actually, don't try it at all.

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