Star Ocean III: Till the End of Time review
Nice way to start off Star Ocean

The good:

Battle system

The bad:

You die when you run out of MP
Nothing else i can think of


Wow what a great start...
I was a bit skeptical to buy this game because i read a few reviews and they said the story sucked and stuff so i thought aww man but i need a good RPG. So i went on vacation and came back with money from my family and thought i got some money why not...and i bought it.
This was my first game in the Star Ocean Series. Boy was this a great way to start I love everything about this game. Currently i have jetlag and usually i would just go to sleep because i'm tired but i don't i want to play and this game attracts me!

First off

Story: 10/10 The story is great. It starts off with the main character Fayt Leingod meeting his "friend" Sophia. He is late because he is playing games and she gets mad at him. After a while of talking Sophia forgives him and they start taking a walk of the hotel until another army begins to attack. Then after this a whole bunch of other events happen that are very interesting. Normally i would skip these events (like i did in Xenosaga) but no these events are very interesting!!

Gameplay: 9/10 Gameplay is awesome. The characters move well and the battle system is great. The battle system is real time no menus you have the X button for light attacks and O for strong attacks. Along with that you got skills allocated to these buttons. There is one menu you can open up during battle to heal or use symbology (which is magic). The battle system is fast paced and doesnt bore me like most RPG battles.

Graphics/Sounds: 10/10 The graphics are awesome. They aren't inferior to FFX yes FFX had good art that looked humanlike but Star Ocean has the anime look done real well that is as good as FFX but in a different way. I love it. The music is good also. The voices aren't as bad as everyone said they were it is very well done capturing the emotion of the character however some girls do sound like they are overly trying to be cute.

Replay Value: 10/10 Trophy cases...you can earn trophy stuff by doing good stuff. Also how many times have you thought in an FF game , iwish this person and this person could fight like in a action style battle. Well now you can you just have to get something and you have 2 games in 1.

Overall it's a good game i guarantee you will like it.

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