Star Ocean III: Till the End of Time Tips

IC Special Items
Having the following special items in your inventory will boost your inventors combined talent levels by 20 for the sort of IC mentioned.

Talent: Alchemy
Item: Alchemists Stone
Found: Treasure Chest on the far northwest edge of the Mosel Dunes.

Talent: Compounding
Item: Multi-Flask
Found: Treasure Chest in the north-east of Arias.

Talent: Cooking
Item: Keen Kitchen Knife
Found: Can be bought from the outfitters shop in Gemity (55,000 fol).

Talent: Crafting
Item: Cherubic Bust
Found: Treasure Chest near the north-east corner of the Palmira Plains.

Talent: Engineering
Item: NC Program Disc
Found: Treasure chest in the west research zone of the Moonbase.

Talent: Smithery
Item: Smithy Hammer
Found: Treasure Chest in Flad's home in Arkives.

Talent: Writing
Item: Enchanted Pen
Found: Treasure Chest in the Shrine of Kaddan. You need to use the Disintegration Ring to destroy the lower left rack of broken spears, in the room just before the first earthquake.