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Earning Medals
Medals are awarded for a level completed with certain criteria met.

To earn the medals you must keep all three allies alive and earn at least the stated hit point score on the appropriate level:
UnlockableHow to unlock
Sector Y150
Sector X150
Sector Z100
Area 6300
Unlockable Extras
Earn medals in the main game to unlock extra stuff, including Versus options.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Landmasters in Versus.Get the medal on Venom in the main game.
Extra Mode and Sound Test.Get all 15 medals in the main game.
On Foot in Versus.Get the medal on Venom in the main game on extra.
New Title Screen.Get all 15 medals in the main game on extra.


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In coneria at the first stage go straight to the end of the level where you fight the the big boss robot.
If u can do a sommersault(NOT A U TURN!!!)without hitting him you get a 1 up!
Aquas - Cocoon Warriors
One of the level-specific enemies of Aquas is the warriors the curl up into a cocoon to protect themselves from any damage, meaning you have to waste time waiting for them to open up and charge their weapons before you can obliterate them.

Having said this, however, there is a way around this. Simply shoot a torpedo at them and they will immediately open leaving them exposed to your lasers!
Aquas from Sector Y
If you would like to take an alternate route to Andross, all you do is kill 100 enemies on Sector Y. Then you will go to Aquas instead of Katina.
Bill and Katt
Bill and Katt are two side characters who will help you in the game. When you trigger their first appearance they will also appear in one of the stages afterwards in that playthrough.


Appears - Katina
Also Helps - Sector X or Solar


Appears - Zoness
Also helps - Macbeth or Sector Z
Defeating the Brain of Andross
The brain of Andross is, in all honesty, more potent than himself... if that makes sense!

Defeating it takes a little bit of strategy. At first, he will shoot out two little worm-like creatures from his brain which stay attached via a link of pulsing electricity. Get hit by this, them or the brain and you will take damage. To quickly take out these two little annoyances, let them come close while they home in on you. Once they're right behind you, perform a loop (down + left C) and then blast them from behind.

After this, you need to shoot the purple bit of the brain. Each time you do Andross will laugh and disappear. When he does, perform a u-turn (down + down C) and he will appear directly in front of you making it much easier to cause more damage and eventually, destroy him.
Easy Medal - Bolse Defence Satellite
Achieving a medal on a small map that seem scarce of enemies can be slightly daunting, but don't fear! Here are three strategies to rack up that kill count.

1. If you haven't battled the Star Wolf Team yet, they will appear on this map and are great for points

2. Shooting all the ground-to-air laser turrets around the shield generators

3. One destroyed yellow structure point on the main energy core will spawn a group of enemy fighters around the map. This can be repeated as many times as wanted until the desired tally or you run out of structure points
Easy Style Hard Route
When in Corneria, go under all the arches in it.


Take the left route to turn the 4 spirals red and open them. Go through each when opened. The next section is HARD, but it gets tougher. Next, destroy the 6 missles, DO NOT LET ONE HIT THE GREAT FOX,. Go through the lext level to challenge Soperstar Wolf and defeat him. You'll then go on to Andross.
Easy venom medal [hard route]
When you beat Area 6 you will have to fight Star Wolf. If you kill them fast you will get 51 hits from each one. 51 HITS!!!!!! You need at least 200 hits to get the medal. NOTE:THE CHARGE SHOT WILL NOT EFFECT ANY OF THEM.
Easy Win
On the last level before Venom (hard route), before starwolf and his gang show up, go to the left of the map. Then when they start talking and the screen switches, push Start or A to go back to normal mode. While they are still talking, hit your brakes and fire all you got at em. They will just keep flying. This is kinda hard to do since you have to know when to turn around but its well worth it. I killed one of em just by firing lasers before the fight even started!
Expert - Sound Tracks
Once you've achieved every medal, the "sound" option on the main menu will now display "expert" if you press right on it (and vice-versa).

Go into this and you will be able to access any of the 49 soundtracks contained within the game. You can cycle through them with left/right and play them by pressing the A button.
Expert Training Mode
After you've activated expert mode, move the cursor on the main screen to "Main Game" then pust left or right to select "Expert." Next choose either Versus or Training mode. Now, all the expert rules apply -- you take damage easier and one hit will make you lose a wing! This is handy if are on the ground fighting Arwings in versus!
Fortuna to Solar
To get to Solar from Fortuna, simply defeat the Star Wolf Team before time runs out.
Getting more points/Best Route
To receive more points, charge up your laser. If you hit an enemy without locking on but with the charge up laser, then you get an extra point added.

The best route to go is Corneria, Sector Y, Katina, Sector X, Macbeth, Area 6 and Venom 2. You can get about 180 in Corneria, 190 in Sector Y, 180 in Katina, 210 in Sector X, 160 in Macbeth, 420 in Area 6 and a maximum of 227 in Venom 2.

Hope this helps!
Hidden 1-ups
Sector Y: Near the end, your team will gather into a triangle. If you speed up and make it a diamond shape you will get a 1-up.
Venom 2: When you're about to face Andross and you have a choice to go left or right on the different forks. On the first fork, turn right (most turn left), then turn left, you'll see a one up icon spinning around.

Hidden Lasers in Meteo
There are two hidden lasers in Meteo:
1. In the beginning there are 3 asteroid rings. Fly through them and a laser will apper.

2. When the "Big Ones Come", go through the first one and another laser will appear. Don't do this if you have low life.

Homing Bomb
Everyone knows that charging up the laser by holding the A button allows you to lock onto an enemy and release a burst of laser power.

Similarly, after locking on to an enemy you can alternatively press the B button before releasing A and you will shoot a bomb that will follow the enemy! Great for taking out fast moving or tightly packed up enemies, along with giving you more control over the use of your bombs.
Hyper space warp in Meteo
Once you get like half way you will see blue arrows pointing in a circle. Go through all of them and you will go into hyperspace. You can grab a lot of items here in normal mode and you will get to go to Katina instead of Fortuna.
Katina - Easy Medal
Despite being under constant attack from a higher numbered enemy, achieving the medal isn't that easy. Having said this, there is a technique you can employ to get that tally up.

Simply speaking, one the UFO flies onto the screen it has side bits open which spits out enemies. Instead of destroying them, leave them be. Despite the fact they give you a decent amount of points per each one downed, they can more than make up for it in staying by spitting out all those ships for you. Simply let them be, let those ships be spat out and then start flying around. You'll find that each ally will have around 5-7 enemies following them which makes for easy charged up kills (lock on by holding down the A button and then release) to speed up the process so you'll still have time to take out that core and hopefully bag yourself a medal.
Landmaster Tank - Twin Lasers
In vs mode, if you pick up a Laser Upgrade you can shoot twin lasers just as an Arwing would! The spooky part is the cannon stays as a single barrel.
If your locking a group of enemies, try to lock in the middle. If you did it well all enemies will die. Try doing it without lock for more points.
Macbeth - Get to Area 6
To achieve a "Mission Accomplished" on Macbeth there is a side mission you must complete, this is shooting all seven locks. Note that this is much easier if you have gone through Zoness and have Katt with you.

These locks look like posts that have a glowing red dot on their middle. Shoot them and they will extend and glow green instead, signaling that the lock you shot was successfully opened. With the achievement of all the locks, a big one shall come up hidden behind a load of those "jail looking" barricades. Shoot this and a lever will extend from the top and then shoot that.

Doing this will change the direction of the tracks. In doing so, rather than fighting the Boss he will drive straight into a weapons factory and be blow to pieces (giving +50 kills) and you will be able to go to Area 6.
Multi-Player Fighting Techniques
If you are fighting with planes here are some tips.

-Hover near the ground, most of the time the radar will not be able to show you that way

-Get the Guns before the bombs at ALL times

-Dont allow them to get behind you. Manuever around buildings, do backflips, but dont let them get any direct shots
Refuel in Sector Z
Refuel in Sector Z
When you arrive at Sector Z and find out that you are low on energy, you can fly into the rear hanger of your mothership (the Great Fox.) You will be treated to a mini cut-scene of your Arwing diving into the ship and popping out the other side with your energy bar replenished.
Star Wolf
When the Star Wolf team comes in, press start around the time Leon makes the comment, about six seconds, for best results, and also to get the lead on the enemy. When one of them is about to turn to avoid one of the columns with Andross's face on it, shoot them like crazy. If you do it right, they won't be able to move out of the way and instantly crash into the pillar and die, regardless of how much life they have. This is the easy (and quick) way to get the medal in Venom, and you can have single lasers and still pull it off.
Warp to Sector Z from Sector X
Sector X is unique in that it is the only stage that has three different exits. One of these exits isn't that obvious though.

After the checkpoint hug the left side of the screen. As you approach the wall that normally stays on your left side your arwing will actually turn left and travel down a different path.

Along this route there will be four rectangular solid gates. Fire your lasers repeatedly to open them and fly through. If you manage to get through all four then you will enter a warp zone that will lead to Sector Z.

Be careful though, as these gates take a lot of firepower to open. If you came here from Katina then Bill will pop up and lend a hand too.
Waterfall Secret
If you save Falco from dieing, you will be allowed to take a secret route from the normal one, and face a different boss. After saving Falcon, you will also have to fly under the stone loops on the water. Otherwise, you cannot fight this boss; you can't get through the waterfall. Also, rumor says that this boss isn't new. Appearantly it was a boss in a previous Star Fox game.
Zoness - Charge up that Laser!
Zoness is, in all honesty, one of the hardest levels to achieve a medal on.

Many of the enemies seem to be hard to destroy, but a little strategy can take care of this.

For both the pods that rise from the water (opening up into a three-armed star and rapid firing blue laser pulses) and the crab-like creatures which glide across the water, charge up your laser to lock on and then release the pulse. This will destroy them outright and results in a much better death tally at the end of the mission.
Zoness to Sector Z
To get to Sector Z from Zoness, you must destroy every search light in the level.


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+1hit glitch
this is the flat out easiest way to get Medals, if you hit an enemy with an unaimed charge shot (like if you kill someone with the splash damage (thats the explosion) you get a hit + 1 for one enemy, you do this by holding Z and R after you have a charge, the cursor does not lock, you should try this, that is how i got my score of 175

another hit + 1 glitch is at aquas, at the end of a few the little hill things or rocks, the things that keep the level from being totally flat, if you hit the ends of it with torpedos you'll get a hit + 1 every time, its hard to do and i know of only one, its towards the beginning near the stone arches, its how i got my medal on aquas

Thanks and have a nice day
Invincible Flip
Only possible in long range mode. Simply perform a 180 flip. During the flip you'll take no damage. Even more cool than that is that your arwing will even be able to pass through solid objects during the flip.
Weird Opening Dialogue
Go to Training mode and start playing. Pause the game and push R to turn off your sights. Now quit training mode. Without reseting, watch the opening sequence. What ROB64 and General Pepper say is not printed and Pepper doesn't say everything he normally does!

Easter eggs

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Alternate Credits
Upon defeating Andross the hard way, which is after going through Area 6, you will be saved by your father.

When you fly back into space to meet your team, two things will change. First the dialogue of the characters and secondly Fox will look around to symbolise him trying to seek out his father after the escape. He doesn't see him, however, and tells his team mates not to worry when they ask what's bothering him.
Like Father, Like Son
After unlocking Expert Mode, when playing it you'll notice a rather cool difference. When the characters talk, watch for when Fox McCloud speaks and you'll see he's wearing the same sunglasses his father Fox McCloud did!
Nintendo 64 Logo
When on the title screen you can use the control stick to move the "64" in StarFox 64, doing this causes the star fox team to look at it, its actually interesting
Secret Art
Complete the game in Expert Mode and wait for the end of the credits. Depending on whether you went through Venom 1 or 2, you will get two different pieces of art. One is a picture of all the characters in the game's heads, the other is a cool portrait shot of the Star Fox team with the word "Great!"
Variations in Ending Sequence Flying Formation
The ending sequence showing the team flying towards Corneria can differ slightly depending on what happened in the game.

If you play through the Katina stage then Bill will also be flying with the team. If you play through the Zoness stage then Kat will be flying alongside the team.

Finally, if you fail the mission of Sector Z then the damage on Great Fox will still be visible.