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This game was all right...

The good:

There were two parts about this game that were good.
1. The storyline
2. The gameplay
That's about it.

The bad:

There were two bad parts about this game.
1. There were only ten missions
2. The game was divided up into missions, which made it worse than the first one.


Overall, it is a decent game, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who likes long games. Also, the characters sounded like Transformers, or something. I liked the storyline and everything, but it was just too short. If they would have made more missions, or made it just like the first one, then it would have been better. The graphics weren't as good as the first one is another thing that kills my opinion of the game. The Vs. mode was all right, I guess. I thought it was pretty cool that you could drive a Landmaster, be on foot and be in the Arwing.


Not What The Series Needed

The good:

Some of the old school shooting action that made the series famous.

The bad:

Shallow gameplay.

Lackluster story.

Painful voice acting.

Clunky controls.

Short, SHORT length.

Lame graphics.


The Star Fox series is old, but it hasn't seen many incarnations over the years. With only one game on the SNES, one game on the N64, and now two games on the GC, it doesn't feel like this franchise has lived up to its potential yet.

Star Fox Assault could have been something great. It SHOULD have been something great. But it's not.

Don't worry about any back-story here. All you need to know is that you have a spaceship and you need to blow up other spaceships.

The game opens up with a neat battle sequence, but it's soon ruined with amateur directing and horrendous voice acting. Meet your t...


wanna blow up aliens? rent metroid


In the era of the n64, were nintendo made some of its greatest gaming strides comes Starfox 64, a really cool arcade space-shooter. The game sold well over a million copies world wide and played by anyone with an n64. Then allong came the gamcube and washed the lil gray machine into the dust. And with that came Star fox assault. Starting off, the game's story is very simple: A monkey named oikonny (what kind of a name is that?) tries to take over the galaxy like his uncle andross did. Then comes fox and his team of helpless forest friends and kick his sorry butt. Then a wierd looking "aparo...


Exceptionable, but not what we've been looking for.

The good:

Classic Starfox action. The flying missions return just like how they were in the previous installments[minus Adventures]. They're fast, they're frantic, and they're just downright fun to play.

The Music is also great, and the controls(at least the flying missions) are on target.

The bad:

The new on-foot all range mode missions drag the game down with a control scheme that may be too much for some.

It's pretty short, with only 10 missions, about half of them are Arwing missions only. Sure you can fly the Arwings in some of the on foot missions, but only for a little while. Then it's back on foot.

Voices aren't that good. The character's personalities seem to change often, so nothing's really "balanced".


After about 2 years, the classic action of Starfox and Starfox 64 returns to the Nintendo GameCube with more shooting than there is fetch questing and exploring dungeons. Starfox Assault, developed by Namco using the Triforce arcade board, originally began as a multiplayer arcade game but was soon to be the next installment of the Starfox franchise. With the evil emperor Andross defeated, his destined heir, whom is also his nephew, Andrew Oikonny, wants to continue what his Uncle started. Starfox arrives on the scene and this is where the game begins. The first mission has you in classic St...


Starfox: Assault

The good:

The game-just really can't phrase it any other way, I probably would easily buy this game for well over $100 if I had to

The bad:

They say that the voices Suck-well, they kinda do, but if you put up with it you should get used to it in time and they also said their would be a co-op mode, well their isn't, which was kinda disappointing, but not all that bad, also the game is kinda short, but it is still a great game nonetheless


This game just plain Rocks, I could probably sit here typing all day and still not mention all the good things about this game, how else could it get a best seller award (at least mine says it is), Although I would like to mention how awesome the storyline is and then there is the highly strategic vs. mode and then there's the wide variety of weapons and...


The Halo for Gamecube has finally arrived!

The good:

*Multiplayer~ This game has the best multiplayer for any Gamecube game yet. The stages, the characters, all there abilities. Always be fun

*Characters~ The characters are pretty good. They have distinct personalities that even behind door #!, you could tell who they were

*Story~ Compared to SF64, the storyline is much better. Killing of evil insect-like robots that are infecting the galaxy sounds better than some moneky-headed dude that wants to kill people.

*Difficulty~ This game is very challenging which makes it more fun. Especially the first time around

The bad:

There's almost nothing wrong with the game that's worth mentioning, except the fact that you can't change the options >.<


Overall, this game is worth the money. If you're a fan of Halo, and James Bond games, you'll love this. It's really great, so buy

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