Star Fox Adventures review
Starfox Adventures.

The good:

You get to use Fox.
More characters.
Ending suited the game.
Andross isn't the only big enemy.

The bad:

Not enough bosses.
The bit where you have to get to every piece of Dinosaur Planet. That ring game! It's a load of bullcrap.
Tricky looks cool, but you always have to have him around (except for the Pteradactyl-thing level).
You only control Krystal once. I'd like to control her more.


Lastability: 5/10.
Nice ideas, but not enough to last a whole game (the last Spirit was way too rushed).
Graphics: 7/10.
Looks more like a game. The dudes look realistic (well, in Nintendo's opinion anyways) and the other things look okay.
Sound: 5/10.
Bit repetitive sometimes. They actually talk (unlike the old Nintendo games) and some of the characters sound good while other characters (Krystal, Fox, Tricky) sound weird.
Gameplay: 6/10.
Well, you simply have to start by destroying this ship's defence system. Then you have to explore. Then you go to another and explore again. Then you get a Spirit. Then you go to Fox and do the Arwing ring game crap. Then land and do tons of exploring. Find the staff and you learn how to fight. Then lots of exploring. Then you have to look for these "Stones" and "Spirits" (not the alchahol Spirits) in order to restore Dinosaur Planet, kill General Scales and Andross (man, it's so predictable that he'd be involved). To do that, you need to power your staff up by going to these spell areas to learn new spells and you also get to power up your spell meter (meaning you can use more spells).
Overall: 2.8/5.0
You might want to rent this first before buying it. This might be a good or bad game.

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