Star Wars Starfighter: Special Edition review
A solid shooter from the Prequel Trilogy

The good:

Excellent graphics and fast gameplay. Movie-quality sounds & music. Craft & locales taken from the Star Wars universe.

The bad:

Controls could be a little more responsive. Objectives not explained in the best detail possible.


Based on the original version, which also was found in some arcades, Starfighter is an outer-space shooter set during the Episode 1 & 2 films. You take control of various pilots trying to prevent the Trade Federation from taking over Naboo, flying vatious craft like Naboo starfighters.
As is typical with Star Wars titles, the storyline is pulled right from the movies, which always makes for an excellent setting. The graphics help the cause, with excellent renditions of craft from the movies showing plenty of detail, and the action moves at a smooth, fast pace. Sometimes there's just a hint of slowdown but not enough to be a deterrent. The sounds & music are taken right from the films-the voiceover work is excellent, with lots of communications and spoken dialogue in-game and in cutscenes, and the background music comes right from John Williams' soundtrack and is brilliantly performed by the London Symphony Orchestra.
Controls are generally good, although the controls for the starfighters do feel a bit sluggish-not as responsive as you might expect from starfighters like this. It's also tough at first to get a feel for using different buttons for various weapons, choosing your targets, and using the Control Pad for issuing wingman commands. It would be better if you could get your hands on a flight-stick controller, but that's hard to do. The difficulty level is adjustable and tricky at first, but once you figure everything out the skill level's about right.
Obviously this game wil appeal most to Star Wars fans, as the franchise is once again represented very well in video game form. Even if you're not a SW fan, it's still a solid, engaging shooter that's worth the investment. Once again LucasArts produces yet another fine SW-themed game.

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