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StarCraft 64 cheats, Tips, and Codes for N64. Also see Code Breaker Codes for more StarCraft 64 cheat codes.

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StarCraft 64 Cheats

God Mode
Play through the game until you get to the 3rd Episode (Protoss). Successfully complete the last round on that episode to unlock God mode (Special).

Info Mana
Play through the game until you get to the 6th Episode (Zerg/The Last Episode). Successfully complete the last round on that episode to unlock the Info Mana cheat.

All Research
Play through the game until getting to Zurg level 06: The Amerigo. Reach the part where the Marines shoot the Zerglings in the pen. You will also see a cage full of animals. Get Kerrigen to the bottom left of the pen to get the cheat.

Mega Build
You can get the Mega Build cheat disc in the first level of the Zerg mission (X-1: Vile Disruption) in Brood War. After you save the first two hives, go down into a corner, by following the path to the right, and you will see a data disc. Touch it to unlock the Mega Build cheat, which allows you to build faster.

Give Me Cash/Gas
Play through the game until getting to the Terran mission (Brood War) X-07: Patriot's Blood. Locate the second Terran computer beacon in the room with four civilians. Use the bottom door to exit. Move to the right until the fire bats are encounter. Go through that area and locate the Ursadon being held in a cell. Use a marine open the cell door and approach the Ursadon. Move all your units into the cell when it asks to be hugged and press B. This cheat will give you 1000 minerals and gas.

Fog of War Off
Play through the game until getting to the Protoss mission (Brood War) X-03: Legacy of the Xel 'naga. Go to the small island after Corsairs fly by at the beginning of the mission. Touch the white flag to unlock the cheat.

Open Tech Tree
Play through the game until getting to Episode 3 (Protoss) X-06: Into The Darkness in Brood War. When the mission begins, go down the hall until you get to the stairs. Do not go down the stairs -- instead turn to your left and proceed down the hall. The adviser will tell you to turn back. Go back a short distance, then go back toward the dead end to get the cheat.

Completing Terran Mission 3
Build about five SCVs to mine for you. Use some to repair Bunkers and Vultures. Then, build about four bunkers at each entrance, but focus on the left entrance. Then, send a squad of 12-15 marines to attack the Zerg in the north. Remember, the more you attack the enemy base, the less they will have at the end.

Control Multiple Species
For this trick to work you must be the Protoss and be able to get the Dark Archon (possess ability). Now you can possess an enemy SCV or Drone and start building. When you do this to the Zerg you may want to get more than one Drone.

Bonus Multiplayer Mission
Successfully complete level nine in the Zerg Brood War Episode with at least five minutes remaining.

More Phrases
Repeatedly click on any person numerous times until the person says new phrases which are not heard during normal gameplay.

Faster Building
Repeatedly press B on a structure to build it faster. submitted by ricochet


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Build Faster
Select a building and press B to have it build faster.


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While using the all upgades cheat take it off then put it back and if you repeat it the armor and weapons etc.will go to lelvel 3!