Starcraft review
So like... wtf dewd?

The good:

I played it for like, 69 mins and was all like, woah this is nifty! then I got haxored by this person who made himself look like a bug or sumthings. ya he sucks. then a chick came on and gave me her msn and i added her to talk and to see her on cam and while i was i got killed again becuz it turned out it was a guy and ya he sucked and was gay. but for good, the game came in a new wrapper and smellted nice

The bad:

ok so like haxors galore and like when i click on s#!7 or something it goes all like over and then my mans run over there and im like no i wanted you to stay beotches and it bugged me. and then there was a nuke but it blowed up my base because that little jerk of a red dot lied and shot my base in the face


so i played and another haxor came and was like a ywlloe robot and he made me mad bcuz i hated cheaters and when i am a man and an army and i get bugs and robots coming after me i feel insecure becus its like all my dreams and even tho my mom says that dreams dont mean real stuff when i see it in my games that i am playing alone in the dark in my basement i feel skared and icky so i have nice showers. but the game scared me because that one guy in the car or sumthign said shit when i cliked on him too much i think. and the silo missle blew me up again just now. i dont like the red dot at all he always lies. i click on my base to show what not to bomb and he attacks me anyway because i hate him. and so these bug cheaters move ucik and they flie and stuff and my guys cant shoot in the air i mean cummon if you shooted in the air the bullets will hit you i mean comon thats common sense isnt it. out.

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