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Cheat Codes
Press [Enter] during game play and type one of the following codes; press [Enter] again to allow the cheat to take effect.

Minerals and gas increased by 10,000show me the money.
Minerals increased by 500whats mine is mine
Vespene gas increased by 500breathe deep
Everything upgradedsomething for nothing
Faster building and instant upgradesoperation cwal
Unlimited psionic ability²the gathering
Indestructible buildings and shipspower overwhelming
Remove fog of warwar aint what it used to be
Ignore supply limit when building unitsfood for thought
Full mapblack sheep wall
Opponent has no psionicsnoglues
Build anythingmodify the phase variance
Free upgrades to unitsmedieval man
Mission skipthere is no cow level
Enable mission select¹ophelia
Terran mission selectterran
Zerg mission selectzerg
Protoss mission selectprotoss
Continue after mission completedstaying alive
Win gameman over game
Lose gamegame over man

1. This code must be enabled before the other mission selection codes are used.
2. The Protoss Templar, Zerg Deviler, and Terran Ghost.

Hear Different Unit Phrases
Select a unit more than four times to hear a different phrase. This may be done on every ground unit, air unit, and heroes. Four to seven different phrases may be heard depending on unit type.

Nuke neutral animalssubmitted by T.J.
Keep selecting a neutral animal (Kakaru, Rhyadon, Scantid, Ursadon, Bangalass, Or Ragnasaur) repeatedly until a nuke falls on them. They should make up to fifteen sounds before they die.

Getting 400 Max. Units submitted by T.J.
First get 200 marines to go attack the enemies' base. NOTE: must get exactly 200 Marines. Destroy ONLY one of the enemies' pylons - overlord or supply depot. Then let the enemy kill and destroy all the marines. Do not let them (the marines) destroy anything else because it will mess up the code. Let them stand there and allow the computer opponent to devour them. Then go back and you can get 400 max.


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Battle.Net Abbreviations
Some common Battle.Net Abbreviations

GG - Good Game
GL - Good Luck
RM - Remake
Lots - Zealots
Goons - Dragoons
DS - Don't Suck
KA - Kill All
BS - Back Stab
Lings - Zerglings
Hydras -Hydralisks
Ultras - Ultralisks
afk - Away for Keyboard
brb - Be right back
h/o - Hold on
BCs - Battlecruisers
Bats - Firebats
Rines - Marines
Mutas - Mutalisks
Guards - Gaurdians
HT - High Templar
Cannons - Photon Cannons
Detectors for cloaked Units/Buildings
The following units/building can detect cloaked units, Terran Missile Turrets, Terran Science Vessels, Zerg Spore Colonies, Zerg Overlords, Protoss Photon Cannons, and Protoss Observers.


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Complete missions without codes!
Ok, so dont use this for evey singe mission, but if a certain one really gets you pissed off, or if youre hero got killed to much (like in my case), and you got tired of the same mission, then you can use this to skip a one and move on. I was able to find this one out quite accidently. So as you are doing a mission, if youre hero gets killed, or you die you go to the end screen, with the statistics. Do NOT press ok, as it will restart you're mission, instead exit the game with ALT+F4. The next time you start Starcraft or Broodwar the mission will be completed and you will be on the next one in the progress bar. have fun <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />


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All buildings
Press enter then put in 'modify the phase variance'. Press enter then 'cheat enabled' will came up. Now you can build or get men without building so many different things.
All the cheats I know.
Press [Enter] and type the code the press [Enter] again to activate/deactivate the code:

operation cwal-speeds the construction of buildings, upgrades and units.

the gathering-gives unlimited energy to all units using energy for there special ability.

game over man-ends your game as a loser.

noglues-the computer can't use it's energy.

staying alive-lets you continue playing after the end of the mission.

there is no cow level-completes currernt mission.

whats mine is mine-gives you 500 minerals.

breathe deep-gives you 500 vespene gas.

something for nothing-everything is upgraded one level.

war aint what it used to be-disables fog of war.

ophelia-this is a level warp cheat code. To use this cheat, first enter ophelia. You should now see the text "Cheat Enabled." Now, type in the campaign [Terran/Zerg or Protoss] and mission number, as if using a cheat. An example: enter "ophelia", then enter "Protoss 7".
show me the money
10,000 material and gas

operation cwal
faster building and instant upgrades

power overwhelming
Indestructible buildings and ships

food for thought
Ignore supply limit when building units

modify the phase variance
Build anything

black sheep wall
full map

press enter then submit code then press enter to enter code.
This is for Starcraft and Starcraft : Brood War

Click ENTER and type the following

Increase your minerals and gas by 10,000 - show me the money
Increase your minerals by 500 - whats mine is mine
Increase your Vespene gas by 500 - breathe deep
Everything upgraded - something for nothing
Faster building and instant upgrades - operation cwal
Unlimited psionic ability - the gathering
Indestructible buildings and units - power overwhelming
Remove fog of war - war aint what it used to be
Ignore supply limit when building units - food for thought
Full map and units - black sheep wall
Opponent has no psionics - noglues
Build anything modify the phase - variance
Free upgrades to units - medieval man
Mission skip - there is no cow level
Enable mission select - ophelia
Terran mission select - terran<mission number>
Zerg mission select - zerg<mission number>
Protoss mission select - protoss<mission number>
Continue after mission completed - staying alive
Win game - man over game
Lose game - game over man
Free Food
Press 'Enter' and type:

food for thought

This cheat gives you tons of food, it helps when you have none.
Invincibility to enemies.
Press "Enter" and type "power overwhelming" then press "Enter" again to enable this cheat.
Minarals galore
Need Minarals? No problem enter" Show me the money" If typed correctly, 10,000 minarals and gas are all yours!
radio free zerg
this cheat only works with will change the background music.
Reveal Map
Press 'Enter' and type:

black sheep wall

This reveals the full length map to you so you can see where everyone is.
Speeding Up Building/Unit Construction Rate
Went through all the cheats and I didn't see the one that causes this.

Type in [ENTER] to get the dialogue box, then type in operation cwal, and your buildings and citizens should be produced at a faster rate.
Starcraft Cheats
show me the money - 10000 minerals and gas
ophelia - go to any mission eg Zerg 2
food for thought - no supply depots required
black sheep wall - see whole map

Units that Do Splash Damage
There are certain units in Starcraft that do splash damage. Splash damage is when you attack one unit while hurting others that are near by. The units that do splash damage are Mutalisks, , Firebats, Siege Tanks, Infested Terrans, Scourges, and Reavers.

Note hydras may not d
Useful Cheats - Works in Singleplayer Only
Power Overwhelming: Invincibility. Note that the CPU cannot harm anything, even other CPU's. Only you can damage something.

Show me the money: 10 000 Minerals and Gas.

Operation CWAL: Faster Build Speed. Note that this works for the CPU as well.

Black Sheep Wall: Reveals everything in map. Note that CPU already has vision of the whole map.

There is no cow level: Instant Victory. Note that in Diablo 2 :LoD there IS a cow level.

Game over man: Instant Defeat. Note that this is not really useful...

Modify the phase variance: You can build everything without the structure requirements. For example, you can build a Firebat without having to have an Academy.

Something for nothing: Instant Upgrade+1. Note that if you want Weapon/Armor/Shield Upgrade +3, you must type this in three times. It also upgrades things like extra energy and increased movement speed.

That's all i can really think of now...

Please give me a shout if any of you play Starcraft on Multiplayer US.West. My Name is Kaos_Blades3.