Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Tips

All 10 Hilt locations
the Imperialized raxus is nearly impossible to find on your own. In the AT-ST room, slash both the round computers. one self destructs an AT-ST and one opens hatches above the bay of ATST you fought and the one that just detonated. Jump on the bar that was holding them in and double jump in the air. you should end up on a ledge in the darkness. Double-jump again to make it to the second level of the room. There is a lightsaber crystal in one room and a force/health holocron in the other. Now get on the window sill and look for the ledge above the doorway. doublejump and force dash over there to claim Emperor Palpatine's lightsaber. Now the one on Raxus Prime normal is after Drexl tells you about Kazdan Patus when you first meet him. the place with a big opening and the half-AT-ST in the ground carries the next one. its on the platform overhead. the death star one is after you cross the first death star beam bridge in a Z hold room in front of you. in cloud city, it is on the first ledge you come to outside the window on the end. the trail of insight is in the main temple room, between the stairway and the red one on the left under some rubble. the dark felucia one is almost impossible to miss, on the ground near the Z hold wall after you fight the bull rancor. in felucia, when you fight two rancors, its on a legde near the doorway, I think. Nar Shardda after you exit the first (i think the first, may be 2nd) bar room, jump on the arches and it'll be there. Kashyyk, the area with the big oval in the middle on the map, cant get to it, has two towers, its between them. The other one you start with. Sorry for the wrong order, Im doing this by memory.