Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Passwords

Unlock Darth maul
After the first few mission, Juno states she's made some upgrades to the Rogue Shadow. You now have access to the cheats menu in the 'extras' control panel of the ship. Enter the code ZABRAK to unlock the Darth Maul costume.

Warning - using the Darth Maul costume will result in cutscenes involving Starkiller to be skipped, since no animation data exists for the Darth Maul costume in those scenes. This is also true for all other costumes that Starkiller doesn't wear. That does NOT include the special 'sith' ending costume he wears only in a cutscene for the alternate ending.
PasswordWhat it does
ZABRAKUnlocks Darth Maul costume
clomplete order 66 unlock darth maul and use him in multiplayer order 66 and so on.