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A Step In The Right Direction For Star Wars Games

The good:

  • Lots of combos
  • Multiplayer
  • Good amount of unlockables

    The bad:

  • Graphics are nothing special
  • Combat at times can be quite slugish
  • Little replay value


    Star Wars games have never really been as good as they deserve to be. The films are great and they warrant decent games to be made from them, and after Lego Star Wars fairing pretty well Star Wars Revenge Of The Sith does okay.

    First off is Single Player mode, where you journey through the film with Anakin and Obi Wan. There are 17 levels all of which will be recognised by those that have watched the film as there are clips from the film in each level as well as cutscenes during gameplay explaining the situation you are in ect. The combat in the game is sluggish. Despite there being a lot of...

  • 7.8

    Revenge Of The Sith


    Last month's Lego Star Wars may go down in history as the only Star Wars game based specifically within the storylines of George Lucas' recent prequels to actually be any good. This somewhat disheartening statement is solidified by the most recent game based on one of the films, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. Revenge of the Sith certainly had a great deal of potential, featuring lots of scenes taken directly from the film that currently isn't even out yet, lots of lightsaber dueling, and 16 missions based around action-packed sequences from the fi...


    Your chance to relive the epic

    The good:

    Features environments and characters from the movie. Actual movie footage is included. Some nice 2-player options. You can play as Yoda!

    The bad:

    Spoils the film if you haven't seen it. Only covers Episode 3. Slight control problems.


    Based on the final Star Wars film, this game gives you the chance to play as one of several characters, including giving you the opportunity to take Anakin down the path to the Dark Side or stand as Obi-Wan Kenobi and oppose your former Jedi apprentice. Along the way you'll face enemies from the film like General Grievous and Count Dooku, all leading up to the climactic student-teacher showdown.
    The graphics look like they came right from the movie-cutscenes feature actual movie footage which seamlessly changes over into video game cutscenes, and the backgrounds look like you're in the film....


    Star Wars Revenge of The Sith

    The good:

    You can play as 2 jedis, Anakin and Obiwan. Obiwan and Anakin have great combonation attacks by using their force power. The action looks cool when slashing with lightsabers.

    The bad:

    This game is 2D. It looks ok but it's not all the great. Bosses can be frustrating for beginners.


    How about it? This game is pretty cool. The gameplay 6/10 I rated this because it needed 3D. It's 2D. If I am mistaken that this game is 3D email me. Graphics 7/10 The graphics were pretty good but not perfect. Storyline 9/10 The storyline for this game was awesome but it went a little too far in the story in other words, it had starships in a planet when this happens in the other old episodes for example. You can play as Anakin or Obiwan. Be good or evil. The choice is yours.


    Star Wars Revenge of the Sith

    The good:

    The lightsaber moves that are available are so cool to use.

    Using the force is a blast

    Being able to have fun controlling a Jedi in a Star Wars game


    The bad:

    I wanna punch the person that came up with the shittiest camera angle possible for a game like this.

    Also, graphics aren't quite up to the standards of most other games out there.

    Too short

    Did i mention the camera?


    Overall this is not a bad game, and honestly I only really bought it because I wanted to see clips of the film two weeks before it came out in cinemas.

    You should only really rent this game because it is easily completable well inside two hours, if not less.

    The camera angle is a huge drawback and graphics are below average for Xbox games.

    However it is so satisfyingly fun you can't help but replay your favourite missions and bosses over and over again. Using the lightsaber moves are so much fun you can't put the controller down.

    Perhaps LucasArts can clear up all the niggles when they bring o...


    If your not a fan don't buy


    Overall this game is broken in every sense of the word.the graphics are akward and mediocre at best, deserving a 6/10 for fixed camera angles, cool lightsaber EFXs and choppy animations.the sound section of this game is a shy away from mediocracy with nice movie add-ins and musical score deserving of a 7.25/10, but repetitive one liners and the symtom of every movie to game, the LOTR upgrade system rippoffs,leaves me to think how long did it take to make this game? which leads me to talk abou t the entertainment portion of the game.the co-op sucks,the lightsaber battling sucks and the numb...

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