Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith FAQ/Walkthrough v1.1
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Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith FAQ/Walkthrough

by dbzshinjlong   Updated to v1.1 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith on the Xbox, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PS2 version of the game.
Starwars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith Walkthrough
Version 1.1
Date May 31 2005

Mission 1: Rescue Over Coruscant

Starting out, you will be greeted by some timely droids. Use your sword skill
by spinning those sabers around using the tutorial buttons shown on the screen.
You can deflect their shots by using the light sabers, as well. With all of
them dismantled, watch a cut-scene and get ready to learn how to block attacks
with the button shown on the screen. R2-D2 will need you to buy some time as he
will get you prepared for the upcoming fight. You will have to fight a variety
of basic droids, including the one that you just blocked. You can use those
explosive beta crates to your advantage during these battles, as well. Always
look for objects in the environment to use, such as these barrels.

Once the bridge has been extended, run across it and defeat the enemies on the
other side using standard combos with your light sabers. You must now defeat
all of the enemies that pop up on the screen until you manage to view a
cut-scene explaining how to use the Force. Stand in the white whirlpool icon
and hold down the Force button to clear the wreckage from the area. You must
now clear the floor of enemies while avoiding the electricity sparks. Cross the
upcoming bridge after destroying several droids and watch the cut-scene.
Afterwards, get ready for some major resistance.

You must block all of the laser attacks and move forward to defeat all of the
androids. Go over to the panel to find a secret, and hit the switch to help
above. Defeat the two greater droids with some fancy starting combos (carny for
"mash some buttons") and use a Force Jump by holding the Force button near the
white whirlpool and pressing the jump button. This will reach up top with
Obi-Wan and R2 once again. Use the Force to grab that barrel and blast the
droids with it before Force Jumping up top to destroy the three droids up here.
With this done, fight the two greater droids and use another Force Jump to leap
back down to the ground.

Now, R2 will have to dig in there a little bit longer to hit the trigger. You
must buy him more time by defeating as many of the droids that come out as
possible. Remember to block against those long-distance droids. Grab any Bacta
Tanks that drop for health as you tear through a couple more greater droids and
keep killing off as many droids as you can see to end the mission.

Mission 2: An Explosive Development

You will be controlling Obi-Wan in this mission. Starting off, destroy the two
overpowering droids that will want your head on a stick by mixing up your light
saber techniques, and use the tutorial moves on the screen to get a hang of
things. Watch out for the nastiness of the electricity, as you will certainly
get burnt by playing too close to the wires. After defeating all of these
droids, watch the cut-scene and cross the bridge, taking out every enemy in
your way along the way. At the end of the bridge, throw your Light Saber into
the device to make it explode.

Throw your saber into the next machine to receive a tasty health power-up. On
the upcoming platform, fool around with the control panel and take care of the
droid behind you. Begin crossing the next bridge after defeating the barrage of
enemies to your left and use the Saber Throw on four of the electronically
controlled devices to destroy them, allowing you and Anakin to cross the
bridge. Watch the cut-scene across the bridge and defeat the droids, as well as
the greater droid, before starting in on the tricky turret. You must leap into
the air and cut the turret down to activate a cut-scene.

On the other side, you will be greeted by a small handful of droids that want
to lend a hand in the fight against the Republic. Move right and destroy the
crates to find a secret, and defeat the greater android. Backtrack and head up
the sloping ramp to find a set of greater droids that wish to be dismantled
into hundreds of pieces. Go over to the white whirlpool and use the Force to
move the bridge closer to you, and thus leap over the pit and to the other
side. Once again, more droids will attack you. Use your light saber by
thrusting it into the door and more the left analog stick to break the door

Watch the cut-scene and you will appear on the other side. Grasp one of the
barrels with the Force and thrust it into the stomach of one of your enemies.
You'll find another secret by defeating all of the enemies in this room
quickly. Destroy the green panel on the right to reveal the hallway. Thrust
your light saber into the door and wiggle that stick to make it crumble, and
leap down below into the next room. You will want to clear this floor of
greater droids and use a Force Jump to reach the grated flooring above. Watch
the cut-scene and defeat the tiny droids in here.

As you progress across the bridges, throw your light saber into the device to
go further. Defeat the remaining tiny droids and use the Force to push the gate
aside. After the cut-scene, activate the computer panel and destroy the turret.
In the next room, destroy the greater droids and hit the control panel after
defeating the hanging turret. Grab the bacta tank and cross the bridge,
defeating the wide array of droids along the way. Hit the panel to reveal a
bridge, and take out the greater droids and tiny droids before eliminating the
four generators with your light saber throwing powers. Watch the cut-scene and
you will complete the mission.

Mission 3: Peril In The Elevators

At the start of the mission, you will be attacked by droids that have their
shields up. Use the Force Stun maneuver to knock them on their asses. Move
forward and kill the droid before it has the chance to put up a shield. Kill
the upcoming four shielded droids and put your light saber through the door and
trace a doorway outline with the left control stick to watch a cut-scene.
Afterwards, get ready for a battle in the elevator involving a bundle of those
tiny spider droids. After a select few of the tiny droids have been dismantled,
watch the cut-scene and get ready to battle another new enemy type.

These new droid types are very skilled in hand-to-hand combat, so expect plenty
of nasty blocks and gang fighting. Use Force Stuns to disrupt their techniques.
After two sets of these enemies, more of the tiny droids will attack you.
Another set of greater droids will pop during a cut-scene. Try pushing them off
of the platform for the easy victory. You will fight a seemingly endless amount
of these pesky beasts before a cut-scene ensues. Use Force Stun on the shielded
droid and destroy the other shielded droids as they come in from the force
field before they throw those shields up.

Make the door crumble up ahead by using your light saber in the center and
wiggling that control stick. Break the lower barrel to activate a secret, and
gather those tiny droids up for a large pimp slap to defeat them all in a
single swipe. Use the Force on the control panel and destroy the turret before
it gives you much trouble. Go help Obi-Wan out in the hall by defeating the two
greater droids. Walk near the elevator shaft to watch the cut-scene and get
ready to fight more of the combat droids. Obi-Wan will stun them as you go in
for the kill, so have fun doing that. Watch the cut-scene afterwards and fight
more tiny droids and combat droids to complete the mission.

Mission 4: Settling The Score

At the start of the mission, you will be dancing with Darth Tyrannus, otherwise
known as Count Dooku. Count Dooku is one tough cookie, as he will block
contagiously. You will need to be very swift when it comes to eliminating him,
bringing him to the end of his rope immediately in battle by using fast combos
that you are comfortable with and use the Force Stun maneuver to immobilize the
Count while Obi-Wan will work on him. If Obi-Wan does not get in a few good
smacks, you might want to try immediately using a harsh combo on Dooku before
he "awakens" from his "sleep." It is best, however, to use Obi-Wan as a meat
shield as you strike Count Dooku from up close and retreat far away.

After a beating and a half, a cut-scene will ensue. It is up to you as Anakin
to fight Count Dooku solo, man to man, one on one. This fight may seem
devastatingly tough, but all you need to remember is to avoid his charged
attacks by leaping backwards and out of the way. Counter his missed combos by
throwing your light saber at him. Watch the cut-scene and you must now fight
him on the lower portion of the screen. He will use the Sith electricity
attack, so watch out when fighting from a distance. Charge in and whip him with
swift combos that leave bruises. Quickly eliminate Dooku's body guards and
begin working on him further. He will retreat to the Chancellor's throne area.
Finish him off here with light saber throws, and dodge his attacks. Timing is
everything here. When he goes to spin, slice him with a saber throw.

Mission 5: It's Not Over Yet

As you enter this mission, you must reunite with your allies and kill many
droids in the process. You will be stuck inside of a room full of basic droids
and greater droids. Begin blasting your way through them, and defeat even more
as you make your way to the left after watching the cut-scene. Slice your way
through this row of droids and go through the northern doorway once it opens.
Slash through the power cords and backtrack outside and slice through a couple
of droids. Use your Force powers to lift a barrel and smash the turret.
Continue destroying the set of droids throughout the room and walk over to the

Slice through the covering to the machinery and slash the power cables here to
destroy the shield. Carry on and watch the cut-scene after grabbing the health
power-up. Go left and bash the shielded droids before going through the
nastiness of the electricity maze. You will find a bunch of exposed wires
sparking, so avoid them as you find a secret by bashing the crates. Take out
the turret hanging from the ceiling for starters, and begin eliminating the
droids as they appear in your way. Use your light saber on the power box and
slash the power cords, much like before, as you carry on through to the right
to encounter more greater droids.

Use your light saber via the throwing option to slash the power cords beyond
the sparking exposed wires to shut down the shield generator. Kill the droids
outside of here, and move forward to find Obi-Wan in a cut-scene. Afterwards,
use the Force to lift the barrel and destroy the turret. Soon after, R2 will
get the first shield down. Burst through the line and tackle a nasty shielded
droid. Eliminate the greater and shielded droids first before working on the
weaklings. With everyone destroyed, R2 will get the shield down. Go left and
fight off more shielded and greater droids before a cut-scene ensues.
Afterwards, run forward and slice the heads off of the lesser droids before
mounting the weaponry.

Use this machinery device to destroy the gigantic ship in the distance. You
will need to target the small red circles near/within the green circular
objects. Once you have found them, pump some laser beams into them to make them
explode, leaving nothing but wreckage below. After defeating all of the key
points, a cut-scene ensues, and you have cleared the mission.

Mission 6: The General's Right Hand

At the start of the mission, you will be face to face with a couple of really
nasty higher droids in the food chain. These droids carry staves with
electricity on both ends, much like a very ghetto American Gladiators light
saber. These guys play in the defensive stance throughout the entire battle,
often countering your every attack if you're not careful. Take care of the
lesser droids to start, and counter this with some deadly combos that will be
followed up by a light saber throw to cap off the fight. After a short while, a
cut-scene ensues with another staff droid popping from the ceiling. Take care
of all of these droids to continue.

Watch the cut-scene and get ready to kill quite a few greater droids, followed
by a couple more of those pesky staff droids. Tear through their torsos (and
remember to use Force Stun to immobilize them), and watch the next cut-scene
after the fight. Immediately cut down the control panel on the far right to
uncover a secret and gain health. Now, take down the greater droids and follow
them with some nice fightage against those damn staff droids. This is a riot
against the droids, and certainly a tough fight in general. It's best to sneak
up behind some hard droids and kill them as they're working on your partner.
Watch the cut-scene to complete the mission.

Mission 7: Investigating Utapau

Run forward and slash away at the droid up ahead and move forward to the next
room. You will face off against numerous regular droids and a couple of greater
droids. There is a turret on the ceiling of the back of the room that must be
destroyed immediately. After cutting through all of the enemies, you will want
to charge in and attack the newly found red greater droids. Use the Force to
lift the barrel and slam it into your enemy. After all of the red greater
droids have been cleared out, go into the doorway at the back of the room and

You will have to clear out an entire army of basic droids and greater droids in
this room in order to proceed. Begin slashing away at the droids in the area to
cut them up, and use Force Stun on the greater droids to put you at an
advantage. After a few enemies have been slain, use the Force Jump on the blue
whirlpool to reach a control panel with tiny droids atop it. Cut these droids
up and activate the control panel. You will have to slash through a few more
droids and use the Throw Light Saber technique on the large device beyond the
platform to stop the flames. Check the crate for a healing item.

Move forward and defeat the group of tiny droids before tapping the control
panel to move the elevator upward. Defeat the single red greater droid and use
the Force Jump technique to reach across to the elevator, and run forward.
Several of those darn flying droids will swoop down. You can eat right through
them with basic saber attacks before carefully timing your movements to get by
the several large flamethrowers. Cut the power to the third flamethrower by
using your light saber throw technique, and defeat the first red greater droid.
Use the Force to throw the barrel at the turret, and take care of the flying
droids and red greater droids as they appear.

Use your light saber to bust down the door after penetration, and get ready to
fight a few varieties of greater droids once you reach the inside. Bust down
the door with more light saber techniques and watch the cut-scene. You must now
outrun the cannons that will be hastily firing at you with no remorse. Try to
maintain a decent pattern of running, without hitting too many walls and the
like. You will come to a dead-end, so head up north from here. Follow the path
and break the crate to reveal a healing tank before you use a Force Jump to
watch another cut-scene. You must continue running along here without getting
hit by the cannons.

Remember to double tap the left control stick in a direction to boost through
with great speed. At the second cannon, you will find a control panel. Ignore
all of the enemies and dash for the control panel to activate it. Go across the
bridge and mount the cannon to blast away at the two generators and dismount to
walk forward and activate another cut-scene. You must now fight a crab droid.
You will have to lift a barrel of explosives and launch it at the crab droid,
but good luck, as it is incredibly tough to target with the crab droid right
there. Upon defeating the crab droid, you will complete the mission.

Mission 8: The Cavalry Arrives

At the start of the mission, you will be in a gang fight against tons of droids
and just one lone Jedi: yourself, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Try lifting the explosive
barrel and smashing it into the staff droids, and quickly swipe away at the
basic droids to cease their constant firing. After a decent bit of fighting
solo, you will finally have assistance against the flocks of droids via a Clone
Trooper invasion. You must now assist the Clone Troopers in fighting away the
droid forces. This is not too hard, as you will have a basic mix of droids,
greater droids and red greater droids. Collect the health power-up if needed.

Watch the cut-scene and get ready to fight some more of those nasty red greater
droids away as you disable the enemy cannons. Force Jump on the blue whirlpool
pad and hit the control panel. This exposes the power cords to the cannon on
the right. A few swipes of the light saber will disable them. Kill the red
greater droids up here as fast as you can and leap down. Go to the left side
and fight the droids and red greater droids away to press the button on the
control panel and destroy the power cords to the left cannon. This completes
the first objective. Now, jump back down and keep defeating enemies until a
cut-scene ensues.

You will be at the bottom of a cliff inside of the machinery afterwards, so
quickly use the Force to grab an explosive barrel and smack it into the two
staff droids. After killing them, go on each side of the room and smack the
glowing blue vents to open up a new passage. You can find a secret by
destroying the monitor on the lower right-hand corner of the room. Destroy the
two turrets at the back of the room and Clone Troopers will descend from above.
Defeat the line of enemies that come down with them and use the Force in the
white whirlpool. You will again encounter the crab droid.

The crab droid is back, and boy, is he mucho angry. Get prepared for some heavy
resistance despite your Clone Trooper allies assisting, as they will have to
take care of the regular droids that pop in from time to time. You will barely
have any explosive barrels to work with this time, so you must rely solely on
defeating the crab droid with a perfect balance in light saber use. Jump away
from the battle and Force Heal when you need to, and leap back from the battle
once you see the crab droid getting ready to slam its legs down. Upon defeating
it, you will complete the mission.

Mission 9: Showdown With Grievous

The second "boss fight" of the game is against General Grievous, the brains
behind the droid attacks. At the very start of the fight, General Grievous will
begin attacks you with some fierce combos before you even have the chance to
know what hit you. Block immediately at the start of the fight to prevent
further damage. Leap backward to escape the wrath of General Grievous before
it's too late. You will need to keep your distance for a good portion of the
fight, and once Grievous begins his combo, watch and wait for the dropkick that
he performs. Immediately start your fastest combo here and back off once again
afterwards. Rinse and repeat until a cut-scene ensues.

If General Grievous gets onto you too much, remember to use Force Stun. You can
also use the Light Saber Throw technique to much success during this fight. For
the first few seconds after the cut-scene, you can freely attack the stunned
Grievous, but make it snappy before he snaps out of it. Watch out for his
charged up sniper rifle attack, which will quickly cut you down to size. Use a
Light Saber Throw before he launches the laser to end his madness quickly
without much damage to you, if any at all. You can find a health pick-up secret
to the far right of this platform, for when you're cutting low on the lifespan.

Watch the cut-scene and get ready to fight underground in a cavern. This is a
very tough area to fight in, as they jagged rocks make for back-stoppers when
you're cornered in one area getting your teeth kicked in with some nasty light
saber action. Just keep your distance and knock Grievous down whenever he
prepares to shoot that damn laser gun. Destroy a rock on the right to reveal a
secret once again. Grievous will use "finishing kicks," which drains his entire
Force bar but leaves you quite winded. Always block to avoid such matters.
Watch out once Grievous glows blue, as he is in hyper mode. Just be patient.
Patience is the key to defeating this boss. Watch the cut-scene and get ready
to fight a Grievous with four light sabers. This is one of the easier forms, in
all actuality. Just lay into him and combo his buns once he lies on the ground
surrounded in a blue smoke.

Mission 10: The Dark Side Of The Force

At the opening shot, you will find a startling situation. After the cut-scene,
you will have to battle against Mace Windu, one of the most startling and
fearsome Jedi in the known universe. You will have to get ready to block some
nasty attacks, including tons of really powerful Force Stun maneuvers and very
tricky light saber attacks. Mace will definitely juggle you throughout the
battle several times if you are not careful enough, so be on your guard no
matter what. Let Mace drain all of his Force powers on a flubbed Force Stun to
get that out of the way immediately.

Watch the cut-scene and get prepared for a more even-match of a battle. In this
room, you will want to block the Force Stun to drain his Force powers and Force
Heal to maximum capacity. Afterwards, charged in and hit Mace with a series of
deadly combos, followed by some timely light saber throws to keep him
off-balance from afar. After a short while of kicking his head in, you must
watch another cut-scene and fight Mace on a lower level. Fighting him down here
is tricky, as he can get away from you and Force Heal himself. To avoid this,
throw your light saber at him to break it up. He will do this continuously to
the point that you'll get sick to your stomach over it. Keep at him, and
eventually you will overcome Samuel L. Jackson himself. If you need to heal, do
so in large amounts.

The final area against Mace Windu is up top with Palpatine in tact. This is one
of the easiest areas to fight Mace, as you can start off by blocking the Force
Stun and swiftly going in relentlessly with combos for the kill.

Mission 11: The Hunt Begins

The beginning of the dark path lies ahead, as Anakin must duel against many
Jedi in the opening room to Mission 11. These Jedi are merely Padawans and the
like, which you can easily slice right through compared to some of those
greater droids from the first mission. Use basic combos to eliminate them
quickly. Use the Force Lightning attack to dig into the Jedi with the blue
light sabers, and watch the cut-scene after a good while of fighting. You must
now defeat the rest of the Jedi in this room and Force Jump up to the upper
floor of the library. You will have to clear a few of the Jedi up here away
before you can continue.

You will find a small indentation in the wall to the right of the blocked
doorway that you will have to slice open with your light saber. Cut away at the
power cords to disable the shield around the door frame. A Jedi will pop out to
duel with you, so quickly dispose of him while a Storm Trooper tanks him as a
meat shield. Afterwards, go inside and hit the control panel to disengage the
library force fields. Use the Force Jump to reach the ground level, and begin
beating up on the Jedi down below. Watch the cut-scene and get ready to fight
many Jedi away.

Outside, fight as many Jedi as you can before using the Force on the white
whirlpool to bring down the large statue in the courtyard. Watch the cut-scene
and kill off the weaker Jedi before running over to the door and striking your
light saber through the center. After the door crumbles, step inside and watch
the cut-scene. This big brute has a dual-ended light saber that he wants to
shove down your throat-用ermanently. Try springing into action and quickly
taking him down without thinking too much, as pure brute force will win with
this guy. After the fight, step inside the next room to activate the turrets
and run away.

With the turrets activated, fight the second dual-ended light saber Jedi
(hereby referred to as Strong Jedi) in the large room in the exact same manner
that you fought the original one. After he is dead, dash into the room with the
turrets and quickly touch the control panel, and hurry to backtrack out of the
turret control room. Use Force Heal outside, and kill the few Jedi that wander
outside of here. Collect the health power-up beyond the Storm Troopers in the
back, and continue backtracking to reach more Jedi, including a Strong one.
Eliminate all of them and collect the secret on the left.

Slice through the door on the upper right-hand corner and you will be on a
balcony, of sorts. Slice through the turret first and position yourself where
you can knock your opponents off of the cliff rather than having to fight
through all of them. In the next room, you must fight a couple of Strong Jedi.
Use your light saber throwing technique to get through them painlessly, and
take out the turret immediately. Two more Strong Jedi come into the room from
behind, so swiftly kill them and you will reach a checkpoint.

In this room, you will need to clear away the few weaker Jedi that storm up to
you for the kill, and in turn run towards the gigantic cannon at the back of
the room. Mount it and destroy the Jedi fighter ships that appear to the left
and right sides. Do not overheat your cannon too quickly by firing too many
lost shots. Watch the cut-scene and complete the mission.

Mission 12: The Final Lesson

Once the mission begins, you will be treated to a spectacular fight against
none other than Apprentice Serra, an up and coming Jedi in the ranks that
decides to have you all for her own rather than waiting for her master's
arrival. The best thing about this fight is the fact that, while Apprentice
Serra is incredibly powerful with her dual light sabers in hand, she rarely
blocks when she really needs to. Exploit this weakness early on with very
standard combos to get the early advantage over your newly discovered foe.
Watch the cut-scene after a lengthy battle, and get ready for the second part
in the fight.

The best part regarding this portion of the fight is that you can exploit a
cheap trick within the game. Start a very basic combo, such as tapping one
button multiple times, immediately as Apprentice Serra jumps into the air. You
can repeat this over and over again at this point until either A) you get her
into a corner, or B) you win the bout. After the fight, watch the cut-scene and
quickly break the sofa to find one of the secrets in the stage, a health
power-up. You must now defeat Cin Drallig, one of the best and most respected
Jedi Trainers throughout the galaxy.

This battle will be decided by who is the fastest and smartest user of the
Force in the room. Cin Drallig is extremely quick with the head, and will use a
variety of incredibly annoying Force powers, including Force Stun, a knock back
maneuver, and Force Throws. He also uses a very lightning fast combo, so be
wary whenever he comes in too close. Be sure to block all of this and only
attack with the time is right, and his guard is down. Use basic combos here.
After the cut-scene, pull a 180 and go in for the kill immediately, ravaging
through his lifespan as quickly as possible on the offensive rather than the
defensive. He will use his Force powers to lift pieces of tile (which is great,
just keep blocking to drain his powers) and to Force Heal. You should heal
yourself as he heals himself to avoid him getting the upper-hand in battle.
Only use your Force powers to Force Heal and throw your saber.

Mission 13: Attack Of The Clones

Start out by using a Jedi Mind Trick to turn your opponents against one another
in order to thin the enemy numbers without taking too much damage yourself.
Slice through the long waiting list of Clone Troopers and press the button on
the control panel to deactivate the force field. Enter, and cut down the few
shielded droids before working on the turret that hangs down from above. Kill
all of the Clone Troopers and the few droids that prance about down here, and
use your light saber on the power cord covering. Slice through the power cords
to lift the door, and go through to fight with some Clone Troopers.

After defeating a decent amount of Clone Troopers and droids, the wall will
blast open, revealing two Clone Troopers on Walkers. Stun one of them and go to
work with some nasty combos. If you're maxed out with Jump Attacks, try those
to lower their health faster. Once you have defeated the two Walkers, another
Walker will blow away the debris that blocks your path. Defeat this Walker and
Force Heal before moving forward to provoke a few nasty Clone Troopers that fly
throughout the air. These Rocket Clones are pretty pesky, so use Force Stuns
and Jump Attacks to eliminate them without too much mess. Watch the cut-scene
and use the Force to push away the debris in the white whirlpool.

Walk forward a tiny bit to reveal another Walker that will immediately shoot at
you. You must take it down swiftly to avoid too much conflict. Watch the small
cut-scene and Force Jump in the blue whirlpool to reach a balcony that is
covered in Rocket Clones. Defeat them all with some timely light saber throws
and Force Stuns, and use your light saber to cut down the door, which leads to
a boatload of nasty Launcher Clones. These guys wield deadly rocket launchers,
so be very swift when reaching across the bridge. Use your light saber to
access to power cords up ahead, and cut right through them.

Once you've cut the power to the door, dash over to the far left, as plenty of
Clone Troopers and Rocket Clones will bombard the balcony area to kill you, and
press the button on the control panel. Quickly dash through the door on the far
right to avoid a confrontation with the Clones. Defeat the turret at the center
of the room and cut the multiple power cords throughout the room while you deal
with the bombardment of Clone Troopers. Take out the second turret and cut the
final power cord to reveal the control panel. Press the button and move forward
to reach another checkpoint.

Try not to get caught up for too long by the Clone Troopers, as a very nasty
aircraft will be shooting homing missiles at you from afar in the background.
Slowly eliminate the overabundance of Clone Troopers and begin working on the
aircraft in the background by using the Force to pick up the explosive barrels
and launch them at the aircraft. Throw your light saber at it to finish it off,
and quickly defeat the turret to avoid death, in case you're near it. Kill the
few Clone Troopers and cut through the door with your light saber after Force
Healing. Cut through the shielded droid and cut down the power cords after
using the light saber to get through the wall.

Enter the new area and defeat the Clone Troopers to your right to start things
off, and grab the healing power-up in the process. Take care of the shielded
droid and two regular droids to the left. Now, watch the cut-scene and push all
of the Clone Troopers off of the side of the ship. Watch out for the seemingly
indestructible turret in the back as you go through the lines of Clone
Troopers. Destroy the two turrets by attacking the first one with standard
combos, and use your throw light saber Force move several times on the other
one. With this complete, the mission is over.

Mission 14: Assassination On Mustafar

As you start the mission, you will be attacked by some weaker enemies known as
Neimoidian guards, who can chain some excellent combos together to really mess
you up early on in the fight. We suggest cutting right through them with really
basic combos, as they will rarely block against your attacks compared to most
enemies that we've faced thus far. Kill the next set that appears via the
hoverlift, and step into the white whirlpool to use the Force to push the large
canister into the lava. Kill the enemies and use the light saber through the
door trick to get through to the next area.

Slash through the Neimoidian guards in this hall and use the Force Stun
maneuver to break the shielded guard's shield. Destroy it and take care of that
pesky turret hanging above the door. Afterwards, enter the doorway and fight
against a Neimoidian Grunt, a very strong enemy that wields a polearm. Wait
until he slams the weapon to the ground and fire some deadly combos in his face
to defeat him. After taking care of him, you will be ambushed by a bunch of
Neimoidian guards and some characters in the background. Kill a bunch of the
guards and use the Force to throw the objects along the railing at the guy in
the background. Use the Force to pull all of the enemies in the distance to
you, and kill them all.

After the onslaught on the bridge, use the Force Jump and kill the two shielded
droids here. Watch the small cut-scene and cut down the enemies that come at
you from the left side, and grab the health power-up to the right side, and go
through the hall on the left to find and fight against some more guards, as
well as a lone Grunt afterwards. Quickly destroy the door on the left before
another Grunt appears to reach a checkpoint. After this, you must fight more
guards and a Grunt. Up ahead, use the Force to grab both of the explosive
crates and launch them at the turrets. Use the Force to smash all of the other
droids up ahead to carry on.

Force Heal before you Force Jump across the magma to the other side. Once here,
slice through the line of droids without thinking and tap the control panel on
the left. Grab the health power-up and exit this room to watch a cut-scene.
Start out by Force Jumping over to the platform with the snipers and killing
them. Cut through the droids and the turret before Force Jumping to the left.
Fight off the two Grunts and the line of nasty guards to reach a Force Jump
pad. Kill the sniper on the other side and grab the health power-up to the
left. Slice through the door with your saber and cut through the long line of
droids before reaching two Grunts.

Push the Grunts beyond the red force field and use the Force to grab an
explosive barrel to ram into them after working on them for a decent out of
time. This should defeat them. Go left and kill the next two Grunts before
cutting the power by slashing the power cords. Return to the right and slice
your way through the long line of droids. Once all of the droids have been
destroyed, cut the power on both sides to the right after you have cleared the
room of the shielded droids. Defeat the Grunt inside of this room and press the
button on the control panel. Step inside to activate another checkpoint.

Use the Force to grab the sniper and throw him to the left for the kill. Press
the button on the control panel and cross the bridge. Kill the two Grunts and
use the Force to smash the Sniper from left to right. Throw your light saber to
cut the power cords in the background, and hit the control panel to your left.
Kill the guards on the elevator and smash the turret on the left immediately
upon coming to the top. Kill the couple of Grunts up here. Watch the cut-scene
and Force Heal. Rest a bit and move to the left to fight two shielded droids
and some more Grunts. Use the light saber throws on the Grunts and stun the
shielded droids to screw up their shields.

Kill the upcoming Neimoidian guards as they swarm you, and watch the cut-scene.
Use your light saber to cut through the basic guards and your light saber throw
to destroy the Grunts that appear. Once the entire room is cleared out, the
next checkpoint will be reached. Once you're inside, you must take care of a
few weaker "foes" that die in one hit. Use Force Sprint to catch up to them and
cut them down. It's good to be bad, baby! Watch the cut-scene and kill the
guards as they approach you.

Watch out for the nasty ship in the background that will launch fireballs in
threes, as well as slice through the battlefield with some magma lasers. Cut
through all of the guards as they approach you to avoid getting stunned too
badly. You will have to use the Force to lift the explosive barrels and launch
them at the aircraft. If this fails, try using your throw light saber attack.
You can easily avoid the fireballs, and simply jump over the magma laser beam.
This completes the mission upon defeating the aircraft.

Mission 15: Aftermath In The Temple

At the start of the mission, you will be ganged up on by a whole legion of
nasty Clone Troopers. Thankfully, you have a totally gnarly sidekick to help
you out: Yoda. Yoda will leap throughout the air, slashing the Clone Troopers
in two with such ease that he makes it look like child's play. After clearing
the platform of Clone Troopers, use the Force Jump up with Yoda and slash away
at the preparing Clone Troopers up on this balcony. If you manage to get low on
health, grab the health power-up and watch the cut-scene after defeating all of
the bad guys in the area.

Cross the pillar bridge and get ready to fight against some Launcher Clones,
Rocket Clones, and regular Clone Troopers. You can Force Lift the explosives to
reveal a secret and throw it at the enemies. Watch the cut-scene and begin
slashing away at the Clone Troopers once you resume gameplay. Save the large
health power-up for after your encounter with those nasty Rocket Clones. After
defeating everyone and everything up here, use the Force Jump on the platform
and watch the cut-scene. You're reunited with Yoda, the master Jedi, once again
to defeat the variety of Clone Troopers in the area. Begin smashing your way
through all of the enemies up here.

After defeating a decent amount of enemies with Yoda, you must help him remove
the debris from the battlefield by using the Force in the white whirlpools.
Destroy the large container to reveal another secret: full health. Defeat the
two turrets on the sides of you and tear down the locked door by using your
light saber to go straight through it. Watch the cut-scene and get prepared to
fight off some extra Clone Troopers that were left behind. After tearing them
apart, Force Jump up to the balcony with Yoda and help him take care of all of
the Clone Troopers and Rocket Clones here as you head towards the left. Cut
through the wall to find the power cords to the security lockdown grid. Destroy

Move to the right and strike down each of the Launcher Clones on your way to
the sealed door. Strike your light saber through the door to remove it, and
approach the operational turret cannon. Rocket Clones will attack you along the
way, so thin their numbers and hop into the cannon after grabbing the secret to
the left of the cannon. You must now strike down all of the gunships that you
see. Try not to overheat the cannon too quickly, as you will need it to blow
away the missiles as they come at you. Watch the cut-scene, and you must fight
Clone Assassins. Definitely use your area attacks for this last course, as
these guys are incredibly sneaky when it comes to striking you. Force Stun
doesn't work too well, but you can jab them fairly easily compared to most
moves. You must fight four more afterwards. This completes the mission.

Mission 16: Friendship In Flames

You will be controlling Obi-Wan Kenobi as you fight against Anakin Skywalker.
He has a larger life bar than you do, so this fight drags on for quite a while
compared to most other boss fights in the past. You will want to use Area
attacks and light saber throws when you happen to catch him off-guard. You will
want to barrage him with weaker combos that have speed over power. Watch the
cut-scene after a decent time of dueling, and you will be in a new corridor to
battle with Darth Vader. Use grapple attacks to keep him guessing and lay into
him with some high powered combos and Area attacks until another cut-scene

Out on the next platform, which is a suspended bridge, of sorts, you should
Force Push Anakin into the explosive crates to deal extra damage, and use the
basic combos before he can connect his own. If you Force Heal, stand far back
as you will likely get hit by a thrown light saber. In the fourth stage of
battle, watch out for the explosive containers and watch out for Anakin's
juggling air attacks. Hit him with weak but fast combos before he lands, and
throw explosive crates at him from a distance. Anakin tries to Force Heal now,
so stop him with your fast combos and push him into the magma area.

After the cut-scene, you will have to fight Anakin over the bridge area. Get
ready for some all-out fighting here, as you will have to lay into Anakin
quickly to prevent him from healing himself constantly. Watch out for falling
magma, as that stuff will certainly give you blisters. Just lay into Anakin
until a cut-scene ensues, and block all of his high powered Jedi attacks
afterwards. The final battle with Anakin is on a floating platform within the
lava. This is actually the easiest of the battles, as Anakin drains his Jedi
powers very quickly and leaves himself open to basic quick jab combos
throughout the entire thing. Upon defeating Anakin, you will complete the

Mission 17: Revenge Of The Sith

For Mission 17 (Revenge Of The Sith), you will control Anakin Skywalker in this
same exact battle. The battle itself is practically identical, with the
exception that Obi-Wan Kenobi uses Force Stun a lot more than Anakin uses Force
Lightning. Just follow the same strategies as Mission 16. Just replace "Anakin"
with "Obi-Wan" and you should be fine.

Congratulations! You have completed Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith!

Shinjlong / Jeremy