Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Star Fighter Combat FAQ v1.91
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: : : : Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Star Fighter Combat FAQ

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Star Fighter Combat FAQ

by Mikaa   Updated to v1.91 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith on the DS, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PS2 version of the game.
Star Wars:  Episode III:  Revenge of the Sith
for the Nintendo DS
Star Fighter Combat FAQ
Ver. 1.91
Originally Published 05-13-2005
Most Recent Version Published 06-24-2005

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Table of Contents:
I.    Legal Disclaimer
II.   How to Unlock Locked Ships
      A.  Basic Instructions
      B.  Tips and Recommended Ships to Use
III.  Levels
      A.  City I
      B.  City II
      C.  Space I
      D.  Space II
      E.  Space III
      F.  Space IV
      H.  Tatooine
      I.  Hoth
IV.   Ships
      A.  Jedi Starfighter II
      B.  Millenium Falcon (Locked)
      C.  Obi Jedi Starfighter II
      D.  Slave I (Locked)
      E.  Tie Fighter Advanced (Locked)
      F.  Tie Fighter
      G.  Droid Tri-Fighter
      H.  V Wing:  Clone Fighter
      I.  X-Wing (Locked)
      J.  Geonosian Starfighter
      K.  General Grievous' Ship (Locked)
      L.  Utapau Starfighter
      M.  Ani Fighter (Locked)
      N.  Ani Jedi Starfighter II
      O.  ARC 170:  Clone Starfighter
      P.  Vulture Droid
      Q.  Jedi Starfighter I
V.    Power-Ups
VI.   Contact Information
VII.  Version History
VIII. Credits


I.    Welcome to the Star Wars:  Episode III:  Revenge of the Sith DS Starship 
FAQ.  Here I will try to provide enough detail for anyone wishing to know the 
various stats, options, details, and how-to's of the games's fighters.

Being as this is my first FAQ, please bear with me as I go through the 
manditory legal babble:  While I do not own Star Wars or the rights to the 
Nintendo DS, I DO, however, own the rights to the prasing of the words in 
this FAQ.  As such, this FAQ is Copyright 2005 by Michael Robbins.  This FAQ 
may NOT be copied in any form (other than for personal, non-profit use) 
without my blessings.  Should you wish to post this on your web-site or use 
it for anything other than that which I have described, I would be more than 
happy to allow you, provided you e-mail me and informed me of what you plan 
to use it for, and where you are posting it.

Now that the legal headaches are out of the way, I hope you enjoy my FAQ.

II.   How to Unlock Locked Ships
      A.  Unlocking Basics:  In order to unlock several of the fighters for use
in space combat, you must complete certain tasks in the MULTIPLAYER SKIRMISH 
MODE, as well as complete the two story modes to unlock two of the fighters.

          Next, do NOT mess with the "Create Game" options when you go to 
unlock the ships:  any changes will result in winning zilch.  The following 
settings must NOT be altered:  Arena (default is City I), Frags, or Time. I do
not know if changing the skins of the bot ships affects or not;  I did not
attempt to find out.

          Finally, once you select your starfighter, go into the second player 
slot, and press left on the D-pad (or tap the touch arrow) to view a list of 
bots (AKA CPU AI).  Looking closely will reveal that several bots are labled 
with names relating to their ships (ie - Luke Skywalker flies an X-Wing, 
General Grievous flies his ship, etc).  The difficulty of the bot is listed 
as well;  keep this in mind as you unlock the ships.

          Once you have selected the bot relating to the ship you wish to 
unlock, start your mission.  And God Speed...

      B.  Tips on Unlocking via Combat
          *  I STRONGLY advise that you do whatever it takes to unlock the 
X-Wing, as it is the best overal craft to take to the majority of the other 
          *  Once you have the Tie Fighter Advanced (more commonly known as 
Darth Vader's TIE Fighter), don't bother using other ships in combat;  The TIE 
Advanced has the best turning, as well as being one of the fastest ships in 
the game.  This comes in handy against many of the Unlockable Ships.
          *  Don't simply give up if you get killed three times and you've 
only scored once;  the AI seems to kill itself by accident rather often, and 
is enough to turn the battle into your favor.

      C.  Ani/Obi Fighters (Contributed by Tiwwa55)
          *  Thanks to Tiwwa55 for bringing this to my attention.  
Apparently, beating either Anankin or Obi-Wan's story modes will unlock 
their respective fighters.  I apoligize for mssing this, and again thank 
Tiwwa55 for notifying me.

III.  Levels
      A.  City I
          *  Description:  City I is basically the big Corusant level from 
the main game.  Numerous towers are obsticals amist a white fog.
          *  Threats:      Other than accidentally flying smack-on into a 
tower, there are no real dangers other than your foe.

      B.  City II
          *  Description:  Kin to City I, except that the red haze is filled 
with dozens of towers with no centralized structure.  Slightly more dangerous 
with the haphazard placing of towers, but otherwise basic.
          *  Threats:      The odd placements are more of a threat if you 
don't watch where you go, but as long as you pay attention, you're fine.

      C.  Space I
          *  Description:  Asteroid-filled inner-system combat.  Very basic 
space stuff, but then, what did you expect of an asteroid field?
          *  Threats:      Geez, it's an asteroid field.  Hmm.  Seriously, 
keep an eye out:  asteroid's aren't viewed as bad news in sci-fi for nothing...

      D.  Space II
          *  Description:  Instead of just asteroids, we have a chunk of space 
with space debris.  Amongst the debris are two ruined vessels:  an EIII Star 
Destroyer and another vessel of the same class as the one from Space IV.
          *  Threats:      The two massive hulks are large enough to give you 
reason to watch out for them.  Also, use caution when going inside the ruins 
for items, as electric bolts will dance along the ruined innards, and WILL 
damage you.

      E.  Space III
          *  Description:  Eww.  This area has one of the new odd-shapped Star 
Destroyers from the movie, and it's not a sitting duck.  Just like the story 
mission it appeared in, this downsized cruiser is indestructable, and the area 
around it is filled with asteroids.
          *  Threats:      Again, eww.  The asteroids can be a bother, but the 
four turbolaser batteries can be murder if you aren't careful.  Keep your cool 
and fly with care.  Oh, and don't try ramming the bridge(s):  there's no 
A-Wing this time...

      F.  Space IV
          *  Description:  If I had to guess, I'd say that this level is 
inhabited by a few asteroids and General Grievous's dreadnaught.  Oddly 
enough, I never saw it open fire, and, like the Star Destroyer from Space 
III (that sounds almost like a movie reference...), it is invulnerable.  Be 
          *  Threats:      Other than asteroids and not slamming into the hull 
of the capital cruiser, nothing big.  That didn't sound as bad as I think it 
did, did it?

      G.  Tatooine
          *  Description:  I think I saw the Sarlac pit, or what was SUPPOSED 
to be the infamous pit, but it was nothing special.  There seem to be a few 
key ares, but flying too close to the ground here is the equivelant of flying 
at point-blank range of asteroids:  the terrain is not one favoring unskilled 
pilots.  Among other things, one notable cameo is a Jawa Crawler.  Amusingly 
enough, it's invincible.  Other than that, the level can get nasty up-close.
Think Begger's Canyon here, Warsies...
          *  Threats:      Unless you're hugging Mother Earth (or whatever 
they say on that dustball), there are no real threats.  Just watch out for 
pilots in the air when you fly low...

      H.  Hoth
          *  Description:  You KNEW this would be in here the minute they 
stated that they would have a fighter mode in the game.  This overused level 
is filled with the notorious Rebel Hoth Base turrets and fallen Walkers.  
Aside from these landmarks, this place is more friendly to low-fliers than 
          *  Threats:      I haven't seen the turrets fire weapons, and aside 
from a couple minor outcroppings, there really isn't much to worry over.

IV.   Ships
      Brief note on the ship files below:  the stats are the in-game ratings 
for the various parts of the fighters (Speed is how fast, Hull is how much it 
can take it before BOOM, Laser is how much is delt out, Shields is how strong 
they are at the beginning, and Torpedoes are how many a stock fighter will 
hold).  Also included is in what movie or other televised series the ship 
appeared in.

      A.  Jedi Starfighter II
          *  Description:  This is a generic Jedi Starfighter from Episode 
             III, with lesser stats than the other two ships of the same 
             designs owned by Anakin and Obi-Wan.
          *  Stats:
             -  Speed:     *****-----
             -  Hull:      *****-----
             -  Laser:     ****------
             -  Shield:    ****------
             -  Torpedo:   ****------
          *  First Showing:  Episode III;  the ship appeared briefly in the 
              initial battle, and again towards the ending.
          *  Personal Thoughts:  A standard, all around fighter.  Nothing 
             really special, but not the worst;  good for practice and 
             unlocking the first few ships.

      B.  Millennium Falcon
          *  Description:  If you don't know what this is, then you obviously 
             have been in space for the past thirty years.  Go watch TV, 
             you'll see it.
          *  Stats:
             NOTE - I should point out that, though the Falcon is rated far 
             better than most, it is NOT the uber fighter, and is actually 
             easy to beat.  See the strategy below.
             -  Speed:     *********-
             -  Hull:      *********-
             -  Laser:     ********--
             -  Shield:    **********
             -  Torpedo:   ********--
          *  Strategy for unlocking:  Using the TIE Advance somehow makes this 
             fight VERY easy, as the TIE ADV can turn corners on a dime, and 
             the lasers are quite powerful.  Be sure to divert your shields to 
             wherever the Falcon is, though;  can never be too careful...
          *  First Showing:  Episode IV, when Chewie leads Luke and company
             to the ship for takeoff.
          *  Personal Thoughts:  Odd thing about the Falcon.  Trying to 
             unlock it is suprisingly easy with the right skill and patience, 
             but the ship IS the uber ship of the game.  Rarely matched, and 
             only falls fast when the other players join up to sack it.  The 
             fact it carries TEN missiles makes it one to fear as well...

      C.  Obi Jedi Starfighter II
          *  Description:  Basically, this is the Jedi Starfighter II with 
             slightly improved stats.  Nothing really differient in design, or 
             in control.
          *  Stats:
             -  Speed:     *****-----
             -  Hull:      *****-----
             -  Laser:     ******----
             -  Shield:    ****------
             -  Torpedo:   ****------
          *  Unlocking:  Beat Obi-Wan's Story Mode.  (Thanks to Tiwwa55)
          *  First Showing:  Episode III, during the initial space combat 
          *  Personal Thoughts:  Basically the stock Jedi Starfighter II with 
             better lasers.  Sadly, that's the only real differience, and one 
             wonders why the basic one was even included, as both Obi-Wan's II 
             and Annie's II are available from the get-go...

      D.  Slave I
          *  Description:  If you have watched Episode II or The Empire Strikes
             Back, this is Boba/Jango Fett's starship.
          *  Stats:
             -  Speed:     ******----
             -  Hull:      ********--
             -  Laser:     *******---
             -  Shield:    ----------
             -  Torpedo:   *******---
          *  Strategy for Unlocking:  Geez, this one is pathetic.  Almost
             any fighter can take this thing down, though lesser fighters will
             have a harder time when it comes to maneuvering.
          *  First Showing:  Episode V, when Boba Fett trails the Falcon
             after the fleeing fugitives decide to head to Cloud City.
          *  Personal Thoughts:  Good lord, is this thing weak.  Never mind 
             the strong offensive abilities;  the sheer size of the Slave I 
             makes more powerful weapons seem like a bad compromise for the 
             lack of shields.  Despite the hull strength, most advanced 
             fighters (ie - anything more advanced than the Geonosian fighter)
             will eat this alive.  At least it is easy to unlock...

      E.  TIE Fighter Advanced (AKA TIE Adv.)
          *  Description:  The fighter more commonly called Darth Vader's TIE
             Fighter by the merchandicing.
          *  Stats:
             -  Speed:     ********--
             -  Hull:      ****------
             -  Laser:     *******---
             -  Shield:    ****------
             -  Torpedo:   ----------
          *  Strategy for Unlocking:  I reccomend the X-Wing, as it's high 
             firepower and fair shield rating will compensate for the sheer 
             maneuverability of this beast.
          *  First Showing:  Episode IV, during the Death Star Battle.
          *  Personal Thoughts:  Probably the best all-around fighter, 
             especially since the absurd manuvering abilities and powerful 
             lasers make this one a worthy opponent.  The lack of real defense
             is the only flaw.

      F.  TIE Fighter
          *  Description:  A TIE Fighter.  No frills, just a generic, typical, 
             in every single way, one of the original trilogy's most notable 
             figures, TIE Fighter.
          *  Stats:
             -  Speed:     ******----
             -  Hull:      **--------
             -  Laser:     ****------
             -  Shield:    ----------
             -  Torpedo:   ----------
          *  First Showing:  Episode IV, during the Falcon's fly-in to the
             Alderaan system.  (I might be wrong, and will verify this when
             I get around to rewatching my DVD)
          *  Personal Thoughts:  A Lite version of the TIE Advanced.  More 
             powerful and more maneuverable than some of the other 
             "disposable" fighters, but easily outclassed by most other ships.

      G.  Droid Tri-Fighter
          *  Description:  One of the many new ships to appear in Episode III 
             for both SFX and $$$.  Basically, a droid sphere in the center of 
             three pylons arranged in the design of a triangle.  Go figure.
          *  Stats:
             -  Speed:     *******---
             -  Hull:      *---------
             -  Laser:     ******----
             -  Shield:    ----------
             -  Torpedo:   *---------
          *  First Showing:  Episode III, just after the Vulture Fighters 
              launched.  And considering these things appeared for a grand
              ten seconds in all, this droid got more marketing than any other
              brief appearance.
          *  Personal Thoughts:  The TIE Fighter with more tolerable 
             attributes.  Slightly less manuverable than the normal TIE, but 
             the Torpedo makes up for it.

      H.  V Wing:  Clone Fighter
          *  Description:  Good Gravey, don't the designers know that Star Wars
             Lore already has a V-Wing fighter for the Rebels/New Republic?  
             Anyway, this is VERY simmilar to a TIE Fighter, but with a Jedi 
             Starfighter I main body.
          *  Stats:
             -  Speed:     ****------
             -  Hull:      ******----
             -  Laser:     *******---
             -  Shield:    ****------
             -  Torpedo:   ----------
          *  First Showing:  Episode III, towards the ending.  Several of 
              these fighters escorte Emperor Palpatine's shuttle, towards 
          *  Personal Thoughts:  Even though this ship is trying to remove the 
             V-Wing Air Speeder from Star Wars mythos, this is a VERY good 
             craft for a "disposable" ship.  Though slightly slower than most,
             the ship is one of the better ones available from the get go;  
             don't be disuaded by the lack of torpedoes...

      I.  X-Wing
          *  Desscription:  Gee, what does Luke fly?  It's the required 
             apprearance of the X-Wing, folks.
          *  Stats:
             -  Speed:     *******---
             -  Hull:      ********--
             -  Laser:     ********--
             -  Shield:    *******---
             -  Torpedo:   ******----
          *  Strategy for Unlocking:  I THINK I used one of the Jedi 
             Starfighter II craft, but use whatever you are good with.  The 
             sheer power of the legendary X-Wing is not to be underestemated; 
             if you can manage to avoid the array of lasers, I would say that 
             the Geonosian Starfighter was one to consider for this.  Use what
             is good for you.
          *  First Showing:  Episode IV, during the hanger scene at Yavin 4.
          *  Personal Thoughts:  Yesh, this is a nasty craft.  Once unlocked, 
             it is one of the best fighters in the game, though I would pick 
             the TIE Advanced if only for better manuvering.  The X-Wing is a 
             bit sluggish when turning, and the engines burn out a bit fast, 
             but the craft is one of the better ones.

      J.  Geonosian Starfighter
          *  Description:  Remember those little things from Episode II that 
             followed Dooku before the lightsaber fight?  Here it is.
          *  Stats:
             -  Speed:     *****-----
             -  Hull:      ***-------
             -  Laser:     ******----
             -  Shield:    ----------
             -  Torpedo:   ----------
          *  First Showing:  Episode II, following Count Dooku to his ship.
          *  Personal Thoughts:  Wow.  This ship is actually better than the 
             ratings reveal.  Very fast, a small profile, and unless someone 
             flips a missile or two at you, this ship's high fire rate will 
             win the game for you.  Not advisable against more maneuverable 
             foes, though.

      K.  General Grievous' Ship
          *  Description:  Presumably the ship of the feared droid General, I 
             have yet to confirm the design.  At any rate, imagine a main body 
             connected to two engines by an engine-sized pylon.  Nothing 
             amazing, or at least visually...
          *  Stats:
             -  Speed:     *******---
             -  Hull:      *****-----
             -  Laser:     *****-----
             -  Shield:    *****-----
             -  Torpedo:   *********-
          *  Strategy for Unlocking:  I advise the TIE Advanced for sheer power
             and manuvering, and always keep the shields on the ship.  If you 
             manage to stay behind him, you're safe.  Oddly enough, I never 
             caught him lobbing missiles at me...
          *  First Showing:  Episode III, during the battle between Grievous
              and Obi-Wan.
          *  Personal Opinion:  Outside of the one mission in the Story mode 
             that uses it, I just never could find myself using this craft. 
             There are other craft that are more fun to use, and this one...  
             Well, it beats out some of them...  See directly below.

      L.  Utapau Starfighter
          *  Description:  A needle-nose hull with two small fins at the aft 
          *  Stats:
             -  Speed:     ****------             
             -  Hull:      ***-------
             -  Laser:     ****------
             -  Shield:    *---------
             -  Torpedo:   ----------
          *  First Showing:  Until the DVD comes out, I can not state that I 
              actually saw this on Utapau, though it might have been there.
          *  Personal Thoughts:  Good Skies, what a hulk of crap.  Absurdly 
             slow, lousy firing, bad manuvering...  This is possibly the worst
             fighter in the game.  Use at your own risk.

      M.  Ani Fighter
          *  Description:  A variation of the Jedi Starfighter I, with little 
             laser emplacements on the forward hull.  This is the fighter 
             Anakin used in the Clone Wars cartoon if you didn't already know.
          *  Stats:
             -  Speed:     ****------
             -  Hull:      ****------
             -  Laser:     *******---
             -  Shield:    ***-------
             -  Torpedo:   ***-------
          *  Strategy for Unlocking:  I don't remember having a problem when I 
             used the TIE Advanced.  I would not use a weaker craft than a 
             stock Jedi Starfighter II, if I were you, though.
          *  First Appearance:  The Clone Wars cartoon, during the launch
             of fighters against the Geonosian fighters coming from the Techno
             Starships (O_o)
          *  Personal Opinion:  Nothing special, other than it's yet another 
             Jedi Starfighter.  One wonders where these went to when the 
             Empire took over...

      N.  Ani Jedi Starfighter II
          *  Description:  The exact same design as any other Jedi Starfighter
             II, just differient specs.  Wee.
          *  Stats:
             -  Speed:     ******----
             -  Hull:      *****-----
             -  Laser:     *******---
             -  Shield:    ******----
             -  Torpedo:   *****-----
          *  Unlocking:  Beat Anankin's Story Mode.  (Thanks to Tiwwa55)
          *  First Appearance:  Episode III, during the inital space fight.
          *  Personal Opinion:  Why was the other Ani fighter locked and this 
             wasn't?  This craft is far superior to the other Ani fighter, and 
             the best of the Jedi Starfighter II craft for that matter.  Not a 
             personal favorite, but not a bad ship.

      O.  ARC 170:  Clone Starfighter
          *  Description:  A new fighter from Episode III, this craft reeks of 
             an X-wing mixed with a Z-95 Headhunter (a ship from the books).  
             Actually, it looks a bit TOO much like an early X-Wing...
          *  Stats:
             -  Speed:     ******----
             -  Hull:      *******---
             -  Laser:     ****------
             -  Shield:    ****------
             -  Torpedo:   ****------
          *  First Showing:  Episode III, where a squad of ARC 170s were 
              piloted by Clone Troopers.  Oddly enough, these massive fighters
              had at least two troopers for a crew, and were almost double the 
              size of the Jedi Starfighter IIs.
          *  Personal Opinion:  Nice looker, nice power, absolutly awful speed 
             and turning.  Though powerful, this thing has a high hull for a 
             reason;  just be aware of the reason before your shields drop...

      P.  Vulture Droid
          *  Description:  The fighter the Trade Federation used at the end of 
             Episode I.
          *  Stats:
             -  Speed:     ******----
             -  Hull:      **--------
             -  Laser:     *******---
             -  Shield:    ----------
             -  Torpedo:   ***-------
          *  First Showing:  Though the original design appeared in Episode
              I, Episode III's droids of simmilar design sported notably 
              different features, including missiles.
          *  Personal Opinion:  Not a favorite, but not a bad fighter.  The 
             torpedoes will help a bit, but you will use your speed more than 
             anything.  One does wonder why you can't do the same maneuvers 
             that were pulled off in The Phanotm Menace (namely, firing to 
             the side while flying along).

      Q.  Jedi Starfighter I
          *  Description:  Remember Obi-Wan's fighter from Attack of the 
             Clones?  Here it is.
          *  Stats:
             -  Speed:     ***-------
             -  Hull:      ****------
             -  Laser:     ****------
             -  Shield:    **--------
             -  Torpedo:   ----------
          *  Episode II, when Obi-Wan goes to hunt for the "Cloners..."
          *  Personal Opinion:  I'm not a fan of this thing, though some might 
             enjoy it.  I found it too hard to control, too slow, and too weak
             compared to the bulk of the competition.  You could do worse.

V.    Power-Ups
      What would a muliplayer shooter (space or otherwise) be without powerups?
      A.  Laser
          *  Description:  A red circle with a laser-splash icon.
          *  Use:          This boosts your laser power for a time, and 
                           increase your power it does.  This item CAN and 
                           WILL turn the tide of battle;  do NOT let your foes
                           get this.

      B.  Shield
          *  Description:  A green circle with a typical shield icon.
          *  Use:          This gives any craft that has shields a MASSIVE 
                           shield boost, which expires when you take enough 
                           damage to drain them to normal.  No effect on ships 
                           without shields, though.

      C.  Speed
          *  Description:  A purple circle with two sergent-like arrows in the 
          *  Use:          Increases your speed for a time, without any real 
                           impact on your engine temperature.

      D.  Missiles
          *  Description:  A yellow circle with a typical missile in the 
          *  Use:          Any ship with missile capacity gets a full restock 
                           of missiles.  Sadly, this does NOT affect ships 
                           without torpedo ability.

      E.  Health
          *  Description:  A blue circle with a medical cross in the center.
          *  Use:          Restores a chunk of your health.  Very useful, 
                           though your hull will decide if this will save 
                           you or not.

VI.   Contact Information
      If you wish to contact me, I have a few guidelines, as I don't want to 
      accidentally delete a well-written message because it looked like SPAM 
      or a virus.  Below are what subject lines to use when contacting me at 
      my e-mail adress,



      -  If you have information submission (with either an in-game reference 
         or where it appears in the manual), use the subject line "SWE3 Ship 
         FAQ Submit."
      -  If you wish to correct something I said, be it a single grammatical 
         goof or a bad description, use the subject line "SWE3 Ship FAQ 
      -  If you have positive feedback, use the subject line "SWE3 Ship FAQ 

      If you wish to submit any hate-mail, flames, or any form of negative 
      e-mail, I can (and WILL) lable you as SPAM.
      I appreciate any feedback and help you wish to offer, provided you 
      conduct it civilly.  PLEASE, PLEASE use good grammer, and check your 
      spellings.  I have mistook several e-mails in the past for differient 
      intents due to poor grammar.  Do be cautions.

VII.  Version History
      v.1.0 - 2005/05/13:  The basic FAQ is completed and submitted to 
      v.1.5 - 2005/05/20:  Updated with info provided by Tiwwa55 for 
                           unlocking the Ani and Obi fighters;  fixed a goof
                           on Slave I's format, and added First Showings
                           for all ships.
      v.1.6 - 2005/05/24:  I finally got off my duff and added the last of the
                           edits needed for posting, as well as refining the
                           contact section and Credits info.
      v.1.7 - 2005/06/05:  I edited the unlocking ships section to specify
                           what the "Create Game" settings should not be 
                           fiddled with (Level, Frags, and Time).
      v.1.9 - 2005/06/21:  I finally saw Episode III a few nights ago and got
                           around to updating several "First Appearance" notes
                           on a few ships.
      v.1.91- 2005/06/24:  Gave permission to Dave from Super to
                           use this FAQ for his web page.  Nothing big, but
                           worth noting.

VIII. Credits

I would like to give credits to the following people for providing info
for the FAQ:
Tiwwa55                 - Informing me about adding info for unlocking Ani/
                          Obi Starfighters
Tom Hayter              - Informing me about adding info for unlocking the
                          Ani/Obi Starfighters, though his e-mail came after
                          Tiwwa55, but before my update.  He does get credit
                          for notifying me, though.
cesar David             - His e-mail forced me to reread this FAQ to verify
                          his claim that I was not specific in my explinations
                          for unlocking ships, and led to my fixing that

Also, credit should go where credit is due, and I have to give credit to the
following, because they deserve it:

Ubisoft                 - for having the guts to release this card with the
                          3D goods in addition to the crappy 2D junk.  It was
                          worth the high price, oddly enough.

Nintendo                - for designing the DS in such a way that this game is
                          able to emmulate that nostalgic N64-like feeling...

GameStop                - for having that special deal that allowed me to get
                          this title.                 - for posting the images that convinced me to get this
                          title, namely those of the 3D combat.

and, of course...            - for hosting this FAQ, and for allowing me to post
                          reviews for this and about a dozen other titles.