Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Versus Mode FAQ v1.01
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Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Versus Mode FAQ

by Bulgeta ssj5   Updated to v1.01 on
Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith Versus FAQ
Version 1.01 


1. Disclaimer
2. Intro
3. Basic Concepts
4. Duelists
5. Stages
6. Contact Info
7. Credits
8.Q & A

I, York Robilliard (a.k.a Bulgeta ssj5) created and own this FAQ 
and it is not to be distributed, hosted, printed or sold for 
money without my consent. You may however print this document for 
private use.

YES!!!! Episode III is finally released! After watching Episode 
III and loving it, (enough to see it three times) I decided to 
purchase the game. Although painfully short the game does feature 
a number of bonus modes, one of these being versus mode, here I 
will teach you the secrets of this great feature. By the way if 
you want to find something specific (such as Darth Vader) just 
press ctrl+f and type what you seek and press enter.

Okay here are some basic things which you WILL need to learn to 
become not only a decent duelist but an effective one too. If 
only this game was online....

1.	Learn to use block effectively, I cannot say that enough, 
very important.

2.	MASTER THE ART OF SABER SHUNT!!!! This is the most 
important thing overall, this move breaks combos and leaves 
the opponent open. Saber Trap Shunt is not as good as Saber 
Shunt, as it repels the attack, whereas saber shunt repels 
the attack and leaves your opponent open.

3.	Master your chosen characters special moves, knowing when 
to use these powers is crucial as some can pay off, big-

4.	Learn to use the combat skills obtained in leveling up in 
the main game with Anakin and Obi-Wan so as to defeat your 
opponent swiftly.

5.	Some Force powers (lightning, saber throw, stun) leave your 
opponent open for a very small amount of time. If you are 
close to them and block you will have time to attack.

6.	Remember, you are vulnerable whilst strafing, do not strafe 
when you are sure you will dodge out of the way. Make use 
of the strafe attack (done by pressing square during 
strafe), this will end combos and attack the enemy with 
blinding speed.


One of the essential parts of this mode, the characters listed 
here are among the most well-known Star Wars characters, however 
you might find some new ones.

Anakin Skywalker
Jedi Knight

Alternate Costume: Darth Vader pre-suit, this costume is 
Anakin with his Jedi robes on, hood up, he also carries a red 
Light Saber to distinguish himself from his Jedi Counterpart.

Fighting style: Fast and powerful, Anakin does long flashy combos 
that decimate his opponents.

Special Attacks
Fury Whirlwind: Hold L> + Triangle
Fury Explosion: Hold Triangle
Fury Corkscrew: Hold L> + Square
Fury Sai Bomb: Press X hold Triangle

Rating: 4 out of 5
I love Anakin as he has decent power, long combos and is fast to 
not only fight but recover too.

Vs. Anakin
Anakin as an opponent will generally attack with fast quick 
combos whilst mixing in force powers and strafing. Don't give 
Anakin room to use his combos and Shunt him as much as 
possible. Anakin will also heal during the fight here and there.

Obi-Wan Kenobi
Jedi Master

Alternate Costume: Obi-Wan dons his Jedi Robes and has a green 
Light Saber to separate himself from his normal costume.

Fighting Style: Fast and Graceful, Obi-Wan is much like Anakin 
without the forceful strikes.

Special Attacks
Focus Shockwave: Hold L> + Triangle
Focus Slash Combo: Hold Triangle
Focus Lunge Strike: Hold L> + Square
Focus Sai Bomb: Press X Hold Triangle

Rating: 4 out of 5
Obi-Wan is also a great character as he is faster than Anakin and 
has okay power.

Vs. Obi-Wan
Obi's a defensive player to be sure; he LOVES to strafe attack 
interrupting you no matter what you're doing. The best way to 
defeat Obi-Wan is too shunt him and lay waste to him. Watch out 
for his fast attacks and they are really quick.

Count Dooku
Sith Lord

Alternate Costume: Dooku once more embraces the blue Light Saber.

Fighting Style: The classic "fencing" style which use strokes and 
swishes to combat.

Special Moves
Force Lightning Explosion: Hold Triangle
Whirlwind Strike: Hold Square
Electric Toss: Press Square + Triangle Then Triangle
Clearing Spin: Square, Square Triangle + Square

Rating: 5 out of 5
Dooku is an excellent fighter; his style is great and easy to use 
against the enemy. His specials are also quite good and effective 
to use. Dooku can also link his fast and slow attack combos 
together repeatedly, a big bonus.

Vs. Dooku
Surprisingly, the computer does not use Dooku's great potential 
as a duelist. Dooku will often use throws to hurt you so strafe 
when he attempts to grapple if you can. Saber shunts can easily 
defeat him.

Mace Windu
Jedi Master

Alternate Costume: Mace Windu in his Jedi Knight days, Mace wears 
a dark robe and uses a blue Light Saber.

Fighting Style: An aggressive and fast two handed fighting style.

Special Moves
Force Clear Out: Hold Square
Force Charge: Hold Triangle
Back Kick Flip: Square + Triangle press Square
Launching Uppercut: Square, Square, L> + Triangle

Rating: 2 out of 5
While he has quick fast attacks, Mace's slow attacks are really 
predictable and easily-countered. He also lacks power and is an 
average duelist.

Vs. Mace Windu
When you fight Mace you will notice he is particularly aggressive 
and attacks repeatedly, this is where Saber Shunt comes in handy, 
if you keep using saber shunt Mace will fall quickly.

Serra Keto
Jedi Knight

Alternate Costume: Serra wears black leather and uses two red 
Light Sabers.

Fighting Style: Dual Sabers! Serra Keto is a new character in the 
Star Wars universe. Serra uses quick acrobatic-like moves to 
overwhelm her enemies.

Special Attacks
Dual Saber Toss: Hold Square
Force Swirl: Hold Triangle
Kick Flip Launch: Square + Triangle, Triangle
Clearing Slam: Square, Square Triangle + Square

Rating: 3 out of 5
Serra's style is wild and unpredictable, however some of here 
combos are slow and flashy, giving the opponent time to strike 
back and cause damage. Her specials are quite effective when it 
comes to dismantling the enemy, dual saber toss especially.

Vs. Serra Keto
Serra's wild style can occasionally put you off if you're not 
ready for her attacks. The best thing to do is shunt her attacks 
and absolutely waste her.

Cin Drallig
Jedi Master

Alternate Costume: Cin adorns black robes and uses a red Light 
Saber, very Sith-like.

Fighting Style: Swift and powerful strikes.

Special Moves
1000 Slashes: Hold Square
Double Force Blast: Hold Triangle
Clearing Slam: Triangle + Square
Five Point Strike: Square + Triangle, Square

Rating: 5 out of 5
Cin is like a mix of Obi-Wan and Anakin; he has Obi-Wans grace and 
Anakin's power, a very effective mix. Cin's special attacks are 
very good too; they do good damage and are quick.

Vs. Cin
Cin is an absolute beast when fighting him; he is quick, 
ferocious and cunning. He can easily beat you in a few short 
combos if you're not careful. His fast strikes are sometimes hard 
to shunt and so when you do shunt use it to pull of a special and 
do considerable damage.

Ben Kenobi
Jedi Master

Alternative Costume: Same as Obi-Wan, Ben wears has a green Light 
Saber and no hood.

Fighting Style: A fast nimble style with good damage.

Special Attacks
Saber Bump: Square + Triangle
Force Shockwave: Hold L> + Triangle
Clearing Slam: Square, Square Triangle + Square
Force Submission: Hold L1 + Circle + Square

Rating: 4 out of 5
Ben Kenobi's quick combos and decent damage allow you to dish out 
pain without getting hurt. His moves are good for getting 
distance from the enemy. One quality that shines with Ben is his 
potency with the force, his heal, stun and saber throw all seem 
to have more effect than other peoples.

Vs. Ben Kenobi
Ben's mastery of the light side and his quick attacks allow him 
to heal and wail in on you with lots of power. Remember to shunt 
and keep close to him so when he heals you can strike him down.

Darth Vader
Sith Lord

Alternative Costume: Vader opts to fight with a blue Saber.

Fighting Style: REALLY POWERFUL but slow attacks.

Special Attacks
Force Choke: Square + Triangle
Fury Slam: Hold L> + Triangle
Clearing Spin: Square, Square Triangle + Square
Backhand Lunge: Hold L> + Circle

Rating: 5 out of 5
The Dark Lord of the Sith does not disappoint, although slow and 
cumbersome, Vader attacks and easily beat your opponent within a 
minute. One slow attack combo can take a quarter of a life bar!!! 
His special Force Choke is also very cool.

Vs. Darth Vader
Keep on your toes at all times! Vader's major weakness is his 
slow attacks, which you should shunt and attack like hell. Vader 
can easily come back from losing with a few slow attacks. Watch 
for his special and never let him touch you!

General Grievous
Droid Commander

Alternative Costume: Grievous is a blue shade and wields four red 
Light Sabers.

Fighting Style
Grievous actually has two styles, his default Dual Saber style 
and his four Light Saber style.

Special Attacks
Force Clear Out: Hold Triangle
Four Arm Mode: Press L2
Fire Blaster: Press R1
3 Variation Charge-Up: Hold R2

Rating: 4 out of 5-Dual Sabers
Rating: 5 out of 5-Four Sabers
Grievous is THE powerhouse to end all powerhouses when in four 
arm mode. The thing that hits you first is how different Grievous 
is compared to the other duelists, he cannot command the force, 
he has two styles, his specials are shoulder buttons etc. 
Grievous is often best used when you repeatedly attack, use his 
tricks to undermine the enemy and wail in on him with Four Arm 

Vs. Grievous
Grievous is easily the most powerful, tenacious, ferocious and 
ruthless enemy you will face, he will attack constantly and will 
give you NO room to react, he will keep attacking you till? he 
wins, and because he CANNOT be shunted, you should always fight 
him in spacious areas. It is best to use Guerilla Warfare, by 
running in when he finishes his combo from afar and absolutely 
laying waste to him and running away when you're done. While 
Grievous may seem cheap because of his abilities, he cannot shunt 
YOU, balancing him out. Do not let him back you into a corner or 
you can kiss the round goodbye.


Temple Training Room
This is a pretty good arena considering it's the one you start of with.
It's a wide area with plenty too Force Grasp and throw at your opponent.
Be aware that you can force grasp your opponents into the statues and use 
heads that fall of the statues and use them as projectiles.

Throne Room Main Chamber
The main problem with this stage is that not as big as it's single player
counterpart. It's a very small area, which means that either player doesn't
have much space to move or heal, meaning you will have to buckle down on
your opponent and beat him without getting back in to a corner with no space
to breath. 

Throne Room Upper Balcony
Awesome Arena, this place is littered with stuff tto throw your opponent
into and cause serious damage, but beware the same happening to you. If your
losing just grasp your opponent and throw them into the "props" of the level.

Utapau Sinkhole Control Room
An avarage sized area in which to fight, it does have a few things you can
hurl at your opponents but not as many as you'd hope.

Utapau Sinkhole Landing Platform
A nice little arena where there quite a few things to throw at your
opponent. Use these to your advantage.

Palpatine's Office
A nice spacious arena, in these area you can hit the some of the central 
architechture to create a enviromental hazard in which you can throw your
opponent into to cause them some major damage, but be careful that your 
opponent does not use this against you.

Palpatine's Office Docking Bay
A very wide area to duel in, this arena is good for duelling with Grievous
as the is plenty of space to use against him.

Temple Control Room
An interesting place to be sure, not only does it have an eviromental 
hazard in the center of the room, but this room is littered with diced up clone 
troopers, giving you plenty of projectiles for you to launch at your 
opponent. Make sure that you do not use force push without using all the
clone troopers parts.

Temple Outer Terrace
Another good level. Almost anything in this level can be hurled at your
enemy, the floor, the boundary and the chunks of statues. Use them wisely.

Mustafar Control Room
This level is quite spacious with hologram tables on either side of the room,
you can buy yourself some time against AI opponents, friends are different.

Mustafar Balcony
A medium sized arena filled with explosive boxes around the area, use these 
inflict major damage.

Mustafar Control Arm
A long, narrow arena which can make for some really cinematic battles. Be sure 
to the spires jutting out the sides of the Control arm.

Mustafar Lava Platform
A VERY small area which no projectile or hazards. Not recommended for fighting

Episode IV Death Star
The scene of the famour battle between Master and Apprentice. Whilst the area
isn't that big it does have a few projectiles to use.

You can contact me at if you have any 
queries concerning versus mode or if you want to tell me 


Gamefaqs-For being the best site ever!
CJAYC-for creating this godly site.
Lucas arts-for creating this game.
The Collective- for making this game.
George Lucas- for creating of Star Wars.

Q & A

Q:Is there anyway to choose alt. Costumes without choosing the same character?
A: No, not at this time but if you see anything, E-mail me.