Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II Tips

Easier Fight With Mira on Malachor V
On Malachor V if you got Mira on Nar Shadaa you will have to use her to fight Hanharr. The easiest way to do this requires that Mira be a jedi. On the Ravager at the workbench select a double bladed lightsaber that is NOT EQUIPPED. Change its color to make it unique. Than use upgrades to completely beef it up. Make sure this saber remains UNEQUIPPED or it won't work. Play on until you reach the fight on Malachor V. Push start as soon as the cutscene where Hanharr chokes Mira ends. Go to the equip screen and equip her with the highest defense you have (Mira's force isn't strong enough to make much difference so don't worry about restricting it). Then put the mega saber from before as her main weapon. SAVE. Go to useable items and turn on her shield and a stimulant (Hyper Adrenal Alacricity recommended). SAVE. Mira is now awesome so enjoy the fight.