: : : : : : : Store glitch. Works on Telos at the brother's shop.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II Glitches

Store glitch. Works on Telos at the brother's shop.
When you first arrive at Telos after the plant you got arrested for blowing up and are able to run around freely, Go to the entertainment section and go to where the 2 brothers own a store. Go to the one brother That is at the back of the store. Here is steps you need to do it:
1. Save the game WITHOUT talking to any of the brothers yet.
2. Talk to the weapon selling brother.
3. Look at his goods.
4. Quit talking to him and hit START and reload the game you just saved.
5. Once it loads talk to the weapon selling brother again and look at his goods.
See anything new?
Every time you reload it you get a whole new set of goods to choose from.
NOTE: You don't save over the same file and try reloading it because it will not work again like that. You have to keep reloading it at the same point until you find a selection you really like.
That is the only downside.
When you find what you want just go on like normal. And you can save over the file if you want because it only works during that one part.