Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II Tips

JekJek Tar Fight
Having issues with the flood of enemies in JekJek Tar? Well, the easiest way to fight them is with Force Powers. First off, instead of wasting time casting Force Breath over and over, just equip a gas mask to counter the poison. Even though Atton states you need an envirosuit, you really don't. Just keep the mask on (you can find one on Peragus in one of the plasteel bins near the end).

With the mask on, you are free to use your Force Powers strictly for attacking and defending. First off, you'll need at least Force Wave. This is almost mandatory. If you don't have this, any - or all - of the defensive feats will help.

It's also very helpful if you have Force Storm (level 18 required to get this) or the second teir of Shock (I can't remember what it's called right now).

And, if you have Death Field or the lower level of that one, this will help too. Just use Force (shock, lightning, storm) over and over. If your health gets low, use (drain health, death field) to recover. And, at low levels, just keep using (push, whirlwind, wave) to force your enemies back, allowing you time to heal.

Medpaks will be your tether to surviving here at low levels.

Light Side Players
Powers needed for this: Force Whirlwind (or Wave), Force Heal (or Cure) and at least one of the following: Force Aura, Force Speed.

Energy and melee shields work well, but don't last long. Still keep the gas mask on.

Use your own weapons to attack, but buff yourself with Aura and/or Speed. Use Heal to recover health and Whirlwind/Wave to keep enemies at bay.

Again, this is easier at higher levels.