Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II Tips

Taking Down the Twin Suns
This is done after finishing Telos the first time. Your party will be given the chance to go to four different planets. One of these planets is Nar Shadaa (technically a moon, but still...).

One of the last battles you face on Nar Shadaa pits Atton - alone - against two rather difficult enemies: the Twin Suns. These two are hard at low levels, but they can be defeated. If you chose to go toe-to-toe with them, make sure to equip Atton with the strongest armor, a good melee weapon, and a few energy shields. Also keep a very good stock of medpaks.

However, an easier method to take them down at lower levels is to use mines. It's a bit cheap, admittedly, but it's all about winning, right?

Atton will have some minor ability with mines, just enough to lay them down. Make sure to either buy mines or recover (not disable) the ones you find laying around.

When the Twin Suns battle begins, run away from them and plant a mine. Then run over it and lure them over it. Repeat until they are defeated, or until you run out of mines. (It's a good idea to have several mines).

Frag mines work well, as do poison mines. But the poison won't last long. And flash mines are worthless in this battle. Plasma mines would be the best if you can find any.

Notice: Atton will take damage in this battle. Make sure to heal him. You might consider activating a Mandalorian melee shield several times during this battle. (Mandalorian melee shield works against melee weapons).

At higher levels, you should have no problem wiping these two out head-on. At at least level 17, you'll take them down with ease. But to do this you either have to use the level-up glitch, use the speeder level-up cheat, or do Nar Shadaa last.

But it's up to you.