Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II Tips

Easy Wins in Battle Circle & Handmaiden Sisters
There is a very, very easy way to defeat any - and all - of the Handmaiden Sisters on Telos. You don't even have to fight them. First, make sure your character is at full health, and has a decent defense. Then, initiate the battle. As soon as the battle starts, walk towards the Sister, and just keep moving toward her. She will step back before attacking you.

If you move at the same time she does, you will make her keep moving back until she steps out of the ring, allowing you to win by default. Sometimes, if you walk into her while she's attacking or are too close right after she attacks, the game glitches and she suddenly disappears and reappears behind or beside you.

You can use this very same technique against every single fighter in the Battle Circle on Dxun. It's easy for when you just can't seem to win, or if you want to get the experience without any real effort.

I have used this many times, and it works every time. But, you still need to make sure your character is at full health and has at least 7 or 8 defense without armor on: you will likely take a few hits before you can push the enemy out of the ring.

Also, if you have another Jedi (Kreia for Telos) who has the Heal ability, you can regenerate your health very quickly after the battles by using her (or whoever else you have as a Jedi), and still have all your own Force Powers should you want to use them (in the few battles that you can).