Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II Tips

Hundred of extra componants
In the Peragus Mining Facility, almost right after you find the Miner Uniform, you go into the tunnels. If your stealth skill is high then just use Stealth the whole time in the mine until you get to the part where the main consle is. (with the force feilds) While at this part you can deactivate all the droids. Do this. this makes all the droids on the floor you are on deactivated. Go to all of them and talk to them.

" Scavenge droid for spare parts"
" Destroy droid with a non-lethal charge"

After saying these the dorid will blow up in your face. It wont hurt and you'll get componants.

- Very useful for making lightsabr upgrades or things that cost alot of componants.

WARNING- This makes the level go much slower so be prepared.