Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II Tips

Make Handmaiden a DARK JEDI dun dun dunhhh
Now i bet the first thing that pops in your head is "what! thats impossble". Well its not i did it. Now prepare to be amazed.

STEP1: In the begining of the game get ALL darkside points possible. You need to make sure the cut scene with visas comes otherwise it wont work.

STEP2: If step one is done correctly then when handmaiden joins you say you will take any help and that she can take the regular quaters. You will gain influence and a bit of light points but dont panic it wont be alot.

STEP4: Go to dantooine first, when you land spar with handmaiden if you win she will ask a bit about the force, play along right for influence. Then equip you stuff back then tell handmaiden to put clothes on say i disagee blah blah and shell put on jedi robes ask a bit about them but not to much.*This part must be done perfectly.

STEP5: When on dantooine DO NOT take handmaiden whatever you do, from this point get all dark points possible till the crytal cave part. When in the cave kill that guy who dosent get attacked by kinrath that should payback for those previous light points.

STEP6: In Step 5 make sure you DO NOT talk to those mercs who are holding vrook prisoner. Walk out of the cave and change your party and add handmaiden. Then return in the cave and head for the mercs wen talking to them tell them that vrook diserves to die blah blah ds points you wont lose influence.

STEP6,part2: Return to the mercs and theyll get mad and attack wen vrook is freed just agree what he says and stuff. Make sure to save before leaving. When you leave refuse akzuls offer in the lightside way for influence again dont panic nothing will happen if all this is done correctly handmaiden should be netral with a bit of red, or even further!

STEP7: Finish dantooine and stuff but dont do anything nice or mean etc. When you get on the ebon hawk you should be fighting visas.After you win tell mean stuff to her. When handmaiden suggests shes a threat say you wont harm her, its basically the first choise to avoid losing influence.

STEP8: Go to Duxn, keep going through until you meet mandalore. When you have to help other mandelorians just go straight in the jungle. Find Kumus the guy on the cliff and help him, promise not to tell for influence dont worry about lightpoints. Go back to the ebon hawk and take handmaiden out of your party. From there you can finish duxn and do darkside choices make sure to tell xarga that kumas was a coward and stuff for ds points make sure handmaiden IS NOT WITH YOU!

STEP9: After Finishing the first part of dxun and onderon with out handmaiden and returning to the ebon hawk go talk to handmaiden. Ask to spar with her when you win she will ask why did you face trial tell her you dont know for influence. Heal up save the game. Now ask her to spar again you should be strong enough after she will have nothing left to teach you exit the dialog immediatly.

STEP10: Save the game.Now talk to hand maiden, ask to spar and she will refuse offer to teach her something, then say the she wants to learn, then dialog will come and stuff eventualy she will say that she dosent belive atris anymore depending if you said the right dialog. She will ask to learn tell her about her mother that she was a jedi knight and she can learn the force. She will want to in order to destroy enemys tell her she can be a dark jedi she will agree and she will learn the ways. If this is done right you should she a cut scene on telos.

There you go!