Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II Tips

Allies become Jedi
what you first have to do is have a good influence gain\loss on the person you want to turn into a jedi those who can be turning into a jedi are... handmaiden, atton, bao-dur, disciple, and mira (i havent tried to turn mira into a jedi yet, so i dont know how to do it).

1st with the handmaiden when she 1st gets onto the ebon hawk to join you on your journey state that her help is welcomed and that she doesnt have to stay in the cargo hold (which gives 2 influence gains and a slight light side bonus) then go to her in the cargo hold and ask her about her name, she wont tell you but make sure that you state that all people should value themselves (another influence gain), and when ever a situation when talking to her arrives always be complimentive or agree with her. make sure you talk to kreia about training her to become a jedi, from there, spar with the handmaiden 3 times and ask about her mother (if the topic is avaiable). You will state that she could become a powerful force sensitive because she has jedi parentage, and if you have a high enough influence gain\loss with her, she will become one.

1st make sure you tell atton that you believe in him when he says he has a "bad feeling" about certain things, and if you happen to kill someone innocent, he might state that he didnt know what he was doing and that he was just following you, tell him he did the right thing (this gives influence gain, and occasionally darkside points) then go to nar shaddaa to the refugee sector, walk near the southern entrance to the area and two twi'leks appear (make sure atton isnt in your party) they will tell you that he was on nar shadda before and that you should trust him, exit the refugee sector and talk to atton he will say that he doesnt watn to share it with you but tells you why he follows you, then he states he hates sith and jedi, agree with him (usually darkside answers are what influence him). Then start another conversation with him and he will say that he was once in the jedi civil war, he was a special elite unit assassin who converted jedi into sith and assassinated jedi. then he will say that he met a jedi that tried to save him and show him the truth of what they were doing to all force sensitives. tell him that she deserves his sympathy for lightside jedi, or deserved to have died for dark side jedi.

keep bao-dur in your party as often as possible, he gains a little influence even if it doesnt say he does, talk to him as often as possible about why he went into the mandalorian wars, and agree with about why you went too, also state that you went for revenge. then go to nar shaddaa and help the person who is being picked on for money, (interesting thing is that bao-dur doesnt like dark things, but you can make both of the thugs jump into the center pit), bao-dur compliments you on helping out the person, then start another conversation with him, depending on your allignment he will say something dfferent, but you will get the chance to train him to be a jedi, also try to aviod situations where you kill someone innocent (you will lose influence with bao-dur).

when you first get disciple (on dantooine) you can train him to become a jedi almost right away, just answer as many of his questions to the best of your ability, and ask as often as possible about his past history with the republic. It is often harder to get influence gains with him as a sith. but after enough time of answering all of his questions, comments, and assking about his life and how when he first was declined from being a jedi, you will get the option to train him to be one.

The key to getting all of your characters to become jedi before you complete any planets is to travel to each planet that you get an ally at and travel to the destination that i mentioned they become jedi at, do not visit dxun for any reason because you wont be able to leave and the party member you obtain there doesnt become a jedi (and korriban doesnt give you any allies at all).