Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II Tips

Using little to no force when using a force power
When using a ranged force power (like lightining, wave, lightsaberthrow, scream, choke, etc). During about the middle of the force powers attack try moving forward, the attack will try to cancel but since it has already begun it cannot. When moving forward press the A button to select an attack, making your force power uncancel itself. After using the force points for the 1st force power the rest shouldnt take up any points at all. And u can use forcepowers really quickly by doing this. As long as u hold the directional stick forward and u press the A button to select the attack (select a fighting technique when i say "select an attack" not a force power, but select one when u 1st choose one). Press the A button about evry half second to a second. I use this technique to kill people almost instantly, either with force kill or force storm. Sometimes a glitch making u move considerably awayfrom the opponent.