Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II Tips

Raising Jedi (contains a spoiler)
Alright here's the first of the Jedi I got my first (but only) go round.

Atton - Keep him in your party (the group of 3), and take any opportunity to compliment him or agree with him. Also I think become on the light side of the force helps. Once you feel you have enough go to Nar Shadaa, and once their down by the Refugees, and don't have Atton in your party of three. You will a cutsene. Go to the Twilek, and he will tell you about Atton. Then bring Atton out and ask him about it, you will have long and disturbing conversation (Spoiler up ahead, if you don't want to read then just play along with the conversation until you can ask the big question) about how he was this Sith Assasin to kill Jedi, using mind tricks on them, and then poisoning and what not (basically doing anything but fighting them head on) Until finally a Jedi shows him compassion and so forth, and eventually you will be able to ask him if he would like to learn the ways of the force.