Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II Tips

Infinite Light Side Points
To get infinite light side points:

1.) When you first arrive at Dantooine, find the Battered Protocol Droid at the docks just outside your ship.

Important Note: Some skill checks for Repair, Persuade, and Computer Use are made so having at least a small amount of skill in these may be required. You should unequip your lightsaber if you have one (affects whether or not you can make a certain denile below). If this is your first time talking to this droid and T3 is with you, he will point out it is broken giving, you some influence gaining/losing dialog options that will take you directly to step 5. If it is your first time speaking to it but T3 is not in the party, you can choose an Awareness dialog option which will allow you to skip to step 5 as well. While these shortcuts are convienent they are not neccessary and become unavailable after the first time.

2.) Speak with him and choose "What can you tell me about Dantoonine?"
3.) Choose "What do you know of the ruins?"
4.) Choose "Tell me about how the Enclave came to be ruined."
5.) Choose "Sith invasion?"
6.) Choose "[Computer] Droid, run a self diagnostic and report."
7.) Choose "[Repair] Fix the droid's memory unit."
8.) Tarn will walk over and ask if the droid just called you a jedi. Choose "No, you must be mistaken."
9.) Choose "[Persuade]The droid is obviously malfunctioning. Do I look like a Jedi?"
10.) Choose "But the Jedi are protectors of common folk like yourself." to gain a light side point, this will end the conversation.
11.) Repeat steps 2 - 10 as desired.