Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II Cheats

Infinite EXP in Nar Shadaa's Refuge Sector
good persuade skill
low treat injury skill

1. Head to Nar Shadaa's refugee sector and look for the Serroco gang and defeat them.
2. Talk to Hussef (in the center of the refugee camp) and get a quest from him to convince the Exchange to lessen their pressure on the refugees.
3. Find Geriel, he's the sick refugee. Talk to him to get a journal entry ('Plague Carrier').
You can attempt to cure him but you must be unsuccessful or the whole method for the glitch would end here, hence the low treat injury skill requirement.
4. Talk to Saquesh, the squid-guy boss of the Exchange for that sector. You can talk to him about several things but the following topic is essential for the glitch.
(conversation paraphrase)
a-> 'There is a diseased refugee...'
b-> '[Persuade] If you don't lessen your hold the disease...'
c-> 'I do not have the means to cure him.'
d-> 4th/bottommost option (closes out the conversation)
5. You'll get a journal entry saying you've defeated the Serroco gang and persuaded the Exchange... as well as 1000exp.
6. Repeat the conversation flow in step 4 as many times as you want to keep getting a journal entry (unimportant), and 1000 exp.

NOTE: As long as Geriel (sick refugee) isn't cured or killed, and you didn't kill Saquesh (Exchange sector boss), you can keep repeating the trick for infinite EXP. No battle, no need to recharge FPs, and its good for both LS and DS characters.