Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II Cheats

Glitches and Secrets
Infinite Experience on Narshadaa
There is a speeder in the refugee sector by the siricoo boss. This is a speeder that needs three parts to repair. If you get just the navigation interface from either the droid vendor or the droid shop you can install one part. If you install that one part on the ship using computer and repair it well say you have succesfully installed the part but need two more parts. It will then give you 400 exp. After giving you the exp it gives you back the installed part, so you may do this an infinite ammount of times.

Infinite Light Side points
In the secret Jedi base on Telos, speak with the "last" handmaiden. Just be polite to her and end the conversation as soon as possible. You will gain Light Side points. Repeat as many times as you want to gain more light side points.

Raise/Lower voices of characters during conversation

In addition to the controller in port 1, insert a controller in port 4. Before speaking to a character, hold the black or white button on the controller in port 4 (black to lower, white raise). When the character begins to speak he/she will speak with in either a very high or very low voice. The effect can be disabled by resetting the game. The pitch can be altered without a reset.

Fastest method to assemble your lightsaber.

As soon as you leave Telos travel to Nar Shaddaa. Once there proceed into the central area and find the zoning door to the Docks. Halfway across the Docks will be a door that leads to the Flophouse. Go to the end of the hallway of this flophouse and the second to last door has a guy named Lootra. Taunt him into attacking. Also note that any characters you can have in your party at this point will lose influence with you if they are with you when you kill him, so go alone. His corpse will have a lightsaber part, there is a quest that as a reward he gives this part to you but the dark side gain is minimal even for lightside characters. Next if your alignment bar is about 25% good or bad you can return to the Ebon Hawk for a special fight which will get you the last lightsaber part. If you are not 25% good or bad there are tons of things to do in Nar Shaddaa to get the last of the points you need.(If you do not have a colored lightsaber crystal the merchant Geeda will have one you can buy so don't scare her away) Now talk to Bao-Dur to have your saber made.