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The Force is Getting Stonger


So, a new Star Wars game is out. The Force Unleashed 2 on the Wii. I'm going to go through the points I think are worth mentioning first.

The second Force Unleashed is a way big improvement over the first, (comparing only the Wii versions here). For one, a feature that wasn't in the first game was to replay levels. You'd have to replay through the whole story again just to play the level you wanted. Now this has been fixed thanks to the choice of bringing all the options out of the Rouge Shadow and into a menu bar that you access once you've loaded up your file.

Another big improvement over the first is the controls. No longer now do you have to break wrists in order to complete the game as lightsaber control is on the 'A' button. The 'Z' button is the charge button. If you want to unleash your lightning, hold 'Z' then shake the Nunchuk for as long as you want to carry the lightning on for. Also, as you now don't have to shake the Wii-mote in order to do lightsaber attacks, a pointer can be of much use instead. This also gives a great improvement over the first game as it gives more control to the user. If you want to pick something, (or someone), just hold 'C' and aim the Wii-mote at whatever it is you want to chuck around.

The story of Force Unleashed 2 is a darker one than the first. You start on Kamino as Starkiller, who is being train by Darth Vader about endurance. Vader returns to Kamino to check on Starkiller and give him some news. General Kota has been captured and is being held on Cato Neimoidia. PROXY droids then activate to give you the first chance at combat. Once you have done that, the cutscene continues with a PROXY droid turning into Juno Eclipse, Starkiller's pilot from the first game. When Vader tells him to attack, Starkiller hesitates and then escapes Kamino. Then the story is set with Starkiller trying to find Juno. And also try to discover who he really is. The story confuses us into thinking that maybe Starkiller isn't a clone, which is what we were told he is at the beggining of the game.

The Multiplayer Mode on this game taakes a 2D plane, a bit like Street Fighter. You start off with four characters and three levels. Force Unleashed 2 has four player multiplayer, not two like in the first one. It also makes the multiplayer gameplay simpler than the first by using just five controls. 'A', 'B', 'C', 'Z' and a shake of the Nunchuk. As you progress through story mode new characters and new levels are unlocked, doubling what you previously had when you finish the story mode.

The graphics take a new style, giving it a look like The Clone Wars TV series. This isn't a bad thing, but some of the faces have been mutilated a bit. The soundtrack of this game follows other Star Wars games, and sometimes gives it a bit of a twist. I was suprised to hear, when fighting inside a battle cruiser, the Tusken Raiders music. It also keeps some classic soundtracks like Yoda's theme and the soundtrack from the Tantive IV battle.

The enemies are less in variety, but more of a challenge to beat. They all have their weaknesses though. A new type of enemy is the Terror Trooper, who can turn invisible and then attack you from behind. Just use Force Sight and you can see them.

The Force powers are greatly improved and some new ones added. The one mentioned above, Force Sight, allows you to see hidden enemies and objects. Force Mind Trick allows you to change one organic enemy, (stormtrooper), into being your ally until they are killed. Force Rage allows you to selct as many enemies as you can with the pointer, and then enters bullet-time mode as Starkiller decapitates the enemies you selected.

So to sum it up, Force Unleashed 2 is a great game with new force powers and other changes, with some classic features staying the same like the ability to change lightsaber crystals. (As you have two lightsabers, it only makes sense to be able to customise each one seperately, as you can.) Multiplayer mode has been made better, allowing more fun with some mates. The gameplay has been greatly improved but the only thing letting it down is the number of actual levels. There are six of them, with about a third of them taking place on Kamino. But even this doesn't seen too bad as each sub-level features a varitey of new things to keep the challenge up.

A great buy if you have a Wii. If you played the first Force Unleashed, than this is a must buy.

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