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Abandoned structures
Hello there! I usually give out long tips for entire battles, but this is very short. You know those abandoned structures? Turns put, defenders can use them to give themselves new tech and more! Example: rebels can produce pod walkers until empire takes abandoned facility.
Easy Death Star Use
During a Galactic Conquest game while playing as the Empire, bring the Death Star in range of any Rebel or neutral planet. The Death Star should be in its own fleet, with no other units. When the Death Star arrives and the message appears asking you how you wish to proceed with the resulting space conflict, click \"Auto-Resolve\". You should win the battle automatically, usually with no enemy unit losses other than the Space Station. When you return to the galactic map screen, drag the Death Star into the \"Destroy Planet\" slot on its current location. The planet will instantly be eliminated, without it being necessary to engage in a land conflict or sending in a space force to eliminate orbital Rebel forces. DO NOT try to use this trick on a planet occupied by Red Squadron, otherwise you will automatically lose the game. This also doesn\'t work on the planet Bespin, because Bespin is immune to the Death Star\'s super-laser.
Easy empire win
For galactic conquest, choose on e of the smallest galaxy options. Be the empire and take sullust. Build space stations there and a hyper velocity gun. Keep buildin until you get maxed station. Build death star and blow the planets up with an alpha fleet
Empire eat steel!
In between every mision, try to max your space stations. The mission before the empire reveals the death star, the empire will attack you, you will need a strong space station.
Give me this planet! I am the Empire and you should fear me! Part 1
TheJedi here! Upon winning the first level, the empire unlocks a bunch of planets, including a planet under Pirate controle. You want to take this planet, for otherwise Pirates will take over Endor. What filthy Scum! What you need to do is go to every Emperial controlled planet. Bring the space station at each planet to as high as you possibly can at this time. Making/upgrading space stations give a higher population max. Do not make probe droids. They are useless as if right now. Buy as many acclamatator class ships and fleet commanders as possible. The catch is that you will have a fullproduction que. the bright news is that it only applies for space. Wahoo. Prepare ahead of time and get 2 storm troopers, 5field field commanders, and a few AT-STs. If you feel generous, get one TIE MAULER SQUAD. When population max has been achieved, send all your space forces and vader to the planet space. I say no to ground forces because otherwise your men will be rendered helpless in space and easy targets. One thing to remember about this place, stay out of the nebula! That is where you start, preventing you from sending ties to hunt for enemies. That also means that untill your fleet is out, vader can't call for any wingmen, making him have less and less fighters to protect him until he leaves. The torpedoes can't home on targets and neither can the missles. The worst part is that if you are attacking a ship and it hides in the mist of war in a nebula, you emidiately act like you never saw them while they remember you and will turn around for another ambushing round. Once you get out of the nebula, send the normal ties to hunt for enemies, call for wingmen an increases firepower. Stay away from the nebula. Other than that, just watch the show play in cinematic mode. Though you may lose 1 ship, you will most likely win the battle if you have had 1-no causalties in the nebula. Otherwise, you may either have more casualties or you may be completely destroyed before you could succesfully jump to hyperspeed. A good way of knowing what a lost battle is isif you have 2-5 cruisers left with little health, full shield and the shield generator is almost destroyed and the engines and concussion missles are at low to no health. Then you retreat with big casualties. Once you win, congrats! For info on how to take over the planet surface, wait a while. It will take some time. In the meantime, submit more hints! Over and out, TheJedi.
Give me this planet! I am the Empire and you should fear me! Part 2
Hello! We are back! This is the continueation of the attack over the pirate planet! This is very complex. You will need 5 field commanders, 1 sith lord ( DARTH VADER THE SUPREME!!!), 10 stormtroopers, 1 TIE MAULER SQUAD, and 2-7 AT-ST squads. When you begin, there should already by 1 squad of AT-STs on the surface. Pause the game. Timing when it comes to land battles are crucial and timing is not a luxury you have. Order the AT-STs to barrage the one bridgekeading to the other reinforce ment point. Use the way point travel option and send the humans (they love you as the empire.) along the wall on the right of the building. On the other end of that, there are build stations. Build bacta tank and anti-vehicle cannons. The pirates specialize in vehicles that can killl platoons of soldiers. The last waypoint marker you should make should be right on the reinforcement pad. That is not all, though. You need to get Darth Vader on the land and a platoon of storm troopers. Un pause the game/resume the game and put the storm troopers on gaurd and send them to the build pads next to you. Don't send the humans there because they need to control the reinforcement point. Build anti vehicle turrets. Turn your atten tion to your humans. They should pass build pads. They will be nxt to them long enough for you to build the turrets and bacta tanks. Send vader and a few stormtroopers to the landing zone. While you are waiting, send some reinforcements because you will need it to win the batle in broad view and more specificaly defend your newly gotton reinforcement point. Get at least 1 officer, 2 stormtrooper platoons, and 1-10 AT-ST squads. Send all of your men to different areas of the map. USE ATTACK MOVE FOR THIS!!! Send a seperate unit ( tap 1 group only) and tap on the location you want them to go to. If one of your groups is being attacked, send an AT-ST where your group last was. You will know where a battle occurs when you look at the map. The attacker will be shown until your entire group is gone or until they are gone. Replace any of your lost groups with another vehicle/soldier platoon. Continue ontil you have scouted out where every threat is, including the base. Kill all other threats first. You do not want the pirates to call for back up elsewhere. Once you have anihalated all of the threats, blow up the pirate base. Keep vader nearby but not attacking because the base releases pod walkers every so often come out. Soon you will have destroyed the base and all of its defenses. Congratulations! You acheive planetary control! You are 1 step closer to Galactic Control! Stay tuned for more tips from TheJedi!
Guarding units
Ever needed some backup when you send an important unit to do a certain objective? Simply click "Guard" then right click on the unit who needs backup. Useful, eh?

However, it's better to send one unit somewhere, then send the backup after them. Because when the unit that you are guarding moves, the guards will follow only if they get too far away from them.
Han Solo & Chewie - Falcon mission planting the bug on Imp' cargo
In this mission you play as Han and Chewie using the Millenium Falcon. You have to stick to the outskirts of the map, at corner and mid-section angles to stay out of targeting range of the Tie scouts and Tartan's flying around on patrol.

When you have a clear run to any of the cargo containers, move the Falcon out quickly to one of them (use the 'stop' command to make the Falcon stop on target) and wait for Han to begin the scanning process. After five seconds a cargo unit will be scanned and you'll move onto the next one. You will have to scan all but the last few until you find the 'right' one. (It's randomly generated when a only a few are left to scan)

If a Tie squadron detects you and they are the only enemy in the area, it's safe to take them out if you can. Try luring them into a nebula, where you have stealth, or the asteroid field where it's harder for you to be targeted.

Note that the AI won't fly you in the best course during these battles, and may end up flying astray right into the path of more enemies. Keep a look out, and occasionally use the stop command to force the Falcon to move in another direction. Note that the Falcon will shoot at enemies even while moving to another location, thanks to the swiveling gun turrets. (similar vehicles have swivel weapons capable of defensive fire, great for luring enemies away from groups)

There also is a bug, considering the AI auto-waypoint method. When the Falcon is near the edge of the map and is in battle, it may not turn and manuever as well as it should. This can cause it to 'leave' the map boundaries until the AI kicks in and tries to turn back. If you've gone far enough over the border, hit the stop command and you will stay outside of the map zone. Enemies won't shoot at you if you are too far out, and since the Falcon's got a farther targeting range than fighters, you may be able to pick them off from a distance.

Boba Fett will show up after a minute or two. If you have to fight him, make sure it's in an area of the map where no enemies are around, preferably the edge of the map somewhere. When fighting Boba, you may drift over the boundaries as described in the last paragraph. Drift far enough and Boba will cancel his attack. Your range may let you fire on the Slave One while Boba remains idle (gameplay bug/expoit)- and you can destroy him in safety if you can get this to work for you. Personally tested this myself last night and PWNT him in a minute or two.

If you drift too far from Boba, he'll continue his patrol along with the other scout craft.
Hidden factories?
One of my earlier tips was to use R2 to take over planets. It is my theory, however, that in order to get new types of bases, and new vehicles, you have to scout out every bit of terrain on a planet. Once you find a base, capture it and if you win the planet, you get the base and it does not take up a structure spot. In order to do this, i recomend to send troops and tanks on every part of the planet surface. There might even be unknown, hidden, abandoned imperial space stations in well, SPACE!
Rebel Artillary on Alderan
Buy 1-3 sets of Artillery (rebels, fires rockets, ya know.) depending on your difficulty setting on the quick skimish battles.

On alderan the is a valley connecting the two teams. Set most or all of your artillery on the two cliffs on each side on the valley. Put their spotter droids in the middle to get your sight. You also can put soldiers and other vehicles in the middle for sight too. Then after its secure then take the base on the other side of the valley. Move most or all of your troops there. Then when you have enough money lay an assault on their base (they'll have a sheild generator).
Then when you destroy the generators show them what y-wings can do and BOMB 'EM! Your artillery should also help destroy the buildings. Remember to keep your artillery far away so the can destroy oncoming threats before they get close.

Note: Rebels artillery is good on most land maps so far.
Rebel Campaign- Get off Corulag!
More than likely a stupid game bug.

Once you capture Corulag in the Rebel Campaign, and complete the code hijacking mission with Han and Chewie (ground based mission) - all hell breaks loose. If you have a fleet or ground forces on Corulag, get them off as soon as the mission ends because the planet will turn over to the Empire during the narration, and you'll find your fleets facing a massive Star Destroyer/Victory/Interdictor/Acclamator fleet without being able to produce Calimari Capital Ships in time to defend yourself. Corulag will be taken no matter what, but keep in mind there are only a few missions left.

If you have the cash, start building Calimari Cruisers on Sullust, Kuat, and Mon Calimari ASAP. Hopefully three will be created. When Ackbar appears, gather Mon Mothma, the Cruisers you have created, and one Fleet Commander unit to increase the line of sight of your ships.

The Calimari ships should be enough to take down the Star Destroyers easily. It's churning them out quickly that's the problem.

Also, when the Death Star moves from planet to planet, DO NOT LEAVE A FLEET IN ORBIT or it'll be destroyed when the Death Star gets it. Only when you have Rogue Squadron should you confront the Death Star.
Rebel scouting method- ground missions
On many ground maps, Imperials and Pirates won't be gunning to take over every command post, but will instead patrol the whole map, running in a circle (looping) path until they detect you. Usually, this is done by ground troops. (Infantry or missile troops - though M' troops are rare) Take out the ground troops quickly when you can, and they won't call in support units (AT-STs, Tie Maulers, or hovertanks).

I found this to work fairly well in most sitations where enemies are just scouting and not taking all CP's in sight. > > >

(requires at least one Y-Wing squad)
Guard your main force with at least a squad of T2-B's, and right behind them with a group of T4's (rocket mode) or proton torpedo artillery tanks to mop the floor with any heavy units that may wander by. Then use one or two T2's in a seperate squad to scout the area. Don't bother fighting infantry or vehicles on your patrol; your target should be barracks, and more importantly, power generators and factories that produce vehicles T2's can't stand up to. Reveal their locations and call in a Y-Wing strike.

Retreat your T2 scout squad while the Y's make their bombing run. Even if the fog of war hides the scouted position, the Y's will still bomb that area. If your T2's have retreated far enough away, no routing forces will try to stop them. Use the fast forward button to speed up time until your Y's become available again.

Repeat scout bombing until the heavy facilities are destroyed, fast forward so you have another bombing run just in case, reassemble your forces, and make your full strike on the enemy facilities remaining. If need be, use that next bombing run to take out heavy vehicles/turrets or targets you missed that can do heavy damage to your current forces.
Rebel Side / Campaign - Increase credits in safety
I found that the best offense/defense for the Rebels early on is 5-6 Corvettes, 2 Nebulon B Frigates, and 2 MKII Assault Frigates.
Once I get the Calimari cruisers, i'm sure having a fleet of those will work even better. Frigates have a long attack range compared to the corvettes, but move slower. They do however make up for this with their 'power to sheilds' ability. Keep them in the back while the speedy corvettes bait enemies toward them, or draw the fire of bigger targets, and have the frigates approach from the rear to strike through the enemy.

Note that early on, Mothma and Antilles provide combat bonuses, yet you have room for one fleet officer/commander to increase the combat bonuses of this one fleet (if all above heroes are present). Also note that Antilles ship counts as 1 unit, so if you decide to go with the 6-2-2 space assault, reduce the number or corvettes in this fleet by one (5-1-2-2, as the Sundered Heart counts as a seperate corvette, but is a corvette class) - also use Antilles special ability wisely. Targeting hardpoint groups on a space station or starship can greatly provide a much needed edge.

*Gaining credits between battles*
Before you complete the objectives and secure the planet in question, secure all surrounding pirate/empirial controlled planets. If you secure a planet's airspace, but not the ground, you can move your space squad from that planet to another - BUT you must move at least one space craft to that planet fist as a seperate fleet. Doing this keeps the airspace secured, even with just a single Z-95 Headhunter (though I suggest something stronger, just in case a neighboring planet is hostile and decides to invade).

If you secure the airspace above every hostile planet, then you can choose what planets to send ground forces to, when you wish. You can also replace ground structures with mining facilities (be it temporarily or permanently), and then hit the fast forward button to increase the day speed/income.

This way, you can build space stations/sattelite long range sensors on every controlled planet, build your starship fleets, and work out ground fleet strategies in safety without having to worry about the Empire suddenly attacking your planets.

Also note, the enemy may attempt to escape from planets you have secured airspace in, but no ground defenses. If you move your space fleet off the planet and don't have a sentry unit in orbit, ground transports may decide to abandon the planet. You can try to lure the enemy out this way and have them run into neighboring space fleets on other planets to reduce the number of enemy units on the ground. Most of the fleeing units will be transports and won't be able to fight back too well at all.
Rebels / Ground battles - Infantry attack sponge
In quite a few ground battles during the rebel campaign, you will run into enemy respawn points such as barracks or world species respawn points. If those world species points are not aligned with the rebellion they will constantly attack you every so often, but will do so continuously until their support structure (dwelling / barracks) are destroyed.

These units can be devestating to your infantry, but will barely do any damage to your T2-B speeders. A single T2-B may take a while to destroy each squad of enemies, but won't be harmed as their sheild regeneration rate overpowers their loss (from blaster fire). The T2-B tank CAN however, distract the whole group from attacking your infantry / weaker units. Also note the positioning of the T2-B can deter the enemy from advancing while you fire upon them. (Move a speeder into their movement path to block them)

While the enemy squad is distracted with the T2-B, your other troops can bypass them and attack their dwelling. Note that if the T2-B destroys all the enemies in the squad its dealing with, more troops will emerge from the barracks / dwelling. A single T2-B takes a while to destroy the squad, but a group can quickly overcome them, meaning your forces attempting to destroy their spawn point may be interupted with more enemy squads, point blank.

Using a single T2-B for the distraction will provide more time for other forces to destroy the dwelling.
Starting Empire level
Hello! To those who have seen my recent tips, you know I prefer the rebels, even though the empire can use brute force to overwelm the enemy. Well, here are a few tips for the starting Imperial level. Send all but 1 of your AT-STs to different locations away from the shield to look for any hidden enemies or items. Have the rest of your force gaurd vader. Direct him to every place where you know there are rebels for sure. The gaurds will take care of most enemies. Vader will finish them off. Attack the shield with all of your AT-STs except for the one that gaurds vater. Once the shields blow up, you will get you own TIE MAULER SQUADRON. Do not make them detonate. Send them next to the barracks. If they don't fire on the barracks, make 'em! If one of them is about to die, make them explode, that way they steal deal damage while being destroyed. The stormtroopers should fire on the turret and bacta tank. Vader will kill the infantry men with his saber and his force push and not even ten bacta tanks will save them. One saber swing and two men will die. When done, destroy the last building. Upon doing that, you when! The side video that pops up after that shows how vader discovers that the rebels knew and he kills his officer for lying to him. What a way to die! If you want more tips, be glad that more will be a coming. TheJedi here, over and out.
Here is the thing about abandoned structures on planets. They are usually on a planet controlled by pirates. Sometimes they are on imperial or rebel planets, but it is most found on pirate planets. Unless you are playing skirmish mode, you can not use the abandoned structures as an attacker.
The empire's scientific prisoners
As the rebellion, there is a mission involving kessel. One strategy is to have have 12 Y-wings 10 X-wings, mon montha, sundred heart, 5 corvets and from 2-5 Z-95 headhunters. Instead of sending the y-wing squads to the shuttles immediatly, tell them to ion blast the big ship in front. Order the headhunters to hunt for enemies and the rest of the your to attck the ships in front. Not the shuttles. Otherwise, you will lose. Use the weaken enemy ability on the big ship when the TIEs are near it. It will pretty much disable them. In a matter of seconds, with or without the weaken enemy ability, the whole patrol will have been ripped to shreds. Do the same thing for the other ships, only the y-wings will ionize the shuttles. Do not send Anitlles there yet. He is needed in the battle. When you have ionized all of the shuttles, ( they should all be near pretty much the same spot) send the Y-wings to the battle, unless the battle over there has been finished. Then you can go ahead of time and send almost every ship except sundred heart to the far right on th radar.. In the middle. There you will find a misalaneous space station. If it is not abandoned, nook it! Be quick though. There are 2 star destroyers nearby and if any of your forces get within range of any of your forces and you lose. While your men are doing that, the sundred heart will rescue the scientists. Once you rescue all shuttles, you immediatly when.
Time to steal some tech!
I don't know why, but if you capture all nearby planets as rebels in the beggining, you can't steal tech from mon calamari. Also, you go to level 2 tech IMMEDIATLY if you have overwritten a previous game with your current game. Either way, you can't steal. I reckomend blackading all of the planets and capture the nearby pirateplanet and the planet that is involved with the theft of the X-wings. If you destroy all enemy units, then you can do this without a battle. Also, in order to win the level, combine all your ground forces. You should have many tanks and plex soldiers. Try to get about 12 of each. Get about 10 infantry. Also get R2. He can heal your tanks. A group of storm troopers will come on you from the sides. Move th pilots away from there and send the tanks the. Unless 15 stormtrooper platoons are firing on a tank, they will have no effect on the tank. Don't get cocky though. There are 3 AT-STs waiting for your side attack. They can potentially kill an intire squad of tanks and still have 1 left. Have R2 behind incase shields fail, which they will because the AT-STs use the barrage area A.S.A.A (as soon as available). That can weaken shields. Also have with R2, bring 2 infantry squads and 2-3 plex soldier squads. They damage the AT-STs faster. Continue the reinforcement zone ahead. Cation: there are 2 ant-infantry turrets right next door and 4 AT-STs. They have a few stormtroopers ready to move when needed. As soon as you capture that landing zone( through some stormtroopers), don't attack. The enemy forces right next door won't attack because you are not in range. Instaed of attacking, call in those other troops waiting in the transports up in space. Make them take cover and have them attack move to the shield (note: becuase the power source of the turbo lasers are in the fog of war, you can only move next to it). When entering enemy range, people will die, don't worry. Shield will often deactivate. This is normal. Simply use R2 to fix the vehicle before it is destroyed. You blow the generator up, YAY! Bad news is that the sensor node made 1 final resistance by calling for help from the Empire. The group of guys that shouldn't even be near by! I mean, you should have at least 1 Y-wing in space so you can bomb the enemy. It actually doesn't matter where you do the bombing run. Anywho, continue to the next and final reinforcement point. On the way you run into some badies. At least 1 or 2 tie maulers. You would think that taking the reinforcement point will be easy, I mean, there is pretty much no enemy surviving and the survivors are scattered at some random location. No issue, one would think. Well, think again. The reinforcements don't go to the destroyed sensor/communication array, but rather at the officer acedemy right next to the reinforcement point. What is worse, there are AT-STs, the lesser stormtroopers, really anoying scout troopers, and the TIE mauler. Bring lots of plex soldiers. They can sink pretty much anything in a matter of seconds. Just prevent the at-sts and storm troopers from killing your plex guys. Send 2 infantry squads with 1 tank to kill the guys just listed. They will get the job done. Once the academy blows up,( by then you should have killed all reinforcements) combien all of your forces there and kill the guys rushing out in rage. Now that you have done this, go back to were you first encountered AT-STs on this planet. Go a little to the side. You see a build pad that you might not have seen before. Send 1 tank there. Send the afew other tanks and soldiers to patrol the area. For the tanks acitvate the hunt for enemy ability. Seperately send the troops by only selecting the troops and sending them to the designated area. Before you get the pilots to those x-wings (they should all be ALIVE. THE ENEMY SHOULD BE FOCUSING ON THE ASSULT YOU MADE FROM THE SIDE!!!!), send 1 tank to each reinforcement point an a few plex soldiers with them. Replace any lossed units. Get the pilots to the X-wings. Then you have to destroy anti aircraft turrets. 5 will immediatly be destroyed because some turrets appear where the tank is. The tank will destroy the cannons immediatly. Call for a bombing run at that area though. There, an AT-ST will come out of knowhere. Also. Keep your men at the reinforcement points on gaurd. The Empire will come at all directions. Now you will be glad that you gaurded the reinforcement points. The empire will land there ( which makes no sense because it is THE REBELLION'S REINFORCEMENT POINT. The only deadly enemy to your troops there are the TIE MAULERS. To the X-wings, it is the scouts they are fast and can dodge blaster fire all the while shooting 5 laser bolts per the X-wings. They can even lay explosives! The good part a bout a scout is that it has no shields and little health. Once he is without a speeder, he is a 1 man low health storm trooper squad. He will die emidiatly even if you have 3 infantry men ( which you should not have) with no damage delt to you. Yay! Your tank and men should have dealt with the enmy reinforcements. If not, bomb 'em! Just be sure that you don't bomb an area where there are anti aircraft turrets. Otherwise, the bombers will be nailed on the spot before the bombers can even drop a bomb, thus giving you one more casualty. I should know. I tried bombing an area where there were anti air craft turrets and I nearly lost every Y-wing every time. It was pure luck that they dropped at least ONE bomb every time, causing the turrets to blow up and make me win.

The reason why I say to take over the pirate planet is that it is a very easy way to allow the Empire to attack Yavin 4. To capture this planet, simply send threepio there with no one elso to guard him. Not even a bomber. After sending threepio there a couple of times to battle the ground forces and hitting auto resolve, you will finally take over the planet's surface. Don't destroy the Pirate space fleet. When you steal some tech, go for the Ion Cannon first. After you steal your first item, the empire will reveal itself to you and try to kill everyone. Thanks to your blockade every where, they will have to fight to attack, causing there surprise attack into a a surprise failure because you will know they are coming and prepare for air combat. You have time though, to build your Ion cannon on all of your planets. Build structures on every planet. The more structures you build, the more the enemy has to destroy.
Watch out for Chewbacca!
If your playing as the Empire on any map and if you deploy AT-ST's on the battlefield, you need to be careful when Chewbacca is on the battlefield when he is called by the Rebels. This is beacause Chewbacca has the ability to steal AT-ST's. Fortunetly, a colored picture of Chewbacca's face will be shown under the AT-ST he has stolen. If Chewbacca steals one of your AT-ST's, quickly get another vehicle to destroy it and then deploy a spare AT-ST to replace the one Chewbacca stole.


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On campaigns or galatic battles, if you, like me, are much better at space combat than land, make a big fleet and attack one planet at a time. Once you win the space battle, move on to the next planet, but leave one ship (a Tartan Cruiser or Corellian Corvette) behind in orbit. Eventually, you will have control of the all space in the galaxy. The enemy can't rebuild a space station, and if they send up ground troops, you will easily win. Then you can start hording credits and building massive ground forces to overwhelm the enemy with pure numbers, if nothing else. Or, if you can, build the Death Star and blow up every Rebel planet! "Wipe them out, all of them!"