Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron

  • Released on Oct 9, 2007
  • By Rebellion for PSP

Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron User Reviews


Hardly worth it, trust me

The good:

Well, if your looking for a game to entertain you for a little while then I suggest getting this one. Although the reviews gave it a 3/5, it may be worth picking up. One thing that this game did for me was answer allot of my questions. Although it has a short story line, it shows allot about the side of the rebels, and you can kick ass.

The bad:

Well, the whole concept of a star wars on the PSP is kinda killed by no second analog thing. The graphics aren't that good and they whole game play is kinda short. I beat it in less then 5 hours, the day after Christmas. I'm not sure about the whole online thing, it gets kinda annoying. The short storyline, the lagging online, the repetitive enemy's you face, I almost passed this one up.


The whole franchise is summed up in our five favorite words:
"Luke, I am your father"
Anyone knows that saying and the games seems to be much as popular as that quote and now the newest collection is on the PSP and here is my review for it:

Score: 6/10
Reason: First off, if you played the other battlefront games then this one isn't much different then the others. I believe that the whole Customize your person was stretched, only able to have 100 upgrade points to use and you can use them in 3 slots. If you were able to change the person then it might be better because of a little more ...


Are you good enough to join the Renegade Squadron?

The good:

~Story ~you can customized your character at one of your command posts Customization ~Online ~15 ground battles ~7 space battles ~Loading times are nice and short ~Galactic Conquest~

The bad:

~Controls are a big improvement from SWBF:2 on PSP, but still take some getting use to ~All classes are formed into 1 character of how you make it ~Customization seems a bit limited ~Story is good, but way to short ~Levels seem to short ~Space battles still need some work done to them ~A battle with only 200 troops could take about 2 mintues to beat ~cant control At-At's in any battle with them ~having rebel and empire seems useless when Customizeing


I bet your first guess is why give this a 3 out of 5 when i have so many bad things about it. Now it seems its a bad game, but hey its still portable and its still star wars battle please scroll down and see the rest of my review... ~Good bits of campaign mode~ Campaign mode is pretty sweet with how they added the renegade squadron into the fights between episodes 4-6 in from the star wars movies. You as a trooper play a role of the RS and have to do the standard missions, Either its you have to capture a command post or grab a piece of ship and play a little version of CT...

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