Star Wars: Battlefront II review
Improvements Everywhere

The good:

  • Have the ability to wield a lightsaber with Jedi and non-Jedi heroes.
  • Massive space battles and a new sixth class for each team plus special units in space.
  • The Galactic Conquest has been improved massively and the same goes for the Single player campaign.
  • Minor details have been checked over with ability to change character at command posts and enemy and allie AI has been massively upgraded.
  • Battlefronts have been enlarged.

    The bad:

  • Lightsaber combat isn't brilliant and could be better.
  • The campaign could be longer and focus on more areas.
  • Some planets from Battlefront 1 have been taken out which were very good.


    This game is a massive step-up from last years Star Wars Battlefront I. Some of the things that have made this so good is the ability to go as Jedi and also non-Jedi characters which can swing the tide of the result in the game. You have to be skilled to play as a Jedi though and practice in the new hero Assualt mode is possibly needed. Another great addition is space battles which are massive. There's so many options you have for them it's brilliant because you get to focus on options which you like best, whether dogfighting in spaceships is your type of thing or attacking from the inside to help out the rest of the team, it all helps to win the battle. As well as this is the new look Galactic Conquest and Rise of the Empire campaign which are both a huge step up from last years campaign and conquest. Minor details that were a bit of a problem in the first game have had a check over and help to make this game much better. One of these is that the AI has been improved for both enemy and ally which really helps and also the levels have become much bigger with the largest on Battlefront II being 40% larger than the biggest on Battlefront I. Also you can now change the class of your player at command posts which really helps if you're as a sniper or vanguard and need to change to a more powerful trooper such as a riflemen.

    Along with all these improvements come a few problems and one of these is that the campaign could be much longer and on the hardest mode can be completed in a matter of days. Also the lightsaber combat isn't quite so great and it can be very easy to take down another Jedi opponent. Planets from Battlefront I which were very enjoyable such as Bespin have been completely taken out when really they could have removed some other ones for them.

    All in all though this game is a great game and a must by for all Star Wars fanatics. If you're looking for a good buy to run you through the days until the next gen consoles come out then you should really have a look at this.

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